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Yakuza II

He had decided. They were going for it. But before that, they needed to come up with a plan, especially since SNK could also have something up their sleeves that could counter whatever they throw at the enemy.

"Any brighter ideas..?" he asked, typing rapidly on his keyboard as an earpiece stayed stuck to his right ear wherein he was able to communicate with Shikamaru who's in the States. "We're running out of time, and the sooner we infiltrate SNK, the sooner everything will be back to normal."

"Alright already… And by normal, do you mean, back in the old days where we have missions altogether?" Shikamaru asked from the other line, also typing some things on his own laptop at the same time sketch and jot down a few plans he had in mind on some pieces of paper, others were crumpled and either on the floor or in the trash bin. "Somewhat…" Sasuke replied, taking a sip from his cup of coffee. "Troublesome much, you've already rejected 5 plans I offered."

Sasuke stared at Sakura's reflection from the screen of his computer, smiling a bit when she yawned and rubbed an eye with her hand. "You do know why I rejected those plans right?" Shikamaru was silent for a while before he smirked and shook his head. "Yeah, I don't think having Sakura as bait would benefit us anyway." Shikamaru drank from his coffee cup before continuing. "Not to mention, you love her too much to involve her in our plans."


Chapter 8: Disappearance

"What're you up to this time?" Temari asked, quirking a brow to see Gaara's weird actions. He was different the moment he came back from Japan, and she was pretty sure that he failed to kill Ikichi. She sighed."What else can you expect from Sharingan?"

"I am sick and tired of having to be outdone by Sharingan! We're infiltrating their HQ, now!"

"Wait a sec, where exactly are we infiltrating? The one here or all the way in Japan..?" Kankuro, who just entered the room, asked after hearing his brother. Gaara gave a sinister smirk. "Since Uchiha is still in Japan, we attack the members who are here. Then we go to where their real hideout is."

"Which is..?" Temari asked, waiting for Gaara to continue. "…According to Kabuto," he turned to face them. "He can lead us where it is."

"You're going to infiltrate SNK?"

"Aa, I want to get rid of them once and for all." He said, loading his guns as Sakura looked down on the floor. "But… why can't I go?"

"It's too dangerous; I don't want you to get hurt." He said, walking over to her and kneeling down in front of her as she looked at him. "It's safer in HQ; no one really knows where it is, so it's better if you stay there with mom, dad and Sai."

"But I-" he cut her off when he gave her the look of finality. "What's the use of the training you gave me if I won't even go with you?" she asked, looking away. "The purpose of it is for you to fight and defend yourself when you're on your own." She shut her eyes and turned back to him, her brows knitted. "But I want to fight them too! They're after my father! I want to be able to do something about it! If you think I'll only slow you down, then I won't! Don't you think it's much safer if I just come with you?!"


"Don't try to convince me to change my mind Sasuke! I don't want to just stay put and do nothing while you're risking your life out there!" she shut her eyes. "Please… just let me come with you…"

Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "There's really no way I can force you to stay put can I?" he asked, a small smile on his lips when she looked up and beamed at him. "What the heck, come if you want, but promise me not to interfere when I'm in a fight, okay?"

She nodded enthusiastically and tackled him to a hug. "Thanks a lot Sasuke!"

"Hn," he responded, pulling away a bit as she rested her forehead on his. "Go get packed." She stood up and started packing, all the while being followed by Sasu-chan that kept barking and wanting to help out. "I hope I won't regret letting her come," he thought, staring at her while she packs and talks to their pup. "But dad did say that it's better to let Sakura gain experiences while she's still a teenager."

"Are you sure about this..?" she asked skeptically, staring at Sasuke as he waited for some of Sharingan's men to step out of the plane. "Yeah, it's necessary that they check the whole thing first in case a bomb is planted in the plane or something." He shrugged and headed towards the plane when the men had made a gesture that it was clear.

She sighed and picked Sasu-chan up as some men carried their bags into the plane. "Come on, you can get some sleep on the way to the States." She nodded as the two boarded the plane, along with their newly bought puppy. "Did we really have to bring him?" Sasuke asked, pointing at the puppy. Sakura gave a nod and played with the pup. "Besides, I'm pretty sure Sasu-chan would be lonely without us."

"We could've left him under Sharingan's care…"

"No way! I don't want him to grow up as a vicious dog!"

"It's not like we're going to train it to become one of the K-9 units of Sharingan…"

"But still, I'd rather it grow up under our care."

He rolled his eyes. Honestly, it was like she was treating the puppy as if it was their own child. Sasuke blinked and turned to Sakura at the thought of having their own kids. A small smile made its way to his lips as he pictured the thought. "If we do have kids, I'd have to make sure they wouldn't have the life I had."


