A/N: This Challenge is now CLOSED. I may do another in the future depending on how much people liked this one, and depending on whether or not people ask me to do another one. I'm sorry if you didn't get in before the fifty-mark hit.


I know I'm not meant to have Author's notes as chapters, but everything will be clear to you once you have read this. This is a challenge. I like challenges, because they're fun. They're also hard, but—you know, that's why they're... challenges... Yes... Anyway, this is not a challenge for YOU, it is a challenge for ME. Here's how it goes:

I have seven favourite characters:
- Sasuke
- Kiba
- Naruto
- Gaara
- Lee
- Neji
- Shikamaru

I am willing to write FIFTY (50) one-shots on any of these seven characters. Now comes the challenge part... I want YOU to provide me with a character and a situation (since I'm only doing fifty, it's first come first serve). You tell me which of these seven characters (can include pairings) you would like to see doing something or other. I will NOT do lemons, so please don't ask me for smutty one-shots of PWP, cause I won't do it. Sorry.

You can ask me to do a one-shot involving other characters as well, but you have to be aware of the fact that the focus will be on one of the seven above. I can't write a one-shot based entirely on, say, Deidara. You can ask for me to put Shikamaru and Deidara together in a pub and have it end with them doing a battle of wits in Shogi or something, that's fine. But you can't ask me to have Deidara sitting in a tree staring at clouds and contemplating life.

So, all you have to do is either PM me or leave a review here. What you need to tell me:
- Which character(s) you want in this one-shot.
- What kind of situation they will be in.
- Any specifics you would like to see (for example, you tell me you want them to be in a school musical, but Neji has to be wearing a duck suit).
- Pairings, if any.

I will try my best to get these out as fast as possible, but as I'm working on a very demanding fic PLUS a sequel, I can't make promises on how fast they will be. Also, it will depend on how many reviews and PM's I get.

You can submit TWO requests, at the most, and that's IT. I don't want to play favourites, cause it's not fair, and rest assured, I WILL check names to make sure I don't do someone more than twice. If you wrote in two requests but change your mind on one of them because you got a better idea, write to me IMMEDIATELY to let me know. If I've already done it, then—I guess you get lucky and have three. If I haven't, I'll scrap the one you don't want and go with your new idea.

I hope you guys enjoy this and have loads of fun with it. :)