Goro: Prince of Shokan

Chapter 7: The Emperor

The feast was tremendous. My victory was all anyone in not only Kuaton, but all of Outworld would talk about. A statue of myself was added to great hall of champions on Shang Tsung's island. My name was known all over the lands.

" You couldn't imagine how much you have done for your people," father complimented.

He reached we shook hands. I had fully earned my fathers respect.

I was repeatedly congratulated by father,Karakas,Kintaro,Baros,and Verox through out the day.

I entered the royal chamber where most of the citizens of Kuaton were assembled, awaiting for me to stand before them. I stood up in front of the throne where father sat.

" Shokan of Kuaton, I have won the Mortal Kombat tournament. My victory has marked the day of change here. It ensures that no Centaur shall threaten our land again, we will no longer live in fear that our children are in danger of Centaur attacks. With new lands added to our kingdom brings new food, gold, supplies, and many resources that will gaurentee that the Shokan race will remain the dominant race of Outworld and our children will live on to maintain the power and strength that our kingdom represents. And I will continue to represent all Shokan in Mortal Kombat, I will fight, and we will win. "

It was silent for a moment. Then everyone bowed. " All hail Prince Goro!, " Kintaro shouted out with a fist raised in the air. Everyone then stood, shouted, and cheered for me.


The Earthrealm man screamed as I swat him aside ," You thought you had a chance against Goro?" I mocked.

He managed to leapt upwards and kick me across the jaw but he was not able to back off before he grabbed him by the legs and swung him into the concrete arena. I then stomped on his back, crushing it, killing him, and winning my fourth tournament.

It came to the point now where no one from Outworld worried about the tournament, I was expected to win, no one had any doubt.

Shang Tsung lead me through his palace untill we got to the bottom most floor of it, deep into the interior of the island. " You will stay in these dungeons for the majority of your stay on my island for the tournaments," He told me.

I glared at Shang Tsung, " Will I?"

" That is, of course, it will raise the fear of your opponents and further intimidate them with the less appearances you make. " Shang Tsung explained quickly.

I grunted in agreement.

I began to scan the dungeon, the floors,walls,and ceiling were all made of whethered stone. Moss covered much the ancient lair. Skeletons of the victims subject to Shang Tsungs punishments were hung about on the ceiling, over fire in the corners where they were burned to death, and on the floor. Many boulders and rocks lay on the floor where the ceiling gave way from years of erosion, as well as various leaks of water and puddles which were a result of it. On a portion of the ceiling were spikes where I'd imagine Shang Tsung had victims thrown. Large rusted gates covered the various extremely wide archways leading to different parts of the dungeon. This is when I noticed many sets of yellow eyes in the near darkness. A monster, which I recognized as a Netherrealm Oni, leapt out of it at me. I responded by smacking it into the ceiling spikes when it was an inch away.

" We do have a slight rodent problem," Shang Tsung said as the Oni screamed in agony.

" I noticed."

" The Oni will make sure that your wits are kept sharp for each tournament, " Shang Tsung explained.

Surprisingly, Shang Tsung's idea was effective. I found my self facing more and more opponents in my lair who were shook up and driven with fear, some even going mad, as they navigated the dark pathes and searched for me, always wondering when I, or death as they saw it, would decide to come to them. With my opponents never being ever heard of again once they entered my lair, others could only use their imagination of what fate they could have met. I yawned as I slowly approached an opponent frozen in a spot with the fear that followed after he gave his best, yet failed attacks. I placed my hand on his head and tore it from his shoulders, winning my ninth tournament.


" Father!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I marched down the hallway to the Kuaton throne room. " I have won nine tournaments and we have yet to get any word from the Emperor concerning our rewards. The Centaur have yet to leave our lands, and we have yet to gain any, " I said outraged as I walked through the great archway. "

" Yes it has indeed been a while," father said.

" This is starting to annoy me as well! " Karakas agreed , " My army has done nothing for the past 500 years while we wait for you to get through this tournament business! "

As I stared at Karakas I noticed he had aged a nice bit, as did father who was now into the last portion of his lifetime.

I realized this long business must have been a lot longer and boring for them.

" Prince Goro, " Baros approached me ," the Shokan people grow impatient. While they are fully aware of the deal with the emperor, the deal still hasn't been fufilled. They treat it as if you have broken a promise. Many people are planning to rebel, if we are to keep you in favor of the people we must declare war on the Centaur now!"

I hesitated to think," NO! I will not go to --- "

I was cut off by the sound of a long horn coming from the canyon. " All bow before your mighty emperor, Shao Kahn!," A voice announced.