The said teen turned back to Sakura. "Hn..?"

"What're you thinking about?"

"…nothing, nothing at all."

"We're ready for take-off." The pilot announced as the two passengers nodded. Sakura still couldn't believe that Sharingan had their own planes, yes, plural, planes. Not to mention that Sasuke said that the yakuza also had ships and stuffs. "Well, it is a mafia, so I guess there's really no point in being shocked." She turned to him. "What're you planning? I mean, how are you going to infiltrate SNK's HQ?"

"Shikamaru has it planned out. Itachi's going to discuss it with us later when we arrive." He closed his eyes and yawned. "In the meantime, get some sleep." She giggled. "I think you're the one who needs sleep; you're the one who didn't take a nap last night!"

"I needed to talk to Shikamaru, I already told you that…"

Sakura shook her head and placed Sasu-chan down as the pup ran around the spacious air plane, hopping onto a vacant couch and snoozing there. "Here," she pulled Sasuke as the teen found himself lying on her lap and looking at her. "I'm pretty sure it's more comfortable when you're lying down." He closed his eyes afterwards, "Aa." and drifted off to sleep as Sakura ran her fingers through his hair. "Sweet dreams." she whispered, leaning down to plant a light kiss on her husband's forehead.

Itachi blinked once, twice, until the whole thing registered in his head. "So, why weren't we informed about this?" he asked his little brother who was seated on the couch, eyes closed and arms crossed as Sakura laughed nervously with her hands on her lap while their new puppy had run around the place with Naruto and Shisui running after it in case it makes a mess. "Like I said," Sasuke spoke. "We were coming here, so we thought it'd better if we just inform you when we get here."

"Okay, so… did it work?"

Sakura gave a nod. "At first, I was nervous but eventually, I didn't think of Kabuto."

The older Uchiha gave a slow nod. "So, I'll be expecting a nephew or a niece soon perhaps?"

The couple blushed as one glared at his brother while the other stared at her brother-in-law in disbelief. "Itachi-niisan, that's too… direct and forward, don't you think?"

"What? Since you two obviously did it, then I should be expecting right?"

Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his hair, a habit he will never get out of. Sakura began thinking that if they'd have a son; he'd most probably pick that habit up from Sasuke. She giggled at the thought as the Uchiha siblings looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Oh, sorry, just thinking of something…" she laughed sheepishly as both shrugged and turned back to their conversation.

"Basically, you'll be heading for Gaara while we clear your path. I do believe that you need to settle a score with him, since he's targeting you. Kakashi will deal with Kabuto in case he'd interrupt, and Shikamaru has studied Temari's attacks to know her weak points."

"Hn, and what about Kankuro?"

"Since he specializes in both long distance and short range combat, we decided that a tag team of Ten-Ten and Neji would be fair enough to handle that brat. Since Kisame and Sasori managed to escape last time, I'd have to deal with the shark again, and Shisui can handle Sasori with his speed versus Sasori's low stamina."

The younger Uchiha gave a nod, seeing as there seems to be no cons with regards to the plan. And even if there was, there were more advantages for them. "And what of Shino, Naruto and Hinata?" he asked, remembering that there were still three members in here who weren't mentioned. "They'll be escorting you and Sakura all the way to Gaara, that is, if Sakura will come along."

Before Sakura could answer…


She turned to her husband. "What do you mean 'no'?"

"I said that you can come with me here, but that doesn't mean you can come on the actual battlefield. It's far too dangerous for you to tag along."

"It's even more dangerous to leave me behind and alone here, don't you think?" she countered. He smirked. She was getting good with come-backs and Itachi had to roll his eyes at the thought of having a brother and sister-in-law who were both witty in arguing. "And it'll be distracting if you get hurt or get caught in a trap." He added.

"Last time I checked, me being in danger triggers and motivates you to fight better."

"And I do believe that I said I wouldn't let that happen again because you yourself hate to see me go berserk. Need I remind you what I did to Orochimaru when he touched you?"

Itachi watched the two debating; both had strong arguments and points, but only one can and will win. He leaned back and took a few sips from his cup of coffee, waiting for one of them to be victorious.

"And I suppose you wouldn't worry when you hear that I got kidnapped while you're fighting?"

"It's not possible Sakura, when we attack SNK, all of their men will be there to fight and keep us off of their territory, and therefore, you wouldn't be in danger when you stay here alone."

"Sure, but then who'll stop you from going on a rampage when you lose your head?!"

"Are you saying I can't control myself?"

"That'sexactlywhat I'm saying!"

"And you think you're the only one who can stop me?"

