Note: My first multi-chaptered fic in this fandom.


1. Riku has a Solita Complex

The air smelt of damp sand and lush vegetation as he combed the small island for his best friend. It was all a ludicrous idea, playing hide and seek at their age. But the humble request became a sweet innocent plea as the cerulean eyed boy enforced his trade mark smile, leaving Riku with quaking knees and too dumb to reply.

So Riku found himself soaked to the bones from the recent tropical shower and pushing through wet foliage. He was looking for a certain spiky haired brunet that will only be known by the code name of "tease". The search was becoming more fruitless with every twist, turn, and hop he took. It was work hiking through slick vines and thick mud, but it was okay since that was what happened when you were the seeker. He had to admit that his position had its perks. He didn't have to hide in some impossibly small space and he didn't have to bite his lip to keep himself from laughing. He did of course get a prize at the end of his search in the form of soft lips pressing onto his trembling eager ones.

It would all be a matter of time. Except, this "tease" was proving to be like one since he'd hidden himself a bit too well.

The thought of not finding him didn't sour his mood; the recent rain had taken care of that by cooling him down.

He walked down the shore line where the sun was already at work drying the moist land about him. He ignored the irksome feeling of tiny grains digging in between his toes and quickened his pace towards the wooden ramp. The area between the waterfall and the shed provided a cool shade.

The sight of a bright crimson shirt floating gently away from the pounding waters caught his eye.

And suddenly, making sense of the situation, the thought of a shirtless Sora put him in even a better mood.

He jumped down into the knee deep water, which proved to be icy to the touch. His skin prickled up with those annoying goosebumps and his jaw tensed as it kept itself from quivering. He reached down for the crimson shirt and the simple action stirred an invisible giggle and snort from the waterfall ahead.

Approaching the pulsing waters slowly, Riku tried to make out Sora's outline. He stood there for a moment and thought of the proper way to reach him. Whether he'd decided to simply walk into the crashing water or jump forward in surprise, the end result was the same: a wet, shirtless Sora would be waiting for him on the other side. He decided that if he intended on finding Sora and getting his prize, he would have to make his move before his racked nerves took over. So forcing his heart to pace at one speed and his knees to solidify for a brief moment, Riku leaped forward and pinned the shoulders of a slippery brunet.

"I found you!" he roared wolfishly.

His ears rang with Sora's delightful laughter. It was a laugh that crept around the ear lobe and traveled deep into the brain where clouds of heavy fog would haze Riku's thought process.

"Congratulations." Sora smiled. His brown hair was matted down, a sleek wet look. Riku boldly brushed some of the stray strands away.

Riku smirked, then spoke. "What made you hide here? It's different from the usual tree or bush."

Sora raised and eyebrow and leaned in closer. His lips lightly brushed the tip of Riku's ear.

"It was cooler in here before the rain started to fall."

Riku closed his eyes as Sora's warm breath trickled along his neck, bringing forth a current of electricity down his limbs. The simple sensation made him shiver with nervousness and anticipation.

"Are you cold?" Sora whispered as he snaked his arms around Riku's waist.

Riku couldn't help it as his bottom lip trembled. His hands slithered down from Sora's shoulders to his waist where the icy water met hot flesh. He leaned downwards making their foreheads touch and closed his eyes in concentration.

Speaking had become an obstacle as Sora began to draw light circles on his hips from under his wet shirt.

"N-no," he stammered.

Sora chuckled and pulled the taller boy closer. Bare chest met against a clothed torso, making the atmosphere around them sizzled with heat. Sora placed a small kiss on the older boy's chin.


"Yes," Riku said. He felt his body relax.

"Good." Sora's lips hovered over Riku's, gently brushing against them as he spoke. "I like this better too." He flicked his tongue over the elder boy's lips in a teasing manner.

Submitting to desire, Riku took Sora's bottom lip and bit into it softly in a kiss. The younger boy let out a small whimper as lips intertwined, tongues danced and heat rose from deep within their chests. Riku felt delirious. Sora's hands traveled upwards, hiking up Riku's shirt. His fingers traced circles around erect pink nipples. Riku winced a bit when Sora pinched him, but he liked it as it made a surge of heat circulate through his body. Soon those curious hands trailed down his chest and onto his hips. Playful fingers dipped below the waist band of his shorts and Sora tugged them down gently.

