Shadow returned home with Amy.

He brought Amy to his house knowing Amy would want someone to stay with her after what Scourge had done. He gently set her down on his black couch, and took a seat besides her. The pink hedgehog rest her head on Shadow broad shoulder, and looked up to him.

"Shadow…" she whispered.

He looked into her emerald eyes, and spoke softly to her.

"Yes Rose?"

"Are you going to let me stay here tonight?"

He nodded his head and closed his eyes, "Yes…"

She sighed in relief.

She looked into his dark crimson eyes, and leaned up and gently kissed him on the cheek.

Shadow blushed, he didn't know why she just did that, and he looked at her confused, "What was that for?"

"For saving me, and allowing me to stay here for the night"

Shadow did something he had not done in a while, he smiled.

Amy also gave him back a smile.

"Amy, I want you to know something" he said as he grabbed both of her hands in his and looked directly in her eyes.

She prepared herself and waited to see what Shadow had to say.

Amy, I was wondering, after all that's happend to you these past days, I was thinking to myself, if you would like to remain here with me?"

Amy was surprised never had she had someone like Shadow who actually wanted her to stay with them just so she wouldn't feel unprotected.

Amy slowly nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes, Yes, Yes, YES, I'll stay" she said as she pounced on him giving him a hug, but as she hugged his she felt something new, a scent, not just any scent, a secure scent as one that felt safe, she nuzzled into his chest, making Shadow feel awkward.

Shadow coughed noticing how long it was she was not relinquishing her grip on him.


Amy realized, how she was hugging him and let go, blushing madly.

"Shadow why all the sudden do you care so deeply for me?" she asked curiously.

"Well I…"

She leaned forward to listen better and zero in to what he was saying.

"It's because, I love you. I love you much, that…I would run around the world to find you"

Amy was amazed at how caring he was, unlike Sonic who didn't give a shit about her.

"Oh Shadow..." she leaped onto him once again and smooched him right on the lips.

Shadow didn't resist though he deepened it, he gently placed his hands on her waist and pulled her into him more, massaging each other's lips. Moans escaped their mouths, full of delight and pleasure. Shadow slipped his tongue into her mouth and felt around her mouth, tasting, exploring. They both adventured their mouths, and soon gasped for breath, just staring into one another's eyes.



Shadow took one hand and caressed her back ever so gently. She loved the feeling; she took her hands and rubbed his shoulders, massaging them. Shadow stopped, feeling he would do something terrible to the girl if this continued this any longer.

"Amy, you can sleep in the guest room for the night ok?" she nodded her head in agreement she had already been raped she didn't want anything else for the night.

Shadow showed her to the room. Although Amy did want someone to stay with her till she fell asleep, since she still had an eerie feeling someone was watching her.

Amy cuddled under the covers as Shadow watched her slowly fall asleep, feeling guilt rise.

"I could have prevented her from being raped"

"I could have saved her from Scourge's lies"

These thoughts replayed in his mind as he mentally slapped himself for not doing these things in the first place.

Amy shifted in the bed, and moaned. Shadow snapped out of his thought and looked over to the girl. She had no smile on her face, instead a frown. She may have been having a nightmare he caressed her cheek reassuring things would be fine.

"Amy it's alright, I'm here, your safe with me…"

Amy shivered, "no…" she whispered.

"Scourge is gone, no longer here, your safe, I'm protecting you"

Soon she rolled over on her side and yawned and peacefully went back to sleep a light snoring following after. She was asleep, nightmare less, for now…

Shadow figured she was okay so he could go to bed as well. He walked out the door slowly closing it behind him as he watched her sleep, dreaming happy thoughts.

Unknown to Shadow a figure stood outside Amy's window also watching her sleep. An evil smirk went across his face as he tied to think of a plan to break in.

Shadow was tossing and turning in his bed he was also having a nightmare and couldn't seem to fight his way out of it.

Running, panting, breathing heavily, screams echoed the forest.

Running faster, searching, needed.

"Shadow help me" a female cry echoed through his ears.

Finding, seeing, distressed, lust.

Amy was lying there as Scourge was on top of her raping her before Shadow's eyes.

