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Chapter 1:

Two days after Edward's big day out and the promise ring giving, all the Cullens had to leave for a family hunting trip. Of course I said "camping" to Charlie after he got back from the country concert, so not to give the Cullens away. I was sad, because I knew I would miss Edward, and Alice, even Rosalie for that matter. If they had to eat, I wasn't going to stop them. Waking up to an empty bed and realizing that Edward wasn't going to be back for at least one day got me down. Until I got a phone call.

Charlie was at work, so I picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I got the phone.

"Hi Bella!" it was Jessica, sounding really excited.

I sighed, but then remembered that Edward was gone, like that really mattered anyway, "Hey, I haven't heard from you in such a long time."

"Yeah I know! Because of that, Mike is having another party down at the beach. We both want you to come!" her cheerful voice caught me off guard, I started getting excited too.

"When is it?" I asked, wanting to get out of the house because the Cullens were away.

"Today! Tonight, actually, I'll swing by and pick you up in two hours if you want!" Jessica was smiling, I think.

I thought about it for a spilt second and then too hurriedly agreed, "Okay! I'll be ready and waiting, then!"

"Wonderful, see ya!" then she hung up.

I was giddy, and half sad, because I would miss Edward, but maybe a little less because I would be with other people. So I could talk to other people. That had to make a difference. Jumping up and putting down the phone, I ran up the stairs. The stairs tried to kill me, but I made it passed them and hopped into the shower. Water was cold, but I had to hurry. It really didn't bother me, so I was out and toweled dry speedily.

"Bella," I chimed to myself in the mirror, "You have to be nice, just because Edward won't be there doesn't been you have to be mean!"

The face in the mirror smiled while I brushed and with the blow drier, I finished drying my hair. It was almost straight, I rolled it into twisted back pigtails, so you couldn't tell they were pigtails, it looked like the style was done by a professional. Thank goodness. Then I skipped out of the bathroom and threw my towel on the floor. In my closet I found a white square neck shirt with gold sequins on the hem and around the neckline. Some also swirled in curvy lines around the middle of the shirt. It was short sleeved and was made of cotton, so it would be good to wear to the beach. I peeked outside, it was sunny, so I pulled out a pair of light jean capris. Those were on and I looked for shoes. A pair of halfway clean tennis shoes rested by the doorway.

With socks and them on, I hummed Edward's lullaby for me. The clock read that I had spent a whole hour getting ready. Soon Jessica would be here, so I better hurry. Stuffing some money into my pocket, since I had some left from who knows when, I hammered down the stairs and grabbed a bowl with milk and some random cereal.

"Yummy, yummy, yummy in grumbly tummy," I sang and got a spoon.

Then I munched and when I was finished, I cleaned out the bowl and the spoon and put them in the rack to dry. The clock told me that I had about a half of an hour till Jessica comes by. Well, I guess I could flip on the TV and try and find something good on. I thought that would be a good idea until I figured out that I should leave a note for Charlie to tell him where I was going. With a piece of paper and a pen, I scrawled down a quick note explaining everything.

A honk startled me, I looked outside the window. There was Jessica's white car.

"You're early," I mumbled when I got in her car.

"Just by a bit," she bubbled and took off, speeding to First Beach.

Of course, her speeding was no where near any of the Cullen's driving, but she still drove pretty fast. Way past the speed limit. Sun was shining, it make me even happier on this day without Edward. In about an hour, we reached the road that would take us to the beach.

"So," I turned my eyes from the side of the road to Jess, "When did Mike decide to have another party?"

"Oh, the other day, or something, I can't quite remember," she shrugged her shoulders and parked the car.

Unsnapping my seatbelt, I climbed out of the car and we were met by Mike, Tyler, Eric, and Lauren.

"Bella! How are you!" Mike bounded over and gave me a big hug.

I couldn't hold back my surprise, "Uh, hi!"

"Me neither!" Eric wasn't looking at me, he was staring at the sand.