Riku broke their kiss, trying to catch his breath. His shorts were now below his waist. Sora became interested in the skin covering the collar bone. He gently bit into the soft flesh and sucked eagerly. Riku's erection pushed up against Sora's shorts and he grunted to keep some his self control. Sora chose to grind against him, the wet fabric teasing his length. Riku shuddered and pulled the younger boy close, enjoying the wave of pleasure Sora was creating with his bulge.

He felt Sora smirk against his neck and soon the brunet's own shorts seemed to disappear from under the water.

Rolling his hips slowly, Sora grinded their groins together. The hypnotic rhythm had Riku in a daze as his brain tried to keep track of all the skin prickling sensations.

Sora captured his lips, kissing him deeply. He nibbled on Riku's button lip, teeth gently grazing plump flesh.


Pant. Thrust. Moan.

"Y-yesss," he responded. His voice was raw and husky.

"Do you love me?"

He was close to coming, but he didn't want it to end so soon.

"Of course."

He buried his nose into Sora's wet hair inhaling the crisp smell of rain.

"Then why don't you tell me so?"

Bite. Lick. Suck.

Riku moaned again, but knew that Sora's tone was not playful.

"I do love you, you know that." He tried to hold still. Pleasure aside, he wanted to focus on Sora and his question.

Sora leaned into his ear.

"Then say you do."

"I love you Sora."


Riku's forehead frowned at the distant sound. What the hell was that?


"I can't hear you. You're going to have to do better than that."


"Sora, I'm in love with you," he said sternly, his voice a peg louder than the incisive beeping in the background.

Sora frowned.

The beeping was getting louder now. Sora's pout told Riku that no matter how hard he shouted the brunet would not get the message.

"Don't you love me?"



A heavy hand landed on the top of a screeching digital clock as eyelids opened to reveal tired puffy emerald eyes. Seeing the ruby digits blink 7:15 am, Riku languidly stretched and winced when some joints popped into life. He looked down at the dying hard on in his trousers and frowned.

Nocturnal emissions never really did cool off the thick humid mornings.

He grunted and stood up, getting ready for another "cold one" as he headed for the bathroom. He wondered if confessing to Sora would make those ravenous dreams stop. He sighed and let the needle like droplets of cool liquid devour his body. Confessing would only complicate things. It was best to stay silent. After all, patience is a virtue.

After finishing his shower and getting dressed, Riku took his sketch book and dragged his already irritable self down the stairs to the kitchen. His father was happily humming an old 80s tune while he stirred in his spiffy pink apron. He could only look at his father and shake his head in shame.

He sat at the kitchen island.

"Morning Riku-kun!" his father chirped. He turned his head slightly to wink at his son. Riku grimaced at the cheerful tone and wondered if it was the effect of the heat that had the man acting the way he was.

Riku frowned.

"Don't be such a sour puss, Ri-ku-kun."

He really hated his nick name, especially when his father broke it down into syllables by clicking his tongue with the roof of his mouth. Unfortunately, the older man ignored the throbbing vein that manifested on the boy's forehead and continued.

"I wake up the minute the sun's rays kiss the gentle azure skies to slave over a hot stove." He placed a hand over his heart for dramatic effect. "In this monstrous heat that threatens to devour my very being which sacrifices blood, sweat, and tears just so the fruit of my—"

Nope. No heat. Father was pretty much his normal self.

Riku decided that at this point, the near by spoon left on the kitchen island would be the most effective way to drown out the babble. Sure he risked experiencing excruciating amounts of pain by shoving said metal object in his ear and of course he risked staining his uniform with the excessive blood that would come rushing afterwards. If the end result was pure deafness or the chance of suffering a strong enough seizure to render him brain dead, then he would take his chances.

"—breakfast has all the essential vitamins and minerals for you to grow up to be the man that your good Papa is today: alluring and charismatic, with strong thunderous thighs. An improvement, I might add, from that girly looking thing you were last year."

"Just. Stop." Riku shuddered as his hands balled up into sweaty fits.

His father reached for some bowls from the dishwasher absentmindedly. "How old are you now anyway? Twenty?"

"I'm sixteen."

"Really? How time flies," the man said. He placed the bowls in front of his son. "I should plan a sweet sixteen party then."

"Dad," Riku warned.

"Just don't start going all 'elmo' on me like those kids that wear black and chew mascara all the time, it's bad enough you wear that scowl all the time. But then again, the ladies do like a sap with good hair."