He woke up, sweating, breathing in deep breathes heavily. He got up and walked to his kitchen to get some water.

Meanwhile in Amy's room:

Some one had managed to break into the house, but into Amy's room. They walked quietly over to the pink hedgehog staring at her beauty; the burglar's eyes hadburning lust. He carefully got on top of her and gripped her hips tightly rubbing his hands up and down her sides. Tracing each curve of her body. Unfortunately Amy felt weight on her side and her eyes fluttered open to see a familiar face, she wished she hadn't. She tried to scream, but a hand muffled her cries for help.

He whispered into her ear making her shiver "Quiet babe we don't want Shadow to hear us now do we?"

She tried to fight back but he used his other arm to pull her out of bed, and then drag her across the carpeted floor.

Shadow had calmed himself down and was heading back to bed. When he walked past Amy's room he didn't hear any snoring, it was too quietly a eerie, deadly quietly to be precise.

"Something's not right…" Shadow said to himself as he opened the door and flicked on the lights to see 'oh one familiar'.

Standing there was Scourge in the flesh holding Amy by one arm using his other to muffle her cries for help.

"How can this be I killed you" Scourge never dies, in these kinda stories. Shadow fumed as he noticed what the lime hedgehog had in his possession.

"Let her go" Shadow said in a serious tone.

Scourge chuckled as he removed his hand from her mouth, "Awww damsels, can't live without them"

"Shadow, help me!" Amypleaded from the other side of the room.

"Why won't you leave her alone, she did nothing to you, she wants no more of this"

Scourge just shook his head in frustration, "Shadow, you don't understand, Amy did do something to me, she betrayed me. She decided to change her mind at the last second of destroying Sonic"

"So, you lied to her about doing it, and then to top it off, you raped her"

"It still doesn't cut it, I'll get my revenge on her, first I'll rape her then I'll kill her" he motioned towards his neck at the last part.

Amy gulped and started crying, all this frightened her. All she wanted was for this never to happen, she wished she never met Scourge in the first place.

Scourge looked down to the weeping, whimpering girl in his arms. He slapped her across the face. "Stop your crying bitch!"

A red mark was left on her right cheek she cried more from the pain.

"Don't hurt her!"

Scourge was getting tired of this I'm leaving, "Come on babe" he dragged Amy along side with him towards the window.

"NO!" Amy cried out, she had no intension of going. Shadow leapt out at Scourge and slammed him against the wall, making him letloose hisgrip on Amy, giving her the chance to escape. Amy ran and hid behind the door leading to the opposite side of the room. Scourge pushed Shadow off and dusted off his jacket, don't touch me.

"Oh like this?" Shadow shoved him backwards, enough strength to send him through the wall.

Scourge fumed, "yo, stop!"

Shadow Chaos Controlled away, leaving a puzzled Scourge.

The lime colored hedgehog got nervous, he tried to figure out where he would appear.He presumed he would repear behind him, well he wasn't falling for that trick again,little did he know his prediction was wrong. Instead of appearing from behind, Shadow appeared from above.

Scourge's eyes met a pair of shoes, right as he was smashed in the face.

Scourge held his aching face, "Shit!"

"Had enough?"

"For now…but I will warn you both, I'm not through with any of yea, I will be back, maybe in a few days, few months, years, or maybe even again tonight" Amy walked over and hid herself behind Shadow.

"Once I get my hands on her" he pointed to Amy. "It'll be living hell again for her" he started to laugh.

"See yeah losers, and nice working with you baby" with that he Chaos controlled away. Shadow had tried to grab him but he missed.

"Fuck" he slammed the floor in frustration.

Amy walked over and put her hand on his shoulder, "Let him go for now" she said in a soft voice.

"What he tries to attack you again, then what?"

"I'm sure he won't, at least not with you around Shadow"

Shadow did agree about that, as long as she wasn't alone too much he wouldn't attack.

"Well you're gonna have to live with me for awhile, don't worry I'll protectyou Rose" he held her close to him as he whispered the last part in her ear.

Amy blushed at how noble he was.

"Oh Shadow…"

With that Shadow and Amy slept in the same bed (not having sex) as they held each otherand drifted off into sleep, keeping each other safe from the danger in the world.