"Iknow I'm the only one who can stop you seeing as I'm usually the cause of your anger!"

"Keyword: usually; this means that you're not exactly the trigger to set me off."

"But you-"

"Alright! That's enough!" Itachi yelled, having both hands covering his ears as one eye was shut while the other glared at the couple. "You haven't been married for more than a week and you're already fighting like an old couple! Geez! Why don't we just take Sakura along," she stuck her tongue out at Sasuke. "But we'll leave her in the van with Naruto and Hinata while Shino escorts you! How's that?" This time, Sasuke smirked at Sakura who slumped.

"Well..?" Itachi asked again. The two glanced at each other, frowned and turned away. "Fine." They both said, leaving Itachi to smile a bit. "Then it's settled! We'll leave when the clock strikes 2300H! That way, we'll have an hour of preparation before starting the whole thing by midnight." He checked his watch. "It's still pretty early, so while Hinata and Shisui prepare lunch for all of us, go up and unpack and do something… whatever it is you two do up there…" and he left them alone in the living room.

Sakura stood up and took her bags then went up the stairs, followed by Sasuke who also picked up his things. They remained silent in the room as Sakura unpacked her clothes with Sasuke doing the same, both avoiding to look at each other in the eye or get caught stealing glances. Although at one point, when she turned to him, he chose this time to look at her as well, and this caused them to blush, glare then look away.

She wanted to say something but didn't want to give in to him. On the other hand, he wanted to speak to her but didn't know what to say. Apologizing was out of the option because he didn't even understand why he has to say sorry when he was only trying to protect her. He sighed inwardly and opened his mouth to speak, only this time, she wasn't able to take it and she also voiced out her thoughts.



They stared at each other then looked away. "You go first," he whispered. She shook her head. "No, you go." He smiled a bit and looked at her. "We're going to end up in another argument this way." She sighed and looked down. "I want to hear what you have to say." He got up from his crouching position and approached her, kneeling down on one knee to be in eye-level with her. "Sorry." He said. "And I don't know what I'm apologizing for, but I can't stand fighting with you and not talking to you for more than five minutes." She looked up at him, blinking before looking down again. "What made you say we were fighting? It was just a little misunderstanding, that's all." She reasoned.

"Yeah, but to others, it looked like we were having an argument."

"I know, yet you're only trying to protect me, that much I know, and I only want to help because I don't want to sit back and watch you guys fight." Her eyes shifted to his hands that were touching hers before she looked into his obsidian orbs. A small smile was still on his lips and his head was tilted a bit. "I know that you want to fight too Sakura, and you can by cheering us on and believing in us. You have knowledge for medicine, that's why it's better if you're safe, so that you'll have the energy to tend to our wounds in case we can't get to the hospital or to a doctor on time."

She sighed and got up, turning her back to him as he stood up as well, looking at her as she hugged herself and lowered her head. "It's not enough, I want to fight too, I want to… get back at them for hurting dad, you, and the rest of Sharingan." She felt his arms wrap around her from behind. "Do you really want to fight?"

"Mm, badly..."

"…If that's the case then, there's no way I can force you to stay." She swiftly turned her body to face him with wide eyes as he gazed softly at her. "I know how stubborn you can get, since my brother said you're as stubborn as I am, so I may as well let you come along, just as long as you stay close to me, okay?"

She gave a nod and tackled him to a hug, causing him to fall on the bed, lying on his back. He flinched when some of his still healing wounds began to ache from the impact yet he didn't make it obvious to her, for he didn't want her to worry too much. "I guess that means you're not mad anymore?" she kissed him on the lips, leaving him a bit shocked that she initiated the contact first. She pulled away slightly and smiled. "Same as what you said, I can't stand not talking to you for more than five minutes."

"Hn." He smirked and raised his head to capture her lips in his as she returned it with as much passion as she could, opening her mouth when his tongue pushed her lips apart to invade the cavern of her mouth, meeting with her tongue and asking it for another heated battle dance. He caught her off-guard when he flipped her, making them switch places. She didn't seem to mind and continued to kiss him feverishly. Her hands wrapped around his head, pulling him for a deeper kiss with her fingers entangling on his spiked, raven locks, enjoying the feel of it.

He had one hand pressed against the mattress under them as the other started to invade what's underneath her shirt. She moaned when that hand found one of her breasts and cupped it, afterwards, gave a squeeze to arouse her a bit. They parted for air as she brushed his bangs away from his face, the other hand tugging at his jacket, trying to take it off from his body. He smirked and straightened up a bit to peel it off of him as he removed his shirt as well.