"Shut. Up." Riku almost growled. "I'm begging you."

"Come on kiddo, it's the last day of school! You should be in a happier mood." The steaming pot of what looked to be oatmeal made its way into the bowls. It bubbled with life as heat circulated through it.

"Look what I made, hot and steamy, yummy oatmeal!"

It was too hot to be eating, too hot to be going to school, too hot to be wearing clothing, too hot be doing anything.

All he wanted to do was lay naked in a pool of cool water. Maybe have Sora feed him iced grapes as he floated on his back while he fondled the brunet. He licked his lips and banished the thoughts before getting more elaborate with them. He blamed all his perverted thoughts on his hormones and the weather.

Recently, it felt like a hurricane from hell was beating on the small chain of islands, pounding them with wave upon wave of moist heat and thick humidity. Rain hadn't fallen in some weeks and the intense temperature had made it unbearable to go outside for long periods of time without possibly dying of heat stroke.

"I think I'll skip on the oatmeal hot enough to melt my throat for today."

His father pouted. "But won't my Riku-kun get hungry during the day?"

"It's not a full day of school today," he said getting up from his stool and heading towards the fridge. He fished out a popsicle from the freezer.

"I'll survive the day." He un-wrapped it and was happy to see it was his favorite, cherry. The frozen treat glowed with an air of mist as the heat attacked its shell fervently. He licked the tip and liked how the sweet juice trickled down his throat leaving behind a trail of tartness.

"Ohhh!" His father squealed. "My little Riku-kun will be home early! Then after you eat the special lunch I'm going to make, which will pack thrice as many vitamins and minerals to make up for your breakfast, we'll be able to fix the air conditioner together!"

Riku bit into his ice cream, not wanting it to melt and drip down his hand.

"I already called a repair man, he said he was coming tomorrow," he said wincing a bit from the sudden brain freeze.

His father pouted. "But don't you want to spend more time with Papa?"

There was an awkward silence as Riku finished eating his melting popsicle.


His father's jaw dropped. "Riku-kun can be so cruel, breaking his Papa's heart with his cold heart and indifferent attitude. If Papa didn't know any better, he would suspect that his darling Riku-kun was an elmo." He wiped away a fake tear. "Oh what a malicious hand has fate dealt my son, raping him of any feelings or sense of prid—"

Slamming the back door shut, Riku managed to drown out the ludicrous soliloquy. He held his sketch book casually under his arm and walked around towards the front of the house. Making a right, he walked in the direction of his school. It wasn't even eight yet and the sun was blaring down on his neck as if it was high noon. He could feel the sweat collecting under his bangs.

Living in a temperature controlled home become Riku's ninth circle of hell ever since his father broke the air conditioner a week ago. He remembered coming home, seeing his father look suspiciously innocent while whistling near a short circuiting control panel. The details involved a penny, a screw driver, and the curiosity to find out what the slot on the side was for. It was pretty self explanatory.

Riku rounded the corner when a light wind picked up. This gave the teen some relief. He didn't hear the heavy foot steps from behind and was almost thrown forward by a body jumping onto his back. Laughter rang in his ears, the same laughter that haunted his wet dreams, the same laughter that made him shiver and numb. His eyes widened as the grip around his waist was made taut by a pair of strong tan legs.

"Good Morning!" Sora sang as he clung to his best friend.

Riku responded by chuckling nervously as he could feel the other boy's hot breath on his ear. He tensed as goosebumps rained down the skin of his back. He felt the brunet's body rub against his as Sora struggled to stay on. Riku took a deep breath in.

Just. Act cool.

"H-hey Sora," he answered lamely. He mentally slapped himself.

So. Not cool.

Sora hopped off his friend's back and examined him with raised eyebrows.

"You're awfully chipper this morning." Sora's voice dripped with sarcasm which made the older boy smirk. Taking the younger boy in a head lock position, he rustled the spiky auburn locks. They felt soft, like liquid silk as they passed through his fingers. Taking advantage of the position they were in, he inhaled the sweet smell of shampoo.

Sora was able to escape the infamous noogie hold.

"Can you believe it? Summer vacation is only some hours away," Sora said as they began to walk.

"Darn it, and to think we were getting barcodes tattooed on our necks today," Riku snorted. "Aren't you happy to be moving up the food chain?" The simple tease got the full pout he expected from the brunet.

