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Umino Iruka cleared his throat loudly, feeling today's events catching up with him. This booth for the school fair (as suggested by the ever-clever Hatake Kakashi) is named Yours For A Day. The brown-haired teacher thinks that the title is a little too cheesy and cliché, but the students seemed to like it very much.

Iruka suspects that the only reasons for the overwhelming support though, were for the fangirls who had madly hoped that Uchiha Sasuke (the ever-popular heartthrob and President) would be auctioned off, and for others to laugh at the auctioned ones (and totally enslave them once they win the bidding).

The penultimate bidding involved Haruno Sakura being sold off to a very enthusiastic and I-might-just-faint-coz-I'm-happy Rock Lee. It's a well-known fact that the bushy-eye teen adores the pink-haired girl, but Iruka's glad that people are glad because of this booth. For the record, Sakura didn't even protest that much when Lee took her hand gently as she went down her new… "owner" for 24 hours. Iruka guesses it's because she's too heartbroken from the fact that Sasuke flat-out refused to be auctioned for this fair.

"Are you ready?" Iruka asks the last one to be auctioned, and the teacher has a reason to believe that this one is going to be the most successful bidding. He's sure that past the slightly-childish pranks that Uzumaki Naruto pulls on a variety of people, he's still well-loved and well-supported by his peers. The blond teen nods enthusiastically, ready for the auction to begin.

"All right! Now we come to the final person to be auctioned off… Please welcome, Uzumaki Naruto from Class 2-A!"

Cheers and claps greet the blue-eyed blond, and Naruto smiles at the crowd consisted of his classmates and other acquaintances.

Iruka smiles at the not-cold reception of the crowd, and he starts off the bidding. "We start the bidding at…"

"200 dollars," A cold voice pierces the crowd of students, and all heads swivel to look at one person standing in the middle of the crowd. Scarlet eyes peer at Naruto unabashedly from beneath silky gray bangs, and the blond tries not to blush at the obvious scrutiny. Deep down, Naruto also tries not to start running away from here; the stare is creepy.

"Uhh, 200 dollars from Uchiha Itachi!" Iruka says cheerfully, albeit forced. After all, it's more than shocking to hear Itachi's voice, much less hear him about wanting to buy somebody. The older (of the two) Uchiha is on his third year in the university, but since this has both high school and college…

It's also rather creepy that the first bid exceeded all the others' final bids. It's like… Itachi really wants to win Naruto.

"Hmph, 220." Another cold voice (though certainly not colder than Itachi's) rings through the still-baffled crowd. The student body (along with a few teachers) looks on again, and sees the long-haired candidate for the Valedictorian, Hyuuga Neji. Naruto and Neji are acquaintances, but Iruka didn't know that Neji is also interested on the cheerful blond…

"There's a 220—"

"Make that a 250from me," Sabaku Gaara's emerald eyes are narrowed dangerously, and he's standing as well, glaring at his two competitors. Itachi looks unaffected, while Neji looks a bit miffed.

"A 250—"

"I'd like to bid a 275 for my Naruto-kun!" Kakashi's vibrant voice comes from the last lane of seats, and Iruka tries to hold his anger. First, the bidders cut him off incessantly, and now, Kakashi's bidding for Naruto!

"You, double-timing, pedophile, pervert!" Iruka screeched to the microphone, and the students are too interested with their kind teacher's outburst to be disturbed by the loud, scratchy noise that came out of the speakers.

"Too bad, Kakashi-sensei… I'm bidding a 290 for Naruto," Sai sounds remarkably positive, considering that his rivals are all fiercely cold teens. Iruka feels his anger towards Kakashi melt into another feeling: dread. After all, all the bidders are rather cold and stubborn, and this only means that they're really fighting to get Naruto. Coffee-colored eyes try to sneak a peek at Naruto's expression, but the blond looks too dumbfounded and terrified at the moment.

"300," Gaara says three seconds flat after Sai.

"330," Neji smirks at his starting-to-fume competitors.

"350," Sai bids with a smile, and Kakashi sits down, an amusedleering expression playing on his face.