Sasuke knew that she wanted his top off first and let her handle his pants while she knew that he preferred to slowly undress her to add to the excitement. He lowered his head to her neck, his tongue giving a slow and hard lick across her throat, making her produce an erotic squeal which had him wanting to tease her. She felt his hands pull down her skirt after unbuttoning and unzipping it, taking it off of her, leaving her with only the white, long-sleeved, button-up blouse.

She gave a smirk, a seductive one at that and raised her head to whisper in his ear. "I kind of had a feeling we'd be doing this when we arrive." He smirked and went to her neck, inhaling her scent. "You're not wearing a bra…" again, he saw that smirk of hers.

She touched his bare shoulders as he raised his head to kiss her, knowing what her actions meant. Sakura could feel his fingers brushing pass her bare thighs, both outer and inner, causing her to shiver at the feeling. Just when he was about to unbutton her top, Itachi came in the room without bothering to knock. "Hey Sasuke, Sakura, lunch is…" he trailed off when he saw some of their clothing on the floor, and when he dared to raise his head, he saw Sasuke about to strip his wife naked and Sakura's hands close to unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

"Err… I'll tell them you guys are full…" and he quickly shut the door, letting his back rest on it as he placed a hand on his heart, his eyes wide at having seen the two… well, in action. "I can't believe my brother is really doing that before I can even have a girlfriend!" he thought, sighing deeply as he pocketed his hands. "Anyway, I must remain calm so that the others wouldn't find out."

He went down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen where the rest of the gang was staying. "Did you call them?" Shisui asked, removing his white apron. "Yeah, they're… busy unpacking…" Naruto stared at him. "They can do that later, why don't they just come down and eat?"

"Err… they wanted to finish it soon and get some rest from the trip, yeah, rest…"

"Itachi, are you okay?" Shisui asked raising a brow. He knew his best friend too well, and seeing as Sasuke's aniki was shifting uncomfortably, something must've happened. "Yeah, I'm fine, anyway, let's eat." He said, sitting down. "Hmm, are they doing something else aside from unpacking?" Kakashi asked, thinking that the two may also be plotting something.

"No, they're not having sex in there!" he yelled, standing up, a blush on his face and his hands slammed on the table. The group's eyes bulged out of their sockets as they stared at Itachi who flushed a deeper shade of red. "N-no! It's not what you think!"

"Oh... my… go-" before Naruto could complete his statement, Hinata had fainted.

"Damn you Itachi…" Sasuke murmured, letting himself sit on the bed as he dried his hair with a towel. He only had a pair of pants on after taking a shower and was pretty annoyed that his brother came in on them earlier, causing the two of them to stop what they were doing and for the feeling of being aroused to disappear after being caught."Che, stupid brother…" he thought, forcefully drying his hair, letting his frustration out on his scalp.

"You know, whatever you do, you'll still retain your spikes…"

He raised his head to see Sakura step out of the shower with only a bathrobe on, also drying her hair with a towel. "Hn, and I do believe you want my hair the way it is…" she gave a smile, answering him as he shook his head and smirked. "Figures…"

"So, what're you so angry about?" she asked, sitting down beside him. "I think it's pretty obvious." He muttered, letting the towel rest on his head as he gave a deep sigh. "Aniki never did know how to knock first, maybe this time, he'll learn…" she giggled and punched his arm playfully. "Come on, I need to bandage your wounds again." He looked down. "Do you really have to? I mean, they're only shallow and I think it won't bleed again since it's healed." Sakura turned back to him to inspect his cuts. "You're right, but it's just to remind you not to overwork yourself, especially tonight." She looked at his head. "And your wound there isn't completely healed yet." She wrapped the bandage around his head after applying some ointment on the wound.

"There you go," when she was about to pull away, his right arm wrapped around her waist, causing her to fall onto his lap as she stared wide-eyed at him. She blushed when she saw his eyes land on her, his gaze was intent and different, and she couldn't help but close her eyes when he dipped his head to give her another deep and heated kiss. "Sa…suke…" she murmured, pulling away from their lip lock. "Nii-san said that lunch is ready and-" she got cut off when he positioned themselves on the bed and when he silenced her with another kiss.

"I know, but I think I'll have you for lunch instead." He whispered to her ear, flicking it lightly with his tongue as she blushed and turned her head away. "You really have no self-control…" she muttered, turning back to him when she felt his hand touch her chest by inserting it on the slit of her robe. "Oh crap, I forgot to tighten the knot!" she blushed a dark shade of red when he smirked at her, his eyes turning red which caused her to shiver and moan when he massaged one of her mounds.

