No Need to be Coy, Roy

"Where are you going?"

Roy Mustang paused, half-dressed and with boots in hand, in the middle of trying to make as unobtrusive an exit as possible. It was not to be, however; he'd underestimated his companion's level of post-coital alertness and now stood, frozen, skewered by said companion's gaze like a butterfly on a pin.

"I, uh, have some things to do. You know how it is…" Warming to his subject, Roy tried for a suave grin. "I knew how tired you must be after last night. I didn't want to wake you."

The bed's occupant, tense throughout Roy's explanation, relaxed at his words. Even smiled a little. "Oh, alright."

Roy forced his trademark grin. "So, I'll be going now." Steeling himself, he sauntered back and submitted to a farewell kiss. He'd hardly had a choice, having sex with this imposing creature last night, but now that freedom was within grasp— close enough to taste— he wasn't going to squander the chance.

Roy detached himself from Pinako's lips, scampering from the room like all the demons of hell were on his ass. Which, judging by his lackluster performance the previous night, she wouldn't have begrudged them of, not one bit.