All right one thing my I have never done an M rated story some content may not be advised

Rated M: for Sex, Language, and violence This will be a T rated fic for now in later chapter it will be changed to M

Sonic: 18

Shadow: 18

Amy: 17

Disclaimer: I don't pwn anybody SEGA pwns Sonic, and all the other Characters Archie pwns Scourge.

It was a normal day as always and Amy Rose was happily walking down the street looking for her blue hero Sonic. She hadn't seen him in a while and was hoping to find him to tell him something very important. Today was the day she was hoping she could finally catch Sonics heart. She had matured over the years and had lost her big obsession over Sonic. She still loved him, but not as much where she had to have anything that mentioned him. She thought she had seen a glimpse of the azul hedgehog sitting at a local café. She ran across the street to meet him.

"Sonic!" she shouted catching her breath.

Sonic saw her coming and frowned at this, "Shit..." he thought to himself

Amy approached him."Hey Sonic mind if I sit with you?"

He figured why not. "Sure…" She sat down in the pink chair.

"Sonic there's something I've been wanting to ask you"

He gulped, hopping she wasn't going to ask if he'd marry her. She took a breath trying to find the words to say it.

"Sonikku you remember how I used to be right?" The blue hedgehog nodded remembering those times, who could forget?

"Anyways, I was wondering, you know I've changed over the years, I've matured, but I still do have love for you deep in my heart"

Sonic looked at her, and sighed, "Amy I know you still love me, but I also have matured and I've said it a million times and I'll say it again" He looked at her straight in the eye, I…don't love you…" Amy heart was shattered, she couldn't believe it, he still had no interest in her. She looked away so he wouldn't see her tears.

"Can't we just be friends, besides Amy I've already found someone else and you should do the same"

She looked back at him and their stood a beautiful female purple hedgehog with a perfect curve, her long quills we're in a pony tail, and she had 3 bangs covering one of her crystalline eyes, ther eyeshad a look no man could turn down.

Sonic introduced Amy to her, "Amy this is Violet, Violet this is my 'friend' Amy Rose" Amy said a very low hi to Sonics new girlfriend she had a burning sensetion inside. She got up from her seat and tried her best to hold her tears back, "Sonic I've got to go, um have a nice lunch, see ya..." with that said she quickly walked off into the city.

Mystic Ruiens:

Amy had gotten out of Station Square and was now running through the Mystic Ruins tears flying behind her. She had her eyes closed she didn't know where she was going, but she didn't care she wanted to get far away from that bastard. She finally stopped running and sat down on an old log, where she poured her heart out.

"Sonic is such a jerk. I actually tell him I won't be so obsessive over him and he flicks me off like a fly" Amy covered her face with her hands as more tears flowed down her cheek. What she didn't know is that someone was watching her the whole time from gehind a tree, feeling sorrow for the girl,whatever it was decided to ask whatwrong and confront her. Amy heard a twig snap from behindbut didn'r see anybody there.

"H-hello?" she shuddered. Whoever it was came out from the shadows it was a green hedgehog that had the exact appearance as, Sonic the only difference was that he had lime green fur, red sun glasses on his forehead, and had a black Harvey David jacket on, with flames that went up on the arms of the jacket.

Amy was puzzled, "Who…who are you?"

The strange hedgehog introduced himself to the frightened girl.

"My name is Scourge, what's yours?"

"Amy...Amy Rose"

Scourge smiled at her, "Cute name for a cute girl"

Amy glared at him,she figured he was hitting on her so she changed the topic, "Why we're you spying on me?"

He tried to act sad for her, "I was only wanting to know what was wrong, you looked so sad I wondered why?" Amy looked down to the dirt ground beneath her, "You don't need to know"

"Come on you can tell Scrorgey!" he rested his hands on her shoulders. Amy took them off, "No really" she tried to walk away but he blocked her path, "Come on?" She sighed and surrendered.

"Well this guy I know flicked me off for another girl"

Scourge looked at the pink hedgehog in sorrow, "How awful!" she continued her story.

"Anyways I really liked this guy, and always have for years but he went off with a prettier girl"

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, who would ever not want someone as pretty as you?" he lifted her chin up to get a better look at her. Amy blushed at his comment, "Wow no ones ever called me pretty…" he smirked at her, making her blush even more.

"Hey um…mind me asking who this guy was?"

She frowned at this, "Sonic the hedgehog…"

Scourge was shocked, "You know Sonic?"

"Yeah I hate him and I never want to see him again"

"You hate him?"


"Wish he we're dead?"


Scourge thought of something evil, "You want revenge?"


Scourge smiled at this, "I could help you with that"

She looked up to him, "Really?"


"Ok I want revenge on him!"

"Fine with me" he stuck out his hand for her to grab, she took it, andhe pulled out a green chaos emerald, "Chaos Control!" with that they we're gone.

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