"Being a freshman wasn't that bad. Sure it had its downsides, but it also had its perks."

"So where does gaining the freshman fifteen fall under?" Riku chuckled.

"Hey!" Sora stopped in mid-step and patted his stomach worriedly. "I'm not fat am I?" he pleaded at Riku.

No. You're perfect.

"Let's see," Riku said lifting up the boy's shirt a bit. Aquamarine eyes hungrily scanned the tanned, well toned stomach. The smooth looking skin was enticing as thoughts of moist lips trailing slick, hot kisses flooded his mind.

In fact…you're sexy.

Riku knew that ogling his best friend for long periods of time was not only creepy, but a big no-no in the friendship book. Thus to avoid any hostile confrontation he decided to do what any boy in love with his best friend would have done.

Make the situation awkward as hell.

He poked his belly button. "I see you still have some baby fat." And instead of seeing stars after a punch from Sora's fist, he heard the crisp laughter of a boy who was particularly ticklish.

"Riku! Not everyone can have an Adonis figure like you." The boy poked back.

Riku smiled, relieved.

"You're right," he spoke indifferently, "Being dubbed a god of sex since birth has its perks."

"Yeah well, does the sex god have any plans for the summer?"

"Nothing interesting. Draw, stop dad from setting the house on fire…again, try not to have a hernia when dad annoys me, sleep." He looked over to the brunet. "and you?"

He puffed out his chest and Riku waited for the sure list of summer objectives. Instead, Sora sighed. "I've got nothing. Kairi said that she was going to visit some family."

Riku suppressed the urge to roll his eyes.

"I think you'll survive."

Sora sighed in response and placed his hands behind his head. "It's going to be boring without her," he said solemnly.

Riku didn't get it. Wasn't he his best friend? Surely Sora's world didn't revolve around Kairi, because there was life before Kairi, there was Riku. And if there was Riku, then Sora wouldn't need anyone else. So confessing his love for Sora shouldn't be that hard right?

Riku spoke after a short silence.

"Hey Sora."

"Yeah?" The brunet looked up.

I love you. He wanted to say, but the words were denied access and stayed at the pit of his throat.

He shook his head. "Forget it."

He scowled at himself for letting his feelings get the best of him. As Sora began his idle chatter about the summer's possible objectives, Riku listened half heartily as his thoughts activated emotions that were put to sleep long ago.

He felt remorse over their dead friendship. With Sora's connection to Kairi taking on an intimate turn, Riku had no choice but to stand on the side and watch. It wasn't fair. In the beginning, when life's worries were about getting the bigger ice cream and finding someone to build a sand castle with, it was just him and Sora. Neither went without the other and it was a well known fact by the meaning of their names, that they would always be connected.

However, when Kairi became the new face in the neighborhood, things began to change. Competition became the main focus of their friendship. Riku felt shallow when he tried to "win" Kairi's hand. Although the thought of taking Kairi away from the boy had occurred, the idea of being with Kairi hadn't held as much of an a appeal as the idea of being with Sora. So like a true gentleman, he bowed out and hoped that Sora would out grow the harmless crush.

Unfortunately, as the trio grew up and matured into young adults, so did the crush. Suddenly the remorse he felt for their dead friendship turned into bitter, sour jealously. As Sora spent more time with Kairi, Riku began to blame his loneliness on their happiness. He began to have dark thoughts of sabotaging the relationship if it meant becoming Sora's savior afterwards. But his plans only made them stronger and he gave in.

Now, he felt like a hungry dog. He was fed the scraps of Sora's time. They shared a class together, biology, and that was because of a program fluke that transferred a hand full of freshman into the sophomore class. Riku doubted that with time their friendship would improve and that his feelings would only turn into ones of misery and regret. He didn't want to end up like that.

He looked over at his best friend who was finally silent and walked along with a glazed look in his face.

Hiding his feelings has only proven to be a burden, but the truth would complicate things. His friendship with Sora was waning, although his feelings could bring change in the relationship. Whether it turned out to be positive or negative change solely relied on Sora.

He spoke after they turned a corner and were only a block away from the school. "Sora, I need to tell you something important."

The school bell rang in the distance and the boy next to him snapped out of his day dream state.

"Come on! We're going to be late."

Riku sighed and followed suit.

The air hummed with the restless chatter of students eager to go out and finally experience their summer vacations. The biology class room felt stuffy, even with the windows open letting a gentle breeze float inside.

