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Hated Desire

Chapter One:

It was the first day of summer. A time when people came out of there homes to have fun. The season when the cool spring weather subsides to the summer heat. Most of the staff at the Fire Eyes Fire Nation head quarters were outside. Expect the second commander of the whole Fire Eyes. Lamin, although only sixteen, was almost in charge of the whole place. Her long brown hair, cold gray eyes, and cruel smile gave everyone a frightened feeling when she walked down the hall. Once in awhile the whole hallway would move to the side. She wore what every female of the Fire Eyes did. A long sleeve shirt and loose fitting pants for easy movement. Of course, so much power came with a price. Lamin was in her office buried underneath a mountain of papers on what could have been the nicest day in history. "There is no way I'm getting all of this done today." The sixteen year old muttered to herself. Suddenly a small knock was heard on her door.

"Lamin, are you in?" A voice on the other said followed by a giggle. Sighing, Lamin stood and opened her door.

"Yes, Valin, I'm in. What can I help you with?" She asked the girl at the door.

"More papers for you and note from Akia." She said giggling happily. Sighing, Lamin moved out of the way so she could put down the papers. Valin, was the perky one of the Yonei twins. Her sister, Vanee, was the complete opposite of her. Although both of them looked exactly the same, amber eyes and pitch black hair along with the standard issue dress for Fire Eyes females, most people didn't believe they were sisters. The only difference between the two were their lips. Valin's were full and a deep pink where Vanee's were thin and were always twisted into a cruel smile. If you were to look at Lamin, Valin, and Vanee, your first guess would be that Lamin and Vanee were related.

"May I have the note?" She asked Valin, stretching her hand out. Handing the note to Lamin, Valin skipped out of the office.

"See you later!" She giggled as she left. Reading over the note, Lamin sighed. Akia wanted her to basically baby-sit her grandson Tilin. Despite the fact that he was sixteen and a very talented fire bender. Akia had trained him herself and Akia was extremely talented. Placing the note in her pocket, Lamin slung her bow and quiver on her back and put her dagger in the sheath on her left leg. Lamin never left her office or \

her house without her weapons. Heading out, she walked down the hall towards the head office. Akia's door was already open when Lamin walked up to it.

"Hello my dear Lamin." Akia said smiling and opening her arms for a hug. Lamin grimaced but caved and gave Akia a small hug. Ever since she was little Akia took care of her and taught her how to be who she was.

"Hello Akia, may I ask what you need from me?" She asked when they were safely in Akia's office and the door was closed.

"I need you to make sure my grandson Tilin is safe." Akia said, interlacing her fingers together. Akia was the oldest person in the Fire Eyes. She'd also been running it the longest. Lamin frowned as Akia spoke. She always hated having to watch Tilin.

"I hope you realize how much I dislike watching Tilin." Lamin said, her lips formed into a frown.

"Yes, I know, but you keep a lovely job of keeping him safe." Akia responded.

"Vanee and Valin would do a fine job as well." Lamin said, almost pouting. It would have been pouting if Lamin's face ever showed emotion but it rarely did. Smiling, Akia closed her eyes.

"Lamin, I trust you. I do not of many people here. The fact that I am trusting you with my grandson is great honor." She told her, Akia's eyes still closed. "Besides, Tilin always enjoys your company more then most. Its like always. Just for the summer season." Opening her eyes and standing up, Akia smiled.

"So, where will I meet him this time?" Lamin asked folding her arms the way she did when things annoyed her.

"By the fountain." Akia answered shortly. Closing Akia's office door, Lamin walked swiftly to the fountain in the front of the building. To Lamin, this was going to be a long season.