Sakura just realized now that her wrists were pinned above her head by one of his hands and she wondered briefly just how fast he can move. "You seem to like it…" he whispered with a smirk. She flushed and looked at him with half-lidded eyes that were beginning to cloud with lust, sweat appearing on her face as some trickled down. She was already panting and he was enjoying the sight before him. "You're such a perv…" she managed to say, which caused his smirk to widen further. "And you enjoy it when I shift to my bad side…"

"Can you blame me..?" she asked, whimpering when he sucked on the skin of her neck. "Sa-!" she couldn't even complete his name now. "Hn, just let me do all the work for now. I'll let you have fun later." She gasped when he pushed her legs apart and lowered his head near her opening, smirking when he could feel her shuddering at what he was about to do. Although it was tempting to lap up the juice she produced, he wanted to tease her a bit.

"Damn it! What the heck is he waiting for?!" she asked herself, not managing to hold in her excitement when he kept blowing on her clit. "You're running out of patience, Sakura…" he teased, slowly dipping his head lower, causing the girl to pull his head down with the use of her hands when he has let her wrists go earlier. He pulled away and laughed, falling off of the bed at the process as she sat up and blushed, glaring at him. "Sorry, I couldn't help it, I just knew you were going to do that!" he said in between fits of laughter. Sakura stared at him with wide eyes, not really used to seeing him laughing like this.

A smile slowly formed on her lips as her eyes half-closed. "I'd do anything to hear him laugh like that, just to make him smile is enough for me, but his laughter would be the best reward I could get, even if I have to embarrass myself, as long as he'll laugh."

"Baka." She called him, her voice soft. He looked at her, a smile on his face as he slowly got up and sat down beside her, observing her figure. Her white robe was slowly falling off of her shoulders, revealing more skin to his eyes. "Hn, you arouse me too much." He said, holding her chin with his thumb and index finger as he jerked her head to face him. Sakura stared into his eyes; they were onyx at first until they shifted back to red when he suddenly pinned her down on the bed. She didn't squirm but just remained perfectly still eyeing his every movement as his blood red eyes gazed at her figure, memorizing every detail of her body. "Damn," he hissed, causing her to giggle. "You seem to like what you see, which isn't the first time…" she said.

"Yeah, but I never grow tired of it." He said with a smirk, lowering his head to give her another heated kiss, with tongue action and all. When he pulled away, she couldn't help but ask: "Now, are you really going to proceed or end up stopping and laughing?"

"Why so curious?"

"Because if you do, I may not be as excited as I was to do this, which will result to a bad intercourse…"

"Hn, I can always find a way to get you aroused anyway."

"Oh, and how?"

"This." And she knew he was right when his hands slowly and teasingly massaged and roamed her thighs, staying at her hips before moving up again, all the way to her twin mounds.

"What do you mean by that?" Kankuro asked, raising a brow as Kabuto pushed his glasses up. "I said, Sharingan moved to a new location, therefore, their old hide-out is now an abandoned building. I have no idea where their exact place is." Kankuro punched the wall in anger but Gaara remained calm. "We can still attack the team that's still in this country, and afterwards, interrogate them one by one until someone will give us the information we need."

"This is Sharingan we're talking about Gaara; this is not your average gang." Kabuto reminded. "Sharingan has extremely loyal members who'd rather die than spill." Temari supported the snow-haired man. "He's right, even if I loathe the gang so much; they're pretty devoted to their own yakuza."

"Whatever, we're still attacking their gang. I do believe that the strong members are here in the States. When we get rid of them, all we have to worry about when we infiltrate Sharingan in Japan are Sai and Uchiha's parents." Gaara smirked, counting the advantages they'd have once they get rid of Sasuke and his squad. Kabuto's eyes gleamed behind his specs. "True… and I still have a little score to settle with Sasuke's little cherry…" Temari took note of the man's smirk, and she knew what he was planning. "You aren't planning to…" she trailed off when Kabuto's shoulders shook as he started to laugh. "I wasn't able to screw her back then, and Orochimaru wasn't successful in getting her either. I don't know why, but just the fact that she's owned by someone only motivates me to touch her in front of her lover."

"Didn't you just warn us not to trigger Uchiha's anger..?"

"Of course, but I'm beginning to get what Orochimaru felt when he wanted Sasuke to unleash the beast within him." He looked at the siblings' reactions before continuing. "Sasuke is very deadly when he goes on a rampage, but it's exciting to fight someone who has no control of his anger, don't you agree," he turned to SNK's leader. "…Gaara?"

The red-head smirked wickedly. "I'll leave that rampage task to you before I fight Uchiha. I want to battle him at his fullest." He turned serious afterwards. "Tell everyone to prepare themselves for a battle." He stood up and turned to Kabuto. "I'll leave that girl and Uchiha to you, just make sure you don't kill him." His eyes narrowed a bit. "I want to be the one to spill his blood that will lead to his death, if you take matters into your own hands, I will not hesitate to kill you, is that understood?"


