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Yakuza II

His breath was shallow as he continued to sweat like crazy, hiding inside the dark corners of the office of this company, carrying with him top secret documents. "They must not get this…" he thought, taking out his cellular phone and sending a message to his friend from Japan. He needed to send the message in order to not let his country and the citizens of it to worry. "I'm so sorry…" he said in his mind, looking at the papers he held. "I have to cancel this contract, it's not worth it; my daughter won't be happy!"

The door to the room he was in slammed open as he heard a few guns being loaded and clicked, ready for action. He inched closer underneath the desk, trying hard to hold his breath and not make a sound. "He isn't here, I don't see him." One said, switching on the lights. "This place looks like it's been empty since this morning." His companion nodded and went outside.

He sighed in relief after hearing the door shut close. Straining his ears to hear any sound, he finally decided that it was safe to come out. Just as he stood up, he heard an explosion and the next thing he knew, the ceiling above him collapsed.

Papers scattered everywhere, some were torn and wrinkled, while some were still left untouched. The hand that held onto the stacks so tightly lay there, all bloodied and bruised. Connected to it was a body of a man who was still breathing yet slowly dying. His breath was getting shallower and his pulse growing weaker and weaker. With the last of his strength, he managed to get on his hands and knees, crawling out of the heap he was under earlier and managed to get a sharp intake of air. His hand shakily took his mobile phone and searched for a name, anyone whom he can trust before pressing the call button and as soon as he did; his eyelids drooped down, the black abyss swallowing him into unconsciousness.

Chapter 1: What Awaits

A little bit earlier before the explosion…

Loud music boomed in their ears as the people, teens and young adults alike, danced to the fast beat, neon lights blinking at them and the DJ continuously rapping away, playing song after song and saying a few announcements to keep the place alive. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party except one who was twitching in annoyance as a few foreign girls kept glancing at him with lust. He sighed irritably and turned to his girlfriend who was busy taking a sip from her juice. "Can't we leave, now?" he pleaded.

She turned to him and giggled. "No way, not until my dad says we have to, in the meantime, let's just have fun." He sighed and rested his head on his arms above the counter. The bar tender approached them and took away the glass that was left there, the contents gone. "Not a night person is he?" he asked the girl in a western accent. She smiled and shook her head, nudging her companion who looked at her with an annoyed expression. "He's just tired." She replied in the same language, her accent fluent.

"You two aren't from this country, yet your accent is pretty fluent," he said, complimenting the girl. "Have a name?" he asked, grinning. She smiled and nodded. "Of course I do, but I don't give it to just about anyone I meet." She winked at her boyfriend who smirked. "I see, well then, enjoy the night!" and he left the two to attend to a customer.

"Well, that surely proves why you want to stay here." He said, downing the remaining contents of his alcoholic beverage. "I didn't even know you speak English." She only laughed, her waist-length hair swaying with her movements. "Come on Sasuke, you didn't even tell me that you speak English too." Sasuke only shrugged "My dad forced me to learn the language." And he felt his mobile vibrate. "Hey Sakura, next time, don't wear that out here." He glared at the guys who started checking her out and she only blushed under their gazes. Why did these guys have to stare at her like that? What was wrong with wearing a light pink sleeveless shirt with black straps and light grey capris?

"It's not my fault I'm cute!" she stuck out her tongue at him and he smirked, checking his LCD screen of who was calling. "Whatever, I won't be the one growing cold when we get outside." He countered. True enough, he had a black windbreaker over a white shirt and dark blue pants. His eyes narrowed upon seeing the caller. "Ikichi-san?" he thought and flipped the flap of his phone, answering him. "Hello?" no answer. Dead silence echoed in the other end of the line as he heard a few crumbling rocks. "Wait a minute! Rocks..?" he tried to think where the Prime Minister would be going at this time of night before he hung up and turned to Sakura.

"Where did your dad go?"

"Huh? Why?"

"Just answer me, where is he at this time of night?"

