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Some of you out there have read Idun's X-Men Evolution fic Dimension 17. If you're one of them, you'll recognize some of the places and characters, since they'll be used in this story too. You don't have to have read that old fic to understand this one, though!

We know that there are different opinions whether Raph is older than Donnie or not, but in this fic, Don's the oldest. K?

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1. A Purple Door at the Junkyard

"Oh Donnie, come on! We've been here for two hours! I'm getting hungry!" Michelangelo whined.

"Mikey, yer always hungry," Raphael grunted.

"Well, yeah, but this time, I'm really, really hungry!"


"Listen, guys," Donatello said, "I know you're getting tired, but I only need a few parts more for the Battle Shell."

"Yes, we won't be here for much longer, so could you please stop complaining?" Leonardo begged his two youngest brothers. "If Don says that we're almost finished, then we're almost finished."

"I ain't complaining, Mikey is!" Raph exclaimed.


Leo sighed. Fortunately, Raph and Mikey seemed to calm down, because the junkyard went quiet once again – well, as quiet as it could possibly be with four mutated ninja turtles digging around in the junk piles.

But of course, Mikey wasn't the type that could stay quiet for very long. He found a rusty screw, smirked, aimed and tossed it away.

"Ouch!" Raph's hand went to his neck. "Mikey, you little…!"

"Eeep!" The youngest turtle took off between the junk piles with his red-clad brother after him. Leo and Don groaned. They had been so close to finish their little trip and go home. But of course, Mikey had to mess up again.

Mikey threw a look over his shoulder. "Come and get me, Raph! You're as slow as a turtle!" He rounded a big pile of junk – and stopped dead. Raph ran into him from behind and they both tumbled to the ground.

"Ow, what was that for, you…"

"Raph! Look!"

Raph looked up and his eyes widened.

Before them, a door hung in thin air. It was purple and glowed slightly.

"What the…" Raph started.

Their older brothers come up behind them and gaped at the sight.

"What on Earth is that?" Leonardo asked.

"Looks like a door to me," Mikey said. Raph slapped him on the back of his head. "Ow!"

Raphael ignored him and turned to his intelligent brother. "So, what is it?"

Donatello scratched his head and walked around to the back of the door. "Hm… There's nothing on this side."

"What do you mean, there's nothing?" Leo joined him and raised his eye ridges. Sure enough, the door was invisible from the backside. Carefully, Leo stretched out his hand and waved it around. He couldn't feel anything either.

The oldest turtles rounded the door again and stared at the front of it. Don touched it carefully. It was cold.

"So, Einstein, explain this," Raph said.

"I… have no idea."

Mikey's eyes widened. "Wow, Donny doesn't know what to say? That's something new…" Don frowned at him.

"So, shall we go through it?"

"Are you crazy, Raph?" Leo exclaimed. "We don't know what it is! It could lead us anywhere! It could be dangerous!"

"And since when are you the one to back out from an adventure?"

"I'm not backing out, I'm just saying –"

"C'mon Leo, whatever is behind the door, it cannot possibly be worse than the Shredder."

"I have to go with Raph on this one, Leo," Mikey said.

Leo sighed and turned to Don. "What do you think, Donnie?"

"I agree with you, Leo. Absolutely anything could be on the other side of that door. I say we err on the side of caution."

Leo smirked at Mikey and Raph. "Looks like we're staying here."

"And why?" Raphael exclaimed. "Because you say so? Mikey's with me and Donny's with you. Two turtles on each side. That doesn't mean that we have to do what you say."

"Raph, I'm the leader."

"I've noticed." Raph smirked. "But what're ya gonna do to stop me?" And before any of his brothers could say a word, he had opened the door and stepped through.

"RAPH!" His three brothers rushed up the door and tried to see where he had ended up, but they were blinded by a bright purple light and had to close their eyes.

"What an idiot!" Leo growled. "Now we have to go after him, just like he wants us to. Draw your weapons, just in case."

His younger brothers looked at each other, frowned and drew their weapons.

"Ready? Let's go!" Leo shouted, and they all went through the door, which sealed behind them and disappeared.

The first thing Michelangelo noticed was the cold. He could feel snowflakes landing on his face. Slowly, he opened his eyes. Then, he closed them. So he opened them again, as if to make sure that he hadn't been seeing wrong. But he wasn't. Lilac snowflakes fell from purple clouds in the sky. He gaped. "Uh… where are we?"

"Well, I don't know where I am, but you're on top of me," a muffled voice said.

"And I am under you, Donnie," yet another voice said.

Mikey got on his feet and helped his brothers up. "Sorry."

"No problem."

Leo looked around. He gulped. They had been lying on the edge of a cliff. Had they ended up just a little bit further away, they would've fallen thousands of feet. Then he came to think of something else. "Hey… has anyone seen Raph?"

"Um… no," Mikey answered. "There are some footprints here." Don pointed to the ground, which was covered in lilac snow. Sure enough, there was some kind of footprints - big, hairy ones. The snow had almost erased them. "And look here!" He pointed to a certain spot in the snow. "If that isn't a print of Raph's shell, I'm Casey."

Leo gritted his teeth. "I don't like the look of this."

"It seems as if Raph's been taken by something… or someone," Don said.

"So, what do we do?" Mikey asked.

"Follow those footprints, I guess," Leo said. "But we better hurry, before they disappear. Whatever it was that took Raph, they cannot have gotten far away."

Donatello and Michelangelo nodded, and the three turtles were off in search after their brother.

Someone knocked on the purple door of the Head Guard's office.

"Come in."

A hairy, purple creature stepped in and closed the door after itself. A Star Wars-fan would immediately have thought of the word "Chewbacca" when seeing it. On its arm was a black armlet with a red circle. It bowed.

"We discovered something on patrol in zone V72, sir."

Another purple Chewbacca-copy looked up from his papers. He wore an armlet just like the other, but the circle was golden instead of red. "What do you mean with 'something'?"

"Something green. With a red headband, and a pair of three-pronged items that looked pretty dangerous. We took them from it, just in case. Here they are, sir."

The Head Guard was presented with a pair of Sais. He picked one up and scrutinized it. "So… where is the creature now?"

"We put it in a cell, sir."

"I see. One of those where the door disappears when nothing needs to pass through?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Is it awake?"

"No, it was unconscious when we found it."

"And you say that you just found it?"

"Yes, sir. Quite strange actually, it just lay there in the snow, and there were no foot prints around it. Either it came long ago, so that the snow has covered them already, or it was dropped off a helicopter or something."

The Head Guard frowned. "That's peculiar. Why would someone drop a giant, green thing from a helicopter?"

"Unknown, sir."

"Hmmm… do you know if it has any purpose at all?"

"We are studying it and trying to figure that out."

"Good. We don't want something like last time happening, now do we?" the Head Guard said, remembering the freaks who appeared through the door to help the blue, fuzzy guy beat their precious Vodash.

"No, sir."

"Very well. Keep me informed.2

"Yes, sir." The Chewbacca thing who was not the Head Guard bowed and left the room.

'I don't think I like the look of this,' thought the Head Guard. 'I don't think I like this at all.'

A message from Empress Carolina of Tamaran (aka Cat): I appreciate that Idun let me co-write with her, but I don't think I did a very good job. But please review and tell her what a great job she's doing :)

A message from Idun: I think Cat's doing a great job, and I appreciate that she offered to co-write with me. Please review and tell her that :)