"Let the games begin."


"What the hell?!" Kankuro yelled as the door to Gaara's office opened and in came Kisame and Sasori with a few men tailing behind. "Sharingan." Sasori said bluntly, and another sadistic smirk was on Gaara's lips.

Soon, the lights went out.

Shikamaru smirked and got up. "Alright, now that their power's down, we can easily infiltrate their base." He raised his hand to signal the troop as they all rushed after loading their guns and bringing extra bullets. Sasuke handed Sakura a combat knife, telling her to hide it inside one of the boots she wore. She nodded and slid it inside, double checking if she had her gun on her holster. "First time I've ever seen you wearing pants." He commented, glancing at her camouflage cargos that were tucked in black combat boots. She turned to Sasuke. "I don't want to wear a skirt or something that isn't conservative when we come here." She frowned upon recalling Kabuto's touch.

Sasuke held her hand and smiled. "He won't get another chance to touch you this time." She returned his smile as they started moving towards SNK.

"As what we planned, we have to clear Sasuke and Sakura's path so that they can get to Gaara. Shino, Naruto and Hinata will be escorting them, and so will all of us until we meet our respective enemies." Itachi clicked his gun and turned to the squad. "Any questions?" they all shook their heads as they reached the front door of the base. "Now!" Itachi hissed as he and Shisui kicked the door open and one of the two knelt down, followed by aiming their guns up front as they began shooting when they saw people moving or guns clicking, followed by a man yelling: "They're here! Inform Gaara-sama!"

"Move!" Shisui yelled as they ran after clearing the path. It was too dark to see, but the two Uchihas had their sharingan activated to lead the way. Sasuke had his deactivated for the time being. He'll need it later with his showdown with Gaara.

Shisui ducked when a stringed kunai had hit the wall behind him where his head once was. "Hmm, looks like my enemy's here." He said with a smirk, standing up as Sasori stepped out of the shadows. Itachi went beside Shisui, the famous Uchiha smirk on his lips. "So is mine." And when he said that, a bigger and taller figure stepped up beside Sasori. "Sharp as ever, Uchiha Itachi." Kisame commented with a wicked smile. "Sasuke," Itachi called out, turning his head a bit to his little brother. "Keep going, we'll take care of these guys." Sasuke nodded as Shikamaru led them to another path.

"Hey!" Kisame yelled, attempting to stop them but Itachi blocked him. "Your opponent is me." And the fight started.

"Shikamaru, can you even see where you're going?" Naruto asked as they all ran down the hallway. "It's not completely dark Naruto, I can still see fine." He immediately stopped as a huge fan blocked his path, nearly slicing him in half if he didn't halt instantly. "Troublesome woman…" he said, sighing. "Sasuke, head to the right, I'm pretty sure you memorize your way here by now after the floor plan I told you to study a while ago."

Temari stared at Shikamaru wide-eyed. "You hacked our system?!"

"In a way, yes," he turned back to Sasuke who nodded as he led the squad to another way, leaving Shikamaru to handle Temari. "I knew I should've prevented Gaara from making too many paths to his office." She muttered under her breath, attempting to throw the huge fan at Shikamaru who calculated the area they were fighting in."Crap, the place is too narrow to fully evade her attacks, I just hope she wouldn't realize that." He got a cut on the arm from her fan and he noted the smirk on her face. "Too late for that…" he sighed and gave a lazy and amused smile. "I haven't had a good fight lately; I may as well enjoy it while I can." And he took out his gun and started shooting Temari with the bullets. The blonde girl used her metallic fan to block the bullets. When the firing stopped, she threw her fan again while Shikamaru was in the middle of refilling his gun. "Damn." He cursed when he nearly got sliced in half again.

"Someone's up ahead." Neji informed them after activating his byaakugan. "Can you identify who?" Sasuke asked as they kept running. "He's got a puppet with him, like Sasori's…" Sasuke smirked. "I'll leave him with you and Ten-Ten then," he gestured the rest to turn left, causing Kankuro to stare with wide-eyed when only two were left heading towards him. "Damn it Gaara! Must you create a lot of turns?!" he sighed exasperatedly and decided that he will have to fight the two in order to chase the rest.

He felt a punch on his stomach as he staggered backwards, glaring at Neji who was in a fighting stance. From the looks of it, this guy seemed to be an expert in martial arts. "Hmph."He thought, narrowing his eyes at the male teen. He tilted his head to the right as a kunai whizzed pass him, nearly giving him a cut."Damn."And several more followed that he almost couldn't dodge. "Looks like Kabuto's the only one left who can stop them from heading towards Gaara." He narrowed his eyes and prepared himself. "These two look like experts who are experienced."

