Trace Memory doesn't belong to me. I've just playing with the characters for awhile.

• • •

D watched invisibly from the shore as Ashley got onto the boat that would sail her away from Blood Edward Island forever. He wanted to beg her not to leave yet, to ask her to try to find a way to convince her father and aunt to let her stay at least one more day and then return for her, but how could he do that? She had found what she'd been there for, and it wouldn't be right of him to try and make her stay for his sake.

But it suddenly felt so difficult staying on that island alone. His past had almost returned to him, he was no longer just a stray ghost who had forgotten who he'd been. He could trace his memories from his arrival on the island all the way almost until his death.

But what had happened to cause the death itself, what the mark on his chest meant, still eluded him. And without her there to help, he didn't know how he could ever reach that final, important, scrap of memory, without which he would never be able to leave the island and rest in peace.

But he didn't call out to her, held himself silent and hidden as she took one long last look at the shore. She had her father back, and her own memories, and, even if she would be willing to stay, he wouldn't ask her too. She had her own life to return to, and he wouldn't ask her to put it off for a ghost.