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Chapter One

Jude Harrison was in a happy place. She was playing her guitar and her boyfriend was going to come visit her at any minute. She loved her life. Especially since she was now a high school graduate. She couldn't believe it! She, Jude Harrison, had finally completed high school. She felt relieved that she had already accomplished such a huge milestone. And now in three months she was going to be going to college to study the one thing she loved most. Music.

She had it all planned. She was going to be a music teacher. It's what she wanted to do with her life.

A knock sounded at her door. She turned to see her boyfriend of three years walk into her room.

"Hey babe!" He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled at him. Speed sat down next to her on her bed.

"What are you working on?" He asked. She shrugged good- naturedly. She set her guitar on the floor and leaned into his embrace.

"Just something I had in my head." Speed nodded. Jude loved him. He was the perfect man for her. He was into the same kind of music. Speed was the frontman of his own band. He was an aspiring artist.

"It was good." Jude smiled. His opinion meant a lot to her, since Speed was so gifted with music. She knew that he was going to go far with his music.

"So how was your practice?" She asked. Speed grinned.

"You'll never guess what Wally told us." Jude looked at him, getting excited. Good news for him was good news for her.

"What?" She asked.

"You remember that demo that we made awhile ago?" Jude nodded.

"The one you sent to that one record company?" Speed nodded, smiling.

"Yeah well, apparently they loved it and they want us to make a full album and start touring this summer!" Jude smiled, overjoyed.

"How long will this tour be?" She asked. Speed's smile faltered and he looked away.

"Speed?" He turned to face her, gently taking her hands into his.

"Well, we wouldn't even leave until August. It's a six month tour." Jude frowned.

"That means that you'll be missing the beginning of school." Speed dropped her hands and stood up.

"Yeah, about that. Jude, I'm not going to college." Jude frowned at him.

"But that was our plan! We we're both going to go to college and major in music education, remember?" She shouted, starting to get hysterical. Speed wrapped his arms around her.

"I know what our plan was, but this is too good of an opportunity to give up. You understand that don't you?" Jude nodded, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Yeah I know, and I'm happy for you, don't get me wrong, I just can't get over that you're going to be leaving for six months. We haven't been apart in the three years we've been dating." The tears started blur her vision. Speed led her to the bed, sitting her down.

"Yeah I know, that's why I've been thinking. How would you like to go on tour with me?" Jude stared at him, completely shocked.

"Speed, I don't know, what about university?" She asked. Speed leaned over and silenced her with a lengthy kiss.

"Hey, we still have two months to figure it all out, okay?" Jude nodded, a lone tear escaping her eye. Speed brushed it away, leaning in for another kiss. Jude pulled him down onto the bed. Speed pulled away.

"Jude, what about your parents?" He asked. Mr. Harrison still didn't like him very much. Jude grinned.

"They're not home. Neither is Sadie." Speed grinned and leaned back in.

"Well in that case." She laughed, removing his stupid hat.

"Shut up and kiss me."