"400." Itachi says chillingly, and the others switch their glares to the old Uchiha.

Hyuuga Hinata speaks up meekly, in her trademark shaking voice. "I'll-l b-bid-d for-r N-Naruto-k-kun-n… 420—"

"440," Haku, a freshman at the university bids with a feminine smile, causing all others to swoon.

"500," Orochimaru bids, a snake-like glint on his golden eyes. Hinata shrinks to her seat, her seatmate nodding encouragingly at herin admiration of her courage to try and win Naruto. The others look in sheer horror at the long-haired teacher, and Naruto's eyes widen some more, totally aghast with the way the bidding is proceeding.

"510," Gaara says challengingly, his feet moving closer towards the leering Orochimaru.

"520," Neji offers with another smirk, flipping his brown hair to one shoulder.

"It's now at 550," Sai says with another smile, though his eyes are narrowed in an uncharacteristic display of displeasure.

"600," Neji bids at the same moment as Gaara said the figure. They glare at each other, but the competition is cut short momentarily by Itachi's bid of 650.

The students now look on, interested with how is this going to end. To think that all the cool and cold guys of the school are fighting over Naruto… Really, who would've known?

"Itachi-san, you must understand that you're way too old for Naruto-kun. 700." Sai says with a chilly voice, despite his smiling countenance. Sai transfers the smile towards the others. "Same goes for the lot of you."

"Hmph, I'm going to win Naruto over because that's what our destinies say. 780." Neji retorts, and his entire posture is rigid, as though trying to hold back some lashing and extreme violence.

"I amthe same as Uzumaki Naruto's. I wouldn't let any of you have him. 830." Gaara says simply, not caring if the others hear his 'confession'. He simply doesn't give a damn.

"Naruto-kun," Orochimaru speaks slowly, as though his tongue is caressing each syllable before it comes out of his mouth. However, Itachi's patience is running out and he cuts of the snake-like man with his bid of 900 dollars.

Iruka already feels like crying, but Naruto's condition of shock and terror is probably worse than the one he's feeling.

"1000 dollars, Itachi-kun," Orochimaru finishes his bid, one sickly-pale finger twirling a lock of ebony-black hair. Simultaneous gasping erupted from the crowd's mouths, surprised to hear somebody bidding that much, to just spend a day with Naruto.

"1000 dollars from Orochimaru-san. Going once, going—" Iruka's voice is strained, since he still finds it unbelievably creepy that this person is interested in buying Naruto, even for a day.

"Naruto's mine." Another cold voice rings through the noise of cheers and surprised gasps. If the students' expressions are hurt and shocked at the same time, Naruto's expression is… more vivid.

"1500 dollars for Naruto," The new voice comes closer, and the others shift their hateful gazes to the one person walking down the central column, seemingly intent on going directly to where Naruto is, presently.

"…Why?" There; Naruto's first word since the start of the bidding. It's directed solely to the newest bidder, and Iruka could almost see the flame burning within those obsidian eyes.

Uchiha Sasuke raises his eyes evenly and meets Naruto's searching blue ones, blatantly ignoring the squeals, the heartbroken sighs, the shocked gasps…

"It's because you're mine." The reply is smooth, as though Sasuke's speaking the most normal thing in the world. Their eyes meet, and everything else fades away—

"What are you talking about, you bastard!" …Not. The other bidders are obviously not happy with another appearance, and Itachi even smirks at his younger brother.

"Nice try, foolish little brother," Itachi says coolly, red eyes boring deep into black ones. "1700 dollars."

Iruka feels another headache coming.

"I'll win you, Naruto." Sasuke says confidently, and he stops walking towards the confused blond. The promise stays around the bidders like a thick blanket of tension.

Iruka just wishes to go home and be away from these cold and creepy students. Iruka also wishes that Naruto's admirers shouldn't be this scary.

To Be Continued

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Is Sasuke going to win Naruto? Or is somebody else going to win Naruto and Sasu-chan would just have to stop him from molesting dating Naru-chan? Find out in the next chapter:)