Riku lazily dragged his pencil along a sea of white as he sat with a look of longing and boredom. His attention wasn't on the paper nor on the animated conversation Selphie was holding with a classmate next to him. His attention was on the laughing blue eyed boy three seats ahead who allured so many with his warm charisma.

He smirked as he saw Sora's head tip back roar with laughter. Looking at his slender neck, he couldn't help but dream of running his tongue along side a throbbing pulse.

"Right, Riku?" Selphie's voice rudely interrupted his trance. He blinked back to reality and looked at the emerald eyed girl next to him.


She pouted.

"Weren't you listening at all?"

She waited for his answer and he waited along with her. However, when Selphie pursed her lips, Riku knew that the clock was ticking.

"Of course," he answered coolly. He leaned back into his chair for good measure and hoped she didn't call his bluff by smelling his fear.

"So what did I just say?" she asked sweetly.

Riku decided that now was the time to choose his words wisely, because carelessness would surely equal his death. He chuckled a bit and flashed the sexiest smile known to man. But his lack of aim was off as the girl next to Selphie blushed and avoided eye contact. His main target hardly budged and instead raised an eyebrow as she questioned his choice of action against her mightiness.

He was screwed.

"Um…you were just talking about…how in love Squall is with you…because he watches you every time you walk by his house?"

She looked at him with a storm of suspicion in her eyes. He held her gaze with his own and licked his lips, preparing for another sexy smile.

"I'll let you live…"

He let out a sigh of relief.

"…for now anyway." She giggled. Riku decided right then and there that she was the creepiest person alive.

But at least for now she wasn't bugging him. Selphie had a very unique personality, so unique that Riku referred to it as "crazy".

Recently the girl had become obsessed with the lone wolf known as Squall Leonhart. The man moved to the island only a year ago and lived alone in a cottage across the street from Selphie. She stalked him like prey and had memorized his daily routines. She convinced herself that he was constantly playing hard to get, tempting her with his "luscious" body moments such as walking and blinking. Since there was no sign that he had a girlfriend, she believed that he was waiting for her to become of legal age to confess the feelings she said he had. In reality, Squall didn't even know she was alive.

Speaking of brunets with "luscious" bodies, Riku looked towards Sora again and saw that he was still preoccupied with friends. He admitted that he was jealous of the hungry souls hovering about his Sora. He wanted their sticky fingers to stay to themselves. He wanted to spend some time with him alone, but the fact that today was the last of school put a damper on that idea. He doubted he could get near the boy with out mauling through a crowd. But that was how Sora worked. People gravitated towards him like hypnotized moths.

Sora was the mental image of perfection whose kissable pink lips and smile made your knees wobble pathetically. With deep azure eyes that drowned the world around you, he was able to smother your thoughts with a thick fog of confusion as his gaze bore through your defenses to uncover hidden secrets.


He licked his lips and wondered what would happen if he kissed Sora. Would he feel an electrical charge of excitement and hear the cliché fireworks Selphie was always babbling about after you find true love? Will he just become a mass of mush, delirious and heavily intoxicated with the idea of Sora's heart in his grasp? Or will he become one of God's forgotten creations whose senses are all wired wrong, making him taste the colors and smell the sounds?


"What!" he barked annoyed.

"Eep!" A meek looking girl with flushed cheeks responded. He quickly felt guilty for yelling at her and soon Selphie was at the girl's side.

He sighed. "I'm sorry for snapping at you," he said sincerely.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it," Selphie said trying to help.

He decided to flash the girl a handsome smile. He was quickly forgiven when her face softened and she tucked some hair behind her ear bashfully.

"Mika came to ask if you're done with the drawing she wanted," Selphie said.

Remembering the assignment, he opened his sketch book and pulled out a slick drawing of a male angel draped along a sword with a large creamy moon behind him.

"Of course, here." He handed it to Mika. "Again, sorry for yelling." Cue killer smile.

Mika turned a deep crimson and stumbled on her way towards her desk.

"And there goes the last one," Selphie professed longingly.

The girl looked at her drawing with awe which gave Riku satisfaction.

"Got any clients for the summer?" He closed the sketch book and sat down.

"I'm working on it." Selphie folded her arms and looked at him. "Everyone's so busy. But not to worry, I bet I can find someone."