"We're gonna have to finish this as soon as we can Ten-Ten." She nodded at her partner as she stayed silent and hidden on her spot, readying her weapons as Neji went close to Kankuro for a close combat. The SNK member quickly pulled out his puppet and had it charge at Neji, causing the teen to back away to avoid getting hit by the sharp weapons the puppet had. Ten-Ten took this as her cue to throw her knives which Kankuro sensed immediately and used his puppet to block the incoming assault.

Instantly, Neji sprinted to Kankuro and managed to give the boy a kick, at the same time, take a few steps back to avoid getting hit by the puppet, wherein he had smelled the scent of poison coating the sharp edges of the puppet's knives. Kankuro smirked at this. "You're pretty keen at these things…" Neji returned the smug grin. "I'm experienced, and I do believe I'm either at the same level as you or higher, though I think the latter is mostly my choice." Kankuro frowned and gave another assault. "Don't be so full of yourself, white eyes!" and when he focused his attention to Neji, Ten-Ten had acted once again, causing Kankuro to attack and defend at the same time, which he was having a hard time to do. "Damn it!" he stared and tried to figure out where the knives came from. "I'm going to have only one-shot at this…" he attacked Neji and quickly searched for where the weapons would come from, and when he found out the source, he shifted his puppet towards Ten-Ten who wasn't expecting the attack as she crossed her arms before her to block the assault.

"Got you!" Kankuro said, pulling his puppet back when it caught Ten-Ten.

"Ten-Ten!" Neji rushed forward towards Kankuro but stopped when his opponent had threatened to slit the girl's throat. "Looks like I have the upper hand now."

"Tch." Neji had no choice but to stand still and get beaten up when Kankuro had Ten-Ten as hostage.

"He's here." Kakashi said in a whisper as they slowed down when Kabuto blocked the only path towards Gaara. Naruto cursed. "You'd think that Gaara actually made a lot of paths but when it comes to his office, there's only one!" Sasuke smirked at the idea. "He's tricky." Kabuto eyed all of them, stopping when his gaze landed on Sakura. He smirked, lowered his head and pushed his glasses upwards. "Long time no see Sakura-chan, I'd like to repeat what we did last time." Sakura suddenly felt her heart pound with fear as she shook a bit, Sasuke sensing it and stepping in front of her, all the while glaring at Kabuto. "What makes you think I'll let you do that again four-eyes?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure you won't, but right now, Gaara has requested that I activate your assassin mode, you won't stand a chance against him on your current state." He gave another wicked smirk. "He also goes berserk like you, only he's much more on the crazy side when it comes to killing, since you dominate the calm cold-blooded type of a killer." Kakashi quickly stepped up and charged head on towards Kabuto. "Naruto, Hinata, stay behind and help Kakashi out, and make sure Kabuto will really be dead this time!" Shino said as he led Sasuke towards Gaara's office.

"No way are you going to-" he got cut off when Kakashi charged at him, to be followed by Naruto's kicks and Hinata's punches. Kabuto had to suppress the urge to smirk, knowing that this fight could take a while for him to go on berserk mode.

"Looks like Kabuto failed to do what I told him to do…" Gaara muttered, standing up from his seat as he stared at the three people who entered his office. "But that'll be fine, since I'm still not in berserk mode like you."

"Tch." Sasuke placed a hand over his gun as Shino readied himself with Sakura behind the two of them. Gaara glanced at them for a brief moment before turning to take Shino out first. He needed a little warm-up before he could fight against Sasuke.

Shino had to act quickly in order to avoid Gaara's attacks. Gaara was using a katana and he had to evade since the only weapon he had with him was a gun, and he doubt that it can block the blade. "Damn." He cursed, keeping a good distance between himself and Gaara as he took his gun out and aimed at his opponent, pulling the trigger to get the bullet released to hit Gaara's head. Unfortunately, the katana SNK's leader was wielding used it as a shield against Shino's bullet.

"This is boring me…" Gaara said to himself as he quickly disappeared before Shino's eyes, causing Sharingan's best spy to be surprised when the leader of SNK reappeared behind him, knocking him out with the use of his katana's handle. He then turned to face Sasuke who accepted Gaara's challenge when he locked his eyes on his enemy's green orbs. He dropped his gun and unsheathed his own sword, going into a fighting stance. "Sakura, take care of Shino when I get Gaara far from him." She nodded and he charged at his opponent, the showdown between two well-known assassins finally starting after a long wait.

