Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own Naruto or the story, but I do own the poems the characters have expressed. Evil grin

Me: Okay, I swipped sasuke's personal journal when he was out training yesterday and thought 'Hey, why not share this with everyone?'

Sasuke:Walks in Why are you holding that and how'd you get it?

Me: Shifty eyes Naruto gave it to me.

Sasuke: He did, did he?….I'll be right back. I'm going to kill a funny faced worm. Walks out door

Me:Okay, let's make this quick, before the prince of darkness figures out I lyed and comes to kill me. Ahem, Starts reading

A time long ago,

Deep into my past.

Everyone I once knew and loved,

Cherished and looked up to,

Were slain.

I was but a child,

Yet I felt so weak.

I became overcome with fear,

Causing me to flee with my life.

At that moment,

The only thing on my mind,

Was run today and live tomarrow.

Day by day,

My thirst for revenge grew stronger.

As does my training.

The slayer let me survive,

Only to make me his avenger.

I wait til the moment,

I kill him in cold murder,

And taste the fear and defeat,

Running through his veins.

But now,

Alls I eager for is power.

Not to feel so weak and useless anymore.

The ones I have grown to love,

Will not die as long as I breath this air,

Walk this earth,

And fight my fight.

Yet there seems to be a boundary.

Once I must choose between,

But can't seem to do.


I seem to be losing the ones I love by every passing day.

My own will,

Thirsting for power,

Wishes to slowly not care for them.

The only thing that worries me,

Is me enjoying the deaths of those I am slowly losing the love of.

Me:Eyes widen Sasuke's quite the….uh…poet. Throws journal on table I always knew he scared me. Oh well, Pretty soon I'll steal sakura's diary and hopefully I get some more juicy private thoughts. In the meanwhile, naruto's just gonna have to get beat up by sasuke. XD Please leave a review.