"I'm not sure but I think he said he'll be at the new building downtown." He quickly stood up and placed a good amount of money on the counter, grabbed her arm and pulled her up. She blinked but followed none the less. "H-hey, what's wrong?" she asked as he got inside one of her dad's cars, her following suit on the passenger's seat. "Your dad's in danger, I can feel it." He said and started the ignition of the car. "Damn, I wish I asked Itachi to send my bike instead, it's a lot faster!" and he backed away from the parking lot and drove off to the said destination.

It's only been two months since they arrive in the states. They left at mid-September and the weather here in the US was beginning to grow colder since autumn was about to make way for winter. "What could have happened to dad?" she asked as they neared the building. "I'm not sure, he called me but he didn't answer." They stopped a few meters from the building, seeing an ambulance, a fire truck, police cars and the media crowding the area. Sasuke and Sakura got out of the car and as soon as they did, she hugged herself. He took notice of this and removed his jacket, handing it to her.

"Sir, ma'am, you're not allowed to be here." A cop said, stopping the two teens from entering. Sasuke frowned and still took a step forward. "Let us through, her dad's in there." Sakura nodded, supporting his answer. "And what about you?"

"I'm her bodyguard, she's Haruno Ikichi's daughter."

The cop quickly let them trough but still stopped a few people who wanted to see up close the victims or the chaos that occurred. Sasuke grabbed Sakura's hand, holding her closer as she gripped his, the other holding onto his jacket, trying to keep warm. Their eyes searched for any sign of Ikichi, looking at every stretcher, seeing a few who died, a few missing a limb and some having a hard time breathing. "Where is he?" Sasuke asked impatiently, clearly worried about Ikichi's condition. Sakura only prayed and hoped for the better after passing by many lifeless bodies.

She felt his grasp on her hand tightened and she shook, not wanting to see what he saw. Gulping, she gathered enough courage and raised her head, seeing her father lying on the stretcher, motionless. "D-Dad!" she yelled and ran over to him. Sasuke followed her as they both stopped beside the stretcher. The two medics carrying it tried to pry her off but Sasuke stopped them and explained the relationship she had with Ikichi.

"Dad, please wake up, say something, anything…" she cried, holding onto his bloody hand. His eyes slowly opened as he turned to her and gave a small smile. "S-Sakura…" he choked out. "Dad!" she smiled and let more tears flow down her cheeks. "I'm so glad you're alright!" she said. Ikichi only gave a nod and coughed. "Sa-Sakura…" he took something out of his worn out coat's pocket, his hand shakily grasping the envelope. "T-take this… it contains the things I should explain in cases of things like these were to happen…" she took it and looked at her father with a questioning gaze. "All answers to the questions I… thought of that you'd ask are in there, if you need help…" he coughed some more. "…you can contact the numbers or the people written there…" he groaned at the pain as he slowly slid to unconsciousness. "Dad!"

Sasuke pulled her away as the two medics carried Ikichi into the ambulance. "Dad!" she called out, trying to break free from Sasuke's grasp but he kept it firm and steady. "Sakura, enough, they have to take him to the hospital now! Otherwise he won't make it." He felt her struggling cease and took a good look at her. Once more, he cringed at the sight, seeing her eyes watery and cheeks red due to crying so much. She hiccupped a few times and he pulled her to an embrace. "It's alright, everything will be fine." He let her cry on his shoulder as his eyes scanned the area. If his Yakuza instincts were correct, there would still be suspect/s lurking in the vicinity to make sure their target was dead.

Glancing from right to left amongst the crowd, he saw a suspicious person who lowered his cap and began to walk away. He furrowed his eyebrows, watching as the guy entered a red car. Activating his sharingan, he was able to get a better view of the plate number and a few details of the man. "Brown eyes, brown hair, fair-skinned. Plate number is specialized: SNK 728…" he thought for a while. "SNK…" he tried to think of something "Where have I heard that one before?"

"How is he doc?" he asked as he stepped out of the room with the doctor, leaving Sakura and Ikichi alone. "Good news is, he's safe, bad news, he'll be in a coma for God knows how long." A sigh escaped the man's lips as he removed his specs and wiped the glasses with his white coat. "It's best to keep him safe, I doubt he'll be alright here though, not with terrorists scattering the place." He turned to face the Uchiha teen. "I suggest you send him back to Japan with loyal and skilled guards or escorts."