"That's right, fight me, fight me!" Gaara thought wickedly, his smirk turning to a maniac's as his eyes flickered. Sasuke noted this and being an assassin himself, knew that Gaara was getting ready to unleash his other side. "This is not good…" he thought, nearly getting his arm sliced off if he hadn't jumped back. "At this rate, I could lose, or worse, die."

"Time to rot in hell, Uchiha!!"


Sasuke looked up, eyes wide when Gaara began to charge at him, sword poised to kill. Without giving it much thought, he stabbed Gaara when the leader of SNK pierced him with his sword. "Hehe…" Gaara's laugh echoed in the room as they both coughed out blood. Sasuke was stabbed near his chest, but it didn't directly hit the heart. Gaara, on the other hand, was wounded on his stomach, but he still laughed maniacally. His assassin side emerged from him, but it wouldn't help him at all, since the spot where Sasuke had dug his sword in was pretty fatal.

"If I go to hell, you're coming with me." Sasuke replied. "I told aniki I wouldn't prolong this battle, I promised him that I won't let my other self come out, so I need to keep this fight short." He gritted his teeth from the pain of his wound. Gaara finally came back to his senses when they heard a gunshot, the bullet hitting Gaara's arm, causing him to let the sword he used to wound Sasuke go. "D-damn bitch…" he glared at Sakura, attempting to stand up and finish her off. "I'll kill you…"

Sakura fired again, hitting Gaara on the shoulder, causing the red haired boy to take a step back from the impact. He pulled Sasuke's sword out of his stomach and raised it, ready to slice the girl in half. "You're dead!" another gunshot, this time, fired from behind, hitting the back of his right knee. Gaara slowly turned his head to see Sasuke clutching onto his wound with one hand while the other held a gun aimed at him. From the looks of it, he was panting, and was running out of breath due to his fatal injury.

He managed to read the words Gaara mouthed before the boy passed out from blood loss, and Sasuke, sooner or later, gave in to unconsciousness.

"Sasuke," he opened his eyes and quickly sat up, alerting the people in the room. "Whoa, take it easy!" he turned to see Itachi push him back down on the bed, telling his brother to not overdo it again. "Aniki… where's Shino and Sakura?"

"They're safe, Shino's reporting back to dad right now, and Sakura's with Shisui. They went to buy us lunch."

"Where are the others?"

Itachi looked around the room as Sasuke followed with his eyes, seeing Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru huddled in one corner, asleep and also wrapped in bandages. Ten-Ten and Hinata were on the couch, also sleeping. "Kakashi went out for some fresh air. The rest went back to HQ." he blinked when he noted how Sasuke slowly sat up and had his eyes lowered. "Ototo," he glanced at Itachi. "What happened?"


"Did you kill Gaara?"

"I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that he was in there before we activated the bomb." Sasuke sighed at this. He never knew that this would be their last showdown with SNK, but he never really knew if Gaara was still alive or not. One thing though, Gaara's words continued to echo in his head before both of them fell unconscious on their last fight.

"I will have my revenge, Uchiha… Just you wait…"

"Your eyes betray you…" Itachi said, closing his own. "There's something you're hiding, but I won't force you to tell me," he ruffled his little brother's head affectionately and gave a small smile when Sasuke looked at him. "For now, get some rest, you need it."

Years later...

He cursed and searched frantically, not finding what he needed in the house. "Sakura, have you seen-" he got cut off when his wife giggled and held up his ID. "Honestly, you're organized and all, but sometimes, you tend to misplace important things Sasuke-kun." He smirked and took the ID from her hands before kissing her lightly on her lips. "That's why you're here." He teased and she just laughed and fixed his black tie. "Better hurry or you'll be late. Naruto would most likely rant again."

"Hn, if he gets there before me."

"Mom, dad! Look!"

They turned to see their five-year old son run towards them, holding what looked like Sasuke's gun. Sakura gasped and looked at her husband who looked at his empty holster. "When did..?"

"Haha! I can be like dad now!" the boy exclaimed, pretending to be a secret agent as he aimed the gun towards the empty cans he aligned on the floor, diving down on the ground to aim and shoot. "Saki-chan! That's not a toy!" Sakura scolded as Sasuke sighed. "Don't worry about it, I removed the bullets last night in case he steals it again from me." Sakura was about to sigh in relief when Saki pulled the trigger, a bullet coming out from it and nearly missing one of the cans, only managing to nudge it a bit. "Aww darn! I missed!"


"I checked!" Sasuke defended. "There were no bullets-"

"Uncle Naruto should teach me how to aim too…" Saki said to himself.

"Why that usaratonkachi!"

The End

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