Father, Karakas, Verox, Kintaro, Baros, and I quickly ran out to the palace steps to see what was going on.

Shao Kahn's guard, his personal army marched through the canyon and stopped in front of us. They were fully armed and armored. Soon a larger figure rode up to the steps on a horse. He stepped off his horse. He wore red armor,spiked shoulder pads, shin pads, and wore guantlets on his wrist. He wore a long red cape that went to his feet. He was most distinguisable however, by what he wore on his head. He wore a large skull helemet over his head with large horns on it. His dark red eyes were clearly visible through the eyeholes.

" Emperor, " father bowed as if he was a lesser being.

Kintaro,Verox, and the others all followed fathers que and bowed.

" It has been a long journey," the emperor finally said, with a deep voice.

Instead of bowing to him I walked right up to him and to his face. I was taller than him, though by not much. When he had finished brushing the dirt off his cape he noticed me.

" Oh yes, Goro is it? the one who has been winning my tournaments. "

" The one who has been winning them for nothing. " I grunted.

" Yes, keep up the good work," he patted me on the shoulder and proceeded towards father.

" Wait," I said.

He continued walking.

" Stop!" I demanded. " You have yet to aid us in a military campaign concerning the Centaur, you will do it now, or else I will forfeit the tournament. "

He suddenly stopped and turned around quickly, his cape flying up into the air. " What did you just say? "

I realized I had ordered Shao Kahn to do something. He slowly approached me. " It is the ones who seem unfaithful who are usually the most loyalist of comrades to begin with, it is always the ones you trust that you can count on to stab you in the back." I saw his eyes quickly glance at a familiar sorceror on a horse further to the left. " So how are you supposed to know who to trust and believe in, and who not to? "

He lunged after me but I blocked. With great force he threw my arms down and shoved his foot into my stomach. How could his strength surpass mine? He uppercuted me and sent me into the dirt. I ran towards him sent a flurry of punches, he deflected them all with his hands and sent a fist square into my chest. He then ran at me, leap into the air and kneed me in the jaw with tremendous strength. I flew to the ground once more.

" You don't know," he continued , " You just always remain loyal to me anyway or else you'll die a most painful death, sometimes when I am annoyed enough ... well let's just say there are things worse than death."

He walked to his horse, opened a pouch, removed somthing and tossed it to me. I noticed it was a Centaur horn. He continued, " Of course I reward those who are loyal to me, I have already enslaved the Centaur lands, every male,female,and enfant. You have earned it. "

I stood back up, regaining my breath.

" You have served me well so far Goro. and all of Outworld, including my self, applaud for you , " He sat on his horse. " The final tournament begins tomorrow, win it."

He then rode out of the canyon with his personal army close behind.

" Goro!" father approached me. " You do not talk back to the great emperor, he chooses what happens. "

" I meant what I said. Had he not taken the Centaurs land, I would refuse to fight in the tournament. I'd rather die. "

Everyone was silent for a moment. I picked up the horn and chucked it to Kintaro.

He examined it for a while. He then held it in his hand, closed his fist, and crushed to dust. " The Centaur are gone..." he announced to the other Shokan civilians who watched the meeting with the emperor. " The Cenaturs are gone!"

Everyone began to cheer. Fathers roared, mothers yelled in excitement, and enfants laughed. I had to admit that I could not keep myself smiling at that time.


" All participants have arrived on the island, " Shang Tsung said as he layed down his fork.

" It is all a matter of time. " As I ripped into the leg of an Earthrealm delicacy known as chicken.

" Shao Khan wanted to make sure you won this one. He has had an ' influence ' on what fighters are taking part. "

I took this as a sign of doubt " Goro could take anything Earthrealm has to offer!" I defended.

" I'm sure you could, " Shang Tsung said deliberately trying to annoy me. " You'd be interested to know that one of the fighters that was supposed to be here was Kung Lao."

My eyes widened," Kung Lao? him,"

" No just a decendant. "

Shang Tsung waited for me to comment, I did not.

" He was replaced by a lesser monk, Liu Kang."

" This will not be a problem. " I said finishing the last of the feast.

Shang Tsung stepped out onto the balcony overseeing the courtyard where all the warriors were assembled. I chose instead to not reveal myself. Among the warriors were a man wearing sunglasses, a man with long black hair who wore pants decorated with dragon patterns, a ninja in blue, a ninja in yellow, a balding man with a metal plate over his eye, and tall man in white robes who wore a rice farmers hat, I could tell was the strongest.

Shang Tsung then stepped forward after finishing his speach , " Let Mortal Kombat begin!"


Authors note: Sorry for lack of updates , next chapter is coming very soon, Liu Kang vs Goro.