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Naraku stared out his bedroom window and watched the dark cloudy sky.

"What a horrible day to do horrible deeds", he said smiling his evil smile.

"Hmmmm let me see what's on my evil schedule today", Naraku said as he opened his


8:00-wake up

8:30-eat breakfast

9:00-10:00-beat Kagura up

10:00-10:30-loathe hated enemies

10:45-12:00-watch stuff through Kanna's mirror

12:00-12:45-eat lunch

1:00-1:30-torture Kagura some more

1:45- make a new kutusu (the puppet he uses)

2:30-make voodoo dolls of hated enemies

3:00-go absorb some demons and make a new body

3:30-5:00-stare at my precious jewel

5:30-6:00-stare at Kikyou through Kanna's mirror

6:30-7:00-eat dinner

7:05-8:30-make up new insults and evil comments


10:30-go to sleep

12:05-have an evil midnight snack

sigh "What a busy schedule", said Naraku. Then he tossed the little black book out the window. "Screw the planner. I can make my own time cause I am Naraku the evilest

being in the world!", Naraku ranted. "Narakie! Get your butt downstairs or I'll lock you up in a room with Jakotsu again!", shouted a voice.

Naraku sighed "On secondthought…". He walked down the stairs. "Finally, now go and eat your breakfast before it gets cold Narakie-poo", said Naraku's mother.

(A/N: Yes, Naraku has a mother for the next five seconds). "Mother… not in front of my incarnations", Naraku scowled. As Kanna, Kagura and Hakudoushi were sitting

at the table eating breakfast and watching intently at the mother and son. "What's all the commotion", yawned Jakotsu as he and Bankotsu walked down the stairs.

"Alright, mother, your visit is over bye, bye", said Naraku as he pushed his mother out the door.

"Anyways", said Bankotsu, "What's for breakfast?".

20 minutes after breakfast

A shriek came from Naraku's room. "Ahhhhhhhhh", shrieked Naraku as everybody ran to his room (well, Kanna walked) and saw him sobbing hysterically on his bed.

"Oi, what's wrong?", said Kagura tapping her fan on Naraku's back. "S-s-omeone t-to-okm-my m-makeup", blubbered Naraku as he burst into tears.

"Oh, poor Naraku…", said Jakotsu. Everyone (excluding Naraku) stared at him. "What? I would be crying if someone took my makeup too!", said Jakotsu a tad flustered.

"Oh, I know what to do, I'll be back in a flash", said Kagura and she ran out of the room.

–5 seconds pass-

"I'm back", says Kagura as she runs into the room. "Hey, what took you so long?", asked Banksotsu. "Oh I went to see Sesshomaru, and he is so cool and outrageously

sexy, right Jakotsu!", said Kagura. "Mmmph you got that right girlfriend, he is hot, but I do rather prefer Inuyasha myself, I mean those ears are so adorable!",

squealed Jakotsu. (They blab for the next ten minutes about Inuyasha and Sesshomaru until finally they remember the situation at hand). Then Kagura gives Naraku a

Kikyou plushie (A/N: They really do have those). "Here ya go big guy". Naraku grabbed the Kikyou plushie, started sucking his thumb and promptly went to sleep.

"Kanna, can you show us what he's dreaming?", Kagura asked. Kanna gave her a nod and her mirror glowed. And then….they saw what he was dreaming.

"OMFG!", shrieked Kagura as she saw what Naraku was dreaming.

And what was it that Naraku was dreaming you may ask. Well….you'll see next chapter. (Please give good reviews ) Oh and sorry about the cliffie.

And i'll write more next chapter okay?