"Yeah, Bella! You should keep in touch more!" Tyler had a smile on his face.

I had to plaster a smile on mine, "I've been busy with Edward and his family. Plus, we're trying to fix up the house," I was lying by the last part, but I thought it sounded better.

"Okay, well come on! Since it's sunny, that means the beach will be in better spirits!" Mike chanted this in song form and grabbed Jessica and me in each hand, on either side.

This made me sort of uncomfortable, so I pulled away. Mike gave me a weird look, then shrugged. Lauren didn't say one word to me, just glared. Almost like Rosalie used to do, but not as icy or deadly. It took us about ten minutes to actually get down by the water. The place was different than the party last time, the logs were placed different and everything.

"Er…" I started, "What are we going to do?"

"Just go walking through he forest, looking for random things," Lauren spoke, giving me an evil sneer.

Eric came by my side, "So is that okay with you?"

What was I going to say?

"Yeah," I breathed, it would be good to get some exercise.

"Let's go then, and this time we'll go slow so you can keep up!" Tyler informed me as he broke away from Lauren.

I grinned briefly at this. Lauren grunted, but Mike elbowed her in her ribs and she glared at him before turning away. They were all acting so weird! Why?

The woods were as pretty as the last time I came here. Except it was sunnier, so the forest was a brighter green. A bit more muggy too, I'm glad I wore this shirt. Thankfully they did wait for me, so I didn't have to trip over anything hurrying. I took my time. Tidal pools were fuller also, most of the tinier rocks were covered with gray water and starfish. I laughed at this and got some strange stares.

"Bella," Mike began, "Do you really like Cullen?"

I resisted the super strong urge to slap him, I gritted my teeth, "Yes."

"How?" Eric squeaked from the side.

"I do," when I said this, it reminded me of a wedding thing, I snickered.

Now Jessica was staring wide eyed at me.

"Bella, I'm telling you, I don't think you and Cullen are meant to be together," Tyler broke in.

I cringed and then made my face go blank.

"Well, It's not your problem, no is it? Just drop it guys," I sighed and sat on a patch of brown grass.

"Fine," Mike muttered and I was quiet while the rest went to look into the tidal pools.

The sky was still cloudy, but a pretty blue was behind it. Soaking up as much sun as my clothes would allow, I leaned back on my elbows and tilted my face to the sun. Not knowing how long I had been sitting there, by myself I might add, I heard shoes and rocks scuffing together. Then a very familiar voice came with it.

"Hey look, it's Bella!" Jacob Black called from far away.

My eyes had been closed, now they shot open and I turned around to see him coming towards us, "Hi Jacob!"

At least I was glad he was here, he always made me feel better. Except when one of us brought up the subject of Edward or any of the Cullens.

"I didn't know that you were coming!" he plopped down beside me.

"Me neither, until just this morning," I tried to smile, but it probably came out as more of a grimace.

"Oh," he looked around, eyeing up Mike, then leaned close to my ear, "Did they badger you into coming or something?"

I shook my head, "No, I was really bored and Jess called."

"You don't seem to be having a very good time, though," he whispered.

"They're so acting strange," I realized my voice was quivering a little.

Jacob shrugged, "Wonder why?" then he stood up and when over to talk to the rest of the group.

A little while after they were done looking at the pools, Tyler suggested that we take a hike, go through all the woods and memorize landmarks and stuff. It didn't make any sense to me, but since I had been laying in the sun for the last hour or so, I thought I should survive that. We headed back into the woods, Jacob was leading the way and I could hear Jessica and Lauren laughing. Mike was punching Tyler, playfully of course, and Eric was trying to talk to me.

"Eric, can I have some alone time?" I pleaded with him to say yes.

"Well, you didn't want to look at any of the tidal pools with any of us, so why can we just talk?" he argued.

I grunted and stepped over a tree branch.

"That's not fair Bella, just pushing people away," he told me, I ignored him.

Eric was quiet for moment before starting up again, "How's your summer been so far?"

"Fine," I picked my away through a bush.