She flicked his nose making him scrunch up his face in irritation. "Oh yeah and next time don't scare the customer, and would it kill you to flirt with them! God Riku, don't be such a wimp!" She said and skipped away merrily while he glared at her.

She could be so annoying sometimes, but without her bubbly personality and persuasive attitude he wouldn't have a job. Riku's creativity oozed when pencil met paper and it was the means of communication since he choked when it came to conveying his emotions. Art was an escape and he loved expressing himself though intricate shapes and colors that appealed to the senses.

Others noticed his artistic qualities and before he knew it, he was drawing to make others happy. Selphie thought Riku should benefit from his talent by selling his work. She became his agent and scouted out requests. His popularity grew and of course money came in. But he didn't care for the money really. Drawing for others made him feel useful, it made him feel needed.

The idea of confessing to Sora through art had occurred to him, but the direct approach was best since the boy could be a little dense sometimes. But, he didn't expect the direct approach to be so tedious either.

Expecting to see a bigger crowd around Sora, Riku was surprised to see the boy alone. Now was his chance. Standing up from his desk, Riku took a deep breath and moved forward.

"Riikuu!" three voices shrilled in unison.

"Hey," He replied. His suave personality hid his annoyance.

They squealed excitedly.

"Oh my gawd he answered!" one chirped.

"He's so cool," another chimed.

The middle one with crimson eyes and pink hair cleared her throat.

"I'm Lexis." She pointed to her left where a girl with long raven hair and lavender eyes stood. "This is Nina." Then she pointed to her right where a turquoise haired girl with hazel eyes stood. "And that's Aya."

Riku had never seen so many colors trying to over power each other in the form of hair and eyes in his life. He decided that his smile would work against him in this type of situation. The girls had him cornered and his gaze glided towards Sora who was still alone.

"Um, could you ladies excuse me?"

"We need to talk to you, like right now."

"I'm sure you do." He smiled, but his gaze never left Sora.

They squealed and giggled.

"He smiled!"

"Duh! I'm not blind, stupid."

"Listen," Lexis said taking the role of authority. "We think that you are very hot and we want to know if you would like to go out with us."


He saw Kairi sneak up on Sora and give the boy a soft peck on the cheek. The couple began talking intimately and soon they were out of the classroom. He mentally cursed time and space for being so cruel. He brought his attention back towards the girls in front of him.

"Yeah, all three of us. Me tonight, Nina tomorrow, and Aya the day after. That way, you can decide for yourself who's the best."

"Sorry I can't do that."

"Why not?" Aya whined.

"I'm sure you're all wonderful girls…"

Someone in the distance was trying to get his attention. His eyes quickly saw Selphie giving him silent instructions. Her lips read to "flirt back" and "smile". He resisted the urge to sigh and looked at the eager girls in front of him "…but I'm taken."

"What?" Nina was on the verge of tears.

"But who would dare?"

He smirked.

"I thought that was obvious by now." He folded his arms and casually motioned towards a brunette with emerald eyes with his head. "It's Selphie."

"What!" the head hancho bellowed, Lexis looked kind of scary.

"But she told us that you were totally single," Aya reasoned.

Nina had already started to cry. "We paid good money for that information." She said her voice full of remorse.

"That Selphie is going to pay," Lexis growled.

"I love to stay and chat but I have to go." He made his way past the seething trio and towards the door; he stopped before reaching the knob and looked behind him. Selphie was surrounded by three complaining banshees demanding a refund. The look of fear on her face was priceless. She looked towards him for help, but he simply opened the door, winked at her.


Revenge never sounded so sweet.

It seemed like an eternity, but the school day was finally over. The atmosphere outside felt like an oven as the heat reflected off of everything. Students were mingling for last minute plans, pictures, year book signatures, and hugs. Riku made his way through another sweaty crowd trying to avoid Selphie, who wanted to have a few words with him…alone.

He made it to the front of the school where the cobble stone street was crowded with students heading home. He saw Sora standing by the bus stop and relished at the fact that the boy was finally alone. He smoothly made his way towards him and smiled when the brunet's eyes lit up at the sight of him.


"You act like we haven't seen each other in ages."

"Well I haven't seen you all day so it feels like it has. Plus I missed talking to you."

Riku felt heat circulate to his ears and cheeks. He combed his mind for a good line that would give Sora a hint about his feelings.

"W-where's Kairi?"

He mentally banged his head against an imaginary wall.