Sasuke nodded and thanked the doctor as he went back inside the room, taking a chair and sitting down beside Sakura. "Hey," he greeted, giving her a kiss on her forehead. She nodded in reply and averted her eyes back to Ikichi. "The doctor says he's gonna be fine," he said, placing an arm around her as she leaned her head on his shoulder. "We need to send him back to Japan; he'll be safer there, as the doctor said."


He looked at her.

"I don't know how to be a leader…"


She handed him the envelope that Ikichi gave her before he passed out. Blinking, he opened the folded pieces of paper inside, reading the letter. His eyes widened a bit as he stared at Sakura who still had a sad look on her face. "Dad says I need to take over, and he also said that you must be with me 24/7, just like we did back in Japan." She smiled slightly at this. "I have to take responsibility as his daughter; we'll both stay here while he's going to be all the way back in Japan. I… have a lot to learn about this whole thing, such as formal parties, business negotiations, deals, contracts, everything. I don't know how to. I was never good at politics, unlike my mother."

Sakura felt his hand grasp hers tightly. She looked at him, wondering what he was going to say. "You can do it," he said, giving a smile. If she knew Sasuke better, and she did, he would never smile unless it was a sincere one. "I know you can, it runs in your blood, good or not, you are the daughter of the Prime Minister, you are a Haruno, you don't need to be talented or good in politics, you just need to know how to charm others, how to sweet talk them, or get them interested and entertained. Trust me, you've did those to me with just one look from you." He turned to Ikichi's sleeping form. "Your dad once told me you're a high-spirited girl, a very determined and stubborn one at that. I've known you for so long, and believe me; I know that you can do this."


He grinned at her. "It's been a while since you last called me that." Sakura blushed slightly and smiled a bit as well. "If you believe I can do it," she gripped his hand as well. "Then I'll do my best."

"That's the spirit."

They waited as a plane arrived, the doors opening as a familiar man jumped down from it. He removed the pair of sunglasses he had on and grinned. "Long time no see bro, missed me?" Sasuke shook his head and smirked. "You wish." He then turned to the rest of the gang who began coming out of the plane. "So, you guys know what to do. Ever since the States aired the news about Ikichi's condition, Japan's been in a state of panic. Is dad up for the position?"

Itachi nodded. "The scientists in Sharingan did a great job on imitating a face mask of Ikichi. The only thing dad hated was wearing a pair of specs." He grinned at this. "Mom is running the Yakuza, and since you're going to be very busy in teaching Sakura a few things, the trio, including me and Shisui, will be here to back you up. Also, I have Hinata here to keep Naruto company, as well as design some clothes for Sakura when there are social gatherings." He took a deep breathe in. "Ten-Ten is here to assist as well. You know, when Sakura goes to the comfort room, at least she has a female companion in case a female assassin is assigned to kill her. More or less, you'll be by her side wherever she goes anyway. Don't forget, you're her bodyguard, so I guess no public displays of affection in the meantime."

He caught how Sasuke muttered a "Che" at this and how Sakura sighed exasperatedly. Itachi sweat dropped. He never knew that these two were that… in love. "So, yeah. That's basically about it. And you're in charge of this so-called mission." He turned to the plane's doors where the mentioned people came out as a few Yakuza members had taken Ikichi's unconscious body inside the plane with a stretcher. Sakura had talked to the president and government about transferring her dad back to Japan and had dealt with it expertly.

"So, looks like I really can't escape the life of a Yakuza member." Sasuke muttered and shook his head. "Anyway, let's get this show on the road." The people who were part of the mission nodded as they all went inside two cars that were brought and then headed back to Ikichi's bought mansion in the States.

"What's first on the agenda?"

Sakura looked down at the piece of paper that she held, reading aloud the things she had to do today. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets as she looked at her boyfriend in a panicked state. "How am I going to get these businessmen to work with my dad's company? This is not going to be good… I mean, they could think I'm too young and- Sasuke I'm still only eighteen! You're older than me! You do it!"