"Really? That's great!" he sounded happy, too happy, "I was wondering, if you would want to go so a movie or something?"

I was on the verge of snorting at him, but I somehow held it back, "No, I'm sorry Eric."

For some dumb reason, I thought he would stop there. Nope.

"Come on? Are you sure you don't want to? I'll pay for everything, I promise?" he was whining!

The group in front of us had stopped, Jacob shouted to me, "Are you okay, Bella?" it was a worried call.

So badly I wanted to yelled "no" but I didn't.

"I'm okay," I called back, "Let's keep going! This is fun!" the lies were sweeping their way out.

"Sure thing!" Mike rumbled before Jacob could.

Was this some sort of contest? I was getting mad, franticly I wanted to leave now because this whole situation was giving me the creeps. Edward wasn't here to save me, not any of the Cullens were. So I had to tough it out and make sure my legs kept moving. My brain flew I a million different directions, I had to get away from Eric, he was staring at me with a huge smile on his face. Talking to a girl was my only hope.

"Jessica!" I yelled to her, "Wait for me!"

I could see her shake her head and stop. As fast as I could, I ran to her. But a fallen tree seemed to think I should trip. I grasped on the it's branch as I hauled myself up. Finally, I got to Jessica, Lauren had gone to be with Tyler. They must be still going out.

"Nasty fall, Bella," Jess snickered.

"Yeah," I wiped myself off was we walked along.

I kept expecting Edward to rush in and take me up into his arms. Not today anyway, and not here. Stupid tribal law. And treaty too.

We had hiked all the way through the forest, circling back a couple of times, and then walked along the whole beach before we got back to camp. I guess you could call it camp. Anyways, Lauren had to go, so she went home while the rest of us talked. Or should I say the rest of the group not including me talked. My mind was on other things, like where was Edward and how was he, was he full yet? Mike lit a fire, Tyler had gone to pick up driftwood for the fire right as we got back.

"Anyone hungry?" Jacob asked, I came back to Earth.

Murmurs of yeses filled my ears, and I realized I had involuntarily said yes, too. Darn my stomach. He waved goodbye, promising he would be back soon with food and soda. I gazing into the fire, someone had just come to sit down by me. It was Mike.

"Bella," his eyes peered into mine, "You haven't been with us all day."

I turned my head, ready to say I was right here when I figured out what he meant.

"I've just been worrying, about random things," I added the last part for my comfort.

Mike took my hand in his, it was warm, "Oh, well, okay, but I'm sorry. I haven't been paying much attention to you."

I ripped my hand away, not at all gently, it was too warm. I missed the cold.

"Don't worry, I've been fine," I gave him a momentary smile.

It was starting to get dark.

"After Jessica leaves, I'll give you all my attention," he leaned in and whispered into my ear.

A double meaning stood there, I didn't like it.

"Well, when Jessica leaves, I'm going with her," I scooted far away from him and turned back to the fire.

He whimpered, or at least I thought he did and he got up to talk to Tyler and Eric. Jacob came back carrying two plastic bags, one heavier than the other.

"Food's here!" he announced and set both bags on the sand.

All the boys crowded around him, they poured drinks and divided food. They were all whispering and every once in a while would glance at me. Jessica ran up, kissed Mike, then waved to me.

"Bye Bella! Have a great time!" she through a look at the boys, then disappeared to where she parked her car.

I was just getting up to run after her when a hand caught my wrist. It was Tyler's.

"Stay with us, we'll take you home later," he cooed in my ear, then handed me a red plastic cup, "A drink for you."

"Oh," I took it and because I was very thirsty, I drank it.

All. In one huge gulp. It tasted funny, not like any soda I've ever tasted. The cup smelled weird too, but I only realized that after I drank it. Mike came up and pulled me closer to the fire. He started dancing, so did Eric, they were both drinking from red cups like mine. Except they didn't drink theirs in all one gulp like me. My vision started to blur and I wobbled where I stood.