"Kairi? She said she had a job interview today, so she left before you could see her. Did you want to ask her something?"

He paused before answering and considered his options. He wanted to confess to Sora, but needed no interruptions. He also needed an area that set the romantic mood, but was isolated enough that Sora couldn't easily escape. Then it hit him.

"Actually I wanted to ask you something. It's been a while since we've been to the island. How about we go out there today? You know, for old time's sakes."

Sora's lips grew into a wide smile.

"That sounds great! I'm sure Wakka and Tidus wouldn't mind."

"Wakka and Tidus?"

"Yeah, they invited me to a blitz ball game, but I'm sure they'll want to travel down memory lane huh Riku?"

Damn. He forgot about those two. He imagined sitting on soft grass by the papou tree with an orange sky above. He imagined Sora blushing at the melodramatic words leaving his lips as he poured out his feelings. He imagined their lips meeting curiously and then their tongues mingling excitedly as they figured out that kissing wasn't weird at all. Then he imagined Tidus and Wakka groaning in the background while calling them fags. He shuddered.

So not sexy.

"Riku are you okay?"

He looked up alarmed and hoped that the worried azure eyes didn't read his current thoughts.

"Um, I just remembered," he said nervously toying with the last button of his shirt. His plans were ruined; he had to get out of there. "I have to get home. Dad broke the AC again—"

"I thought you said the repair man was coming tomorrow?"

"Oh! Um, he canceled; so yeah you know. I have to go do that father-son-time thing, see ya!" He turned around sharply and quickly dived into a crowd to avoid any further questioning from Sora.

"Riku wait!"

But before the boy could follow him, Riku had disappeared.

He didn't know if what he was going to do at the moment was considered insane, but the idea came to him while he ate the "glorious" lunch his father prepared. While ignoring his dad do a rendition of Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principal" with the broom, he thought of a way to get his feelings for Sora out of his chest. He thought that as long as he confessed on the island as he originally planned, that he didn't have to directly confront Sora until he got it right.

He tied the boat to the wooden dock and quickly made his way through the hot sand towards some shade. While looking around he wondered if everyone felt like they out grew the place since it felt so empty. He remembered the swords fights, the races, the nights where they stared at the stars and pretended they were far away worlds. The day they decided to build a boat to find these worlds and the night the boat was destroyed in a storm. The small island gushed with memories, yet everyone seemed too busy with life to come back. Wakka and Tidus had blitzball, Selphie was occupied with her crazy antics, and Sora and Kairi had each other. Riku was the only one without a purpose and his ties to the island only made him want to live in the past.

Picking up a fallen coconut off the ground, Riku decided to adorn its bristled surface with Sora like qualities. With blue flowers for eyes, brown moss for hair and a goofy grin made by the marker he brought, he placed the small clone on a log. It looked a little creepy, but it would have to do for now. He cleared his throat and spoke.

"Sora." He took a bold stance and looked deep into the coconut's eyes. "I love you."

The sounds of the waves crashing near by made the silence that followed awkward. He licked his lips warily and continued.

"I know you think it's pretty bold of me to say so, but I do. I've loved you ever since I could remember. And I know that you're with Kairi, but I was wondering if the thought of loving me the way I love you ever crossed your mind?"

The coconut's silence made him nervous. Would Sora act as speechless?

"Do you think the idea of two guys being together is weird?"

The coconut stared back.

He sighed.

"This isn't working," he said to himself.

He walked over to the Sora coconut and picked it up. He peered into the bristled filled face. Talking to a coconut was not going to help him with his situation. He tossed it aside and sat down thinking of other possible entries into Sora's heart. Art was out the window and getting the boy alone seemed impossible. He needed another way that both provided a sense of bluntness and privacy.

He closed his eyes as a cool breeze brushed against his body. The soothing hum of the waves, the crisp salt air, and the soft rustle of leaves swaying back and forth relieved any of the stress he harbored at the moment. A slight rustling sound of foot steps interrupted the tranquil moment and his eyes snapped open in alertness.

"Who's there?" he asked the air.

The bush behind him became silent at the sound of his voice. He stood up and eyed the mess of twigs and leaves suspiciously. Cautiously moving forward, he saw the top of a twig infested auburn head.


At the mention of the name Riku's eyes widened as the individual sprang from their hiding place.

Oh. My. God. He thought as an energetic brunet landed in his arms.