"I would if I were a Haruno, or related to your dad, but I'm not." He said bluntly. "Just go dress up and meet with them. Do some smooth talking, anything that could catch their interest." She scowled at him. "What do you want me to do, flirt?" he smirked and she didn't like it one bit. "And what if you can't control your over-raging hormones from pinning me on a table and screwing me there?" he shrugged. "Sasuke..!"

"I'm just kidding."


He sighed. "Alright, just… say something good about your dad's company."

"I don't even know what it does."

"…a company that has multi-talented and skilled agents…"

"Oh. And what's good about it?"

He smacked his forehead. "Duh! They protect VIPs and defend Japan against terrorists!"

"I thought that's military?"

"Undercover Sakura…"



"So what should I do?" she asked again. Sasuke mentally banged his head on the wall. "You're hopeless…" and she glared at him. "Why do you think I'm asking for your help?" he sighed and shook his head, parting from the wall he was leaning on. "At least you don't have to wear this thing…" Sasuke muttered, tugging at his suit's collar. "I'm back to being James Bond…" he heard her giggle and he only sighed some more. "Come on, we can talk about this on the way to the meeting place." He offered her a hand and she took it, straightening up the wrinkles of her long skirt.

He got out of the car and adjusted his communicator. "You guys there?" he asked. He heard his brother mutter a yes, and his best friend yell it out. Sasuke cringed at the loud voice of the blonde as he sighed and opened the car door for Sakura, who stepped out of it. "Ready?" he asked. She nodded and he led her inside the A-class restaurant, telling the waiter that they were here for a business meeting under the name Haruno Ikichi. The waiter nodded and led them to a table.

"Right this way sir, ma'am." And he pulled out the chair for Sakura as she sat down and thanked the man. Sasuke stood behind her, his shades concealing his eyes that looked around for any suspects who threaten to kill the Prime Minister's daughter. His girlfriend shifted a bit, feeling the three older men's eyes on her, scrutinizing her and wondering why she was here instead of Ikichi himself. "So the news was true." One said. "Y-yes sir, it most certainly is." Sakura answered, trying to calm herself. "I wish your father will get well soon then," he said and took his specs off, wiping them with a cloth. "I am one of your father's old colleagues, my name is Robert Williams. These two are my close friends, Renee Andrews and Michael Dominguez. We're here to listen to how great Japan's defenses are, so, if you please, Miss Haruno."

"A-Ah," she said, forcing a smile. "My personal bodyguard here, is from my father's company, and as you can see, he's the only one who is protecting me, no one else is here." She turned to Sasuke and grinned. "Uchiha-san, please introduce yourself." He nodded, glaring at her inwardly as he gave his respects to the three men. "Good afternoon sir, my name is Uchiha Sasuke, appointed bodyguard of Haruno Sakura by Haruno Ikichi-san."

Sakura turned back to the three. "To be honest, action speaks louder than words, so if you have time today, I would gladly bring you to my father's mansion. He has a high-tech training area built in it, and my bodyguard will gladly show you what the Japanese are capable of." The three nodded as they all began to stand up, Sasuke assisting his girlfriend as he whispered: "Good Job." To her, to which she smiled in reply.

That smile was turned upside down when Sasuke instantly pushed her down as daggers were seen thrown towards their direction, missing Sasuke's head by an inch. The three men turned, surprised by the assault that had happened. "Shit." The Yakuza member cursed in Japanese and removed his shades, glaring at the person who was responsible for the attack. "SNK…" he murmured, seeing a brown-haired man clad in all black, a pair of shades hiding his eye color, a smirk gracing his lips. "You're the first one who has ever evaded a surprise attack." He said in a Japanese language. Sasuke pushed Sakura behind him, hiding her from the attacker.

"SNK… it stands for Sinister and Notorious Killers…" Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "You're from the Sand Yakuza in Japan…" the man gave a nod, removing his shades. "Kankuro's the name, and you are Uchiha Sasuke from Sharingan, correct?" the said Uchiha smirked. "So I'm still famous…" Kankuro scowled. "Conceited bastard, but true, you are, and I'll be more famous when the news say that I killed the ever famous Uchiha Sasuke!" he yelled, at the same time charging at Sasuke with two blades in his hand.

