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Characters: Sasuke and Gaara.
Situation: Gaara is Scottish and starts wearing a kilt. Sasuke sees him and asks him about it.
Pairings: GaaSasu.
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Disclaimer: K. Masashi's bishies.
Gaara Sabaku had always been considered weird at his high school. Everyone always thought there was something... well, not right about the redhead. He was stoic, uncaring, and he never talked to anyone. Oh, and he liked to pick fights, too. He was just an all-around mean person, and nobody liked trying to get close to him.

The only person who ever talked to him was Sasuke Uchiha, but he usually only did it for class purposes. For example, if he was zoning out, he would turn to Gaara and ask what page of their book they were on, or he would ask to borrow Gaara's charcoal during art class. Sasuke was the only one who wasn't afraid to talk to Gaara, and perhaps that was the reason the redhead had started falling for the raven boy.

It was no secret Sasuke was bi-sexual, he'd had many boyfriends and girlfriends, most of them in quick succession. The raven never seemed to be able to stay single for long, but now, Gaara had found out Sasuke was single, and had been for about two weeks. He was nervous, but he figured he would ask Sasuke out before the end of the week.

That was when his father had presented him with a birthday gift from his grandmother, the redhead opening it stoically and looking inside. It was a kilt. He actually quite liked it, and decided that the next day at school, he would wear it. He didn't mind going around without anything on underneath, it actually sounded rather pleasant.

So, the next morning, Gaara put on his kilt and headed for school, ignoring all the looks he got from people. He could tell some of them wanted to laugh, but they wouldn't dare to, for fear that the redhead would kick the shit out of them.

It didn't even really occur to Gaara until he saw Sasuke walking down the corridor that maybe the raven would think he was an idiot for having worn it. He kept his face emotionless as Sasuke looked up from rummaging in his bag and locked eyes with him. His dark chocolate eyes traveled down the length of Gaara's body to the kilt he was wearing, and when Gaara stopped in the middle of the corridor, Sasuke stopped right in front of him.

"Are you Scottish?" the raven asked him, honestly interested. Gaara just nodded. "I never knew that. You don't talk much, so I guess it would make sense that I wouldn't know." He looked back down at the kilt. "You don't wear anything under those, right?"


"Sounds comfortable." Sasuke sounded serious.

"It is." Gaara replied.

Sasuke smirked at him. "Got an extra? Maybe I'll wear one, too. I wouldn't mind a healthy breeze around my privates."

"I'm sure I could get my grandmother to send another one."

"No shit?" Sasuke smiled. "That would be pretty cool. We could walk around like twins, or something. I wish my heritage was more interesting, but I'm just half-Japanese and half-American. It's not too thrilling."

"I think that's pretty interesting." Gaara said.

"Really? Well, thanks, but being Scottish is ten times cooler." Sasuke smirked.

Gaara swallowed hard, but kept his face neutral as he studied the Uchiha's features, working up the courage to ask. When his mouth opened and the words started coming out, there was no turning back.

"Would you like to have dinner with me?"

Sasuke stared at him for a few seconds before smiling. "Dinner, huh? Like, a date?"

"Yes." Gaara's heart started palpitating faster in his chest, but he focused on Sasuke's answer instead of his beating heart.

"Sure. But under one condition." Sasuke leaned forward, pressing his lips gently against Gaara's. "You have to keep the kilt."

The redhead's eyes widened slightly, but nothing else changed on his features, and he nodded. "Of course."

"Good. I'll catch you around the back of the school when we're let out." Sasuke started walking again, passing Gaara.

"Why out back?" The redhead was hurt Sasuke didn't want to be seen with him, but the answer he got made that thought vanish instantly.

"Because I'm not much of an exhibitionist, so when I blow you, I'd prefer to have privacy."

Gaara was suddenly glad he was wearing a kilt, because it hid his erection a lot better than a pair of pants would have.



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