"Whoa there," I mumbled, my tongue was thick and dry.

"Hey!" Eric called, "Dance Bella!"

But I couldn't, my legs and arms were heavy, it was a hard to even take a breath. Eyes blinking harshly, I tried to move, but I couldn't. The sand rose to meet me like a wave. Last thing I remember before I blacked out was Eric, Mike, Tyler, and Jacob's eager faces hovering above mine. And thinking of how much I missed Edward. Then I sank into a dreamless, dark sleep.

When my eyes worked their way open, I was confused. Very confused, why was my room all green and dense? Plus, it was took cold, but the cold wasn't coming from Edward. I turned to my side, and saw plants: grass, tree trunks, and bushes. Sitting up, I fount that my head was pounding and my thighs hurt. Why? I looked down at my body to see that it was naked. I was naked and confused. Well that's a lovely thing to be, in a forest no doubt. Then it hit me: I was in the forest by First Beach. My friends had invited me to come and I said yes only because Edward wasn't there, but Jessica left. Lauren had left before Jessica.

That means only the boys were here with me. I got up and peered around at my surroundings. The top that I had carefully chose yesterday was hanging up on a branch. Jeans capris were tangled in a bush. With my bra and underwear. Did I decide to go skinny dipping? The answer came to me: no. No I didn't, I didn't even remember half the night. The last thing I remembered was drinking the stuff from the red cup and Eric was dancing.

"Oh my God!" I whispered, finding bruises on my inner thighs.

I knew what happened and it made me shiver and I could feel tears start to drip from my eyes. My friends, the guys anyway, had violated me. Raped me. Wanting to go home, I put on my stuff as quick as I could, crying the whole time. Why would they do that? How could they live with themselves? A bigger dilemma hit me then, what was I going to tell Edward? If he found out, he would hunt them down and kill them! I couldn't let him do that, it would ruin his family. By now I was dressed fully, except for my shoes which I couldn't find. The tears were large now and entire sobs racked my body.

"What am I going to do?" I moaned to the woods, the sky, myself.

Nothing answered, but I tried to find my way out of the forest, limping the whole way because of my thighs. They hurt, an ripping aching hurt so bad. It was hard to stand let alone move. I knew I had to, for my sake. Soon I came out of the woods, and saw the sky was cloudy. No sun, how appropriate, I thought and made my way to the road. Remembering that there was a few stores up ahead, I went in that general direction.

My feet hurt just as bad as my legs hurt when I got to the first store. The sign said it was open and the lights were on, so I walked in. Rows and rows of driftwood craved things covered the store floor. I had no idea how I looked and personally I didn't care. I had been raped, I didn't need to look good right now. Probably appearing like I was a homeless person, I went up to the counter where an old Native American woman stood. She was shocked by my appearance.

"Can I help you?" she rasped.

"Yes, do you have a phone I could use? I need it," I told her, I could feel the tears warming my skin.

She saw too, I think, "Right here," and she walked away to give me privacy.

I dialed the only number I could think of, at least the one number of a person who I knew was home and wouldn't ask me a million and one questions.

"Hello?" Angela said meekly into the receiver.

"Hey Angela, this is Bella," I took a deep breath, "I was wondering if you could come and pick me up? I'm here all alone."

"Sure Bella! Just tell me where you are," she sounded surprised, but firm with responsibility.

"Thank you Angela, I'm at…" I found a signed that told me where I was, "At Drifted Carvings, by First Beach?"

She thought for a moment, "I know right where that is, I've been to that store before. I'll be there in an hour or less, God I hope I don't get caught by the police. I think I'm going to have to speed."

"Thank you so much," I clutched the phone as though it was my life line.

"No problem Bella, are you okay?" Angela spoke softly, as if speaking to a small child.

"Yes, hurry please," I rushed her and hung up the phone.

The old lady came back through the beaded curtain. I gave her a grateful smile.

"Thank you, I'll just look around till my friend gets here," my voice was strained.

Shaking her head, she gestured to the many rows of wood.

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