Sasuke pushed Sakura out of the way as he fought with the Sand member. His back lay on the table they were previously seated as Kankuro tried to force the blade to stab his throat or anywhere vital. "Sasuke-kun!" Sakura, out of instinct, took a tray from a waiter standing near her and threw it at Kankuro who got hit on the head as Sasuke used the opportunity to overthrow the SNK member. He scrambled to his feet and felt around for his gun, only to remember that he didn't bring it with him. "Fuck…" he thought, scolding himself for his stupidity. He was snapped back to reality when Kankuro made a battle cry.

The Uchiha failed to evade some of the senbon needles that were thrown at him, giving him minor cuts on his body. Recovering from it, he countered with a kick under his opponent's chin, causing the man to fly up. While airborne, Sasuke jumped and gave a series of punches and kicks to Kankuro, not giving him any time to block or even fight back. He gave one more kick on the enemy's abdomen, causing the man to fall straight towards the marbled floor with such force while he landed safely and expertly on a half-kneeling position. "Damn you Uchiha…" Kankuro cursed, slowly getting up as he charged head on at the Sharingan member, his blades pointed dangerously at him.

"Crap." He thought and dodged the blades with great speed, not knowing that the three men Sakura was previously talking to were watching in amusement. He grabbed one of Kankuro's wrists and with greater speed, had it behind the man's back, making him wince in pain. "Drop your weapon and kneel on the ground. Or else…" he twisted Kankuro's arm, his eyes narrowed dangerously at the brunette. "I'll break every bone in your body, starting with this." And the people inside could hear a few bones beginning to crack. "Alright, alright!" Kankuro dropped to his knees, the blade out of his hands as cops finally arrived to handle the rest.

"Sasuke!" he turned to see Sakura reach his side, taking his arm and rolling the sleeves of his suit up, looking at his shallow cuts. She glanced back into his eyes with a worried look. "Are you okay?" he nodded, turning his head to the grunting Kankuro who was shoved inside the police car. The coupe heard claps, and they turned to see the three men nodding their heads.

"As expected," Robert said, approaching them. "I do believe we've seen everything, and there's no doubt that Japan's defenses is really one of the best. In that case, we shall now sign the contract that Ikichi-san had talked to us about." He turned to Sakura, asking for the paper. She nodded and brought it out of the brown envelope that she brought as the three signed their signatures. "Thank you very much." Sakura said, bowing. The three only shook their heads and soon departed.

"That was… quick…" she commented, getting on the passenger seat of the car. Sasuke smirked and put his shades back on. "Next destination..?" Sakura stretched her arms and grinned sheepishly. "Home." She got a poke on the forehead. "Lazy…" he murmured but still drove her back to the mansion none the less.

"So… Sharingan is now the Prime Minister's ally…"

"Yes sir, and your brother was… beaten by the top member of that Yakuza."

"Che, I should've gone there to kill that Haruno girl myself." He turned to the guard who didn't say anything, then faced the other occupant of the dark room. "Looks like your plan backfired, I might as well go kill them myself." He started walking towards the door when a laugh was heard. "What's so funny," he turned to face the snickering man. "Kabuto?"

Kabuto adjusted his specs and walked over to the SNK leader. "You still haven't seen Uchiha's real identity and real skills. I suggest that you wait a little longer and keep sending your best men to fight him, or maybe even weaken him. Don't go after the girl too much, it triggers his killing side. That's the mistake Orochimaru did, that's why he's dead. Trust me on this, Gaara."

"If this plan of yours fails once more, I'll have things done my own way, got it?"

"Yeah, I can deal with that."

Gaara then walked out of the room, heading to his own quarters. "Uchiha Sasuke…" a smirk appeared on his lips. "I'll be looking forward to the day I'll face you… then we'll see who is better between the two of us."

To be continued…

Next on Yakuza II: Chapter 2: Defense

"Who's going to defend me from you?" she asked, a playful smile on her lips. He remained on top of her, his hands holding her wrists at both sides of her head as he smirked at her. "No one will." And he leaned down to capture her lips with his.

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