Ah ha! I finally wrote a RobRae! Well, I wanted to get out my birthday present to all the avid RobRae fans out there, especially my friends who ship this ship (you know who you are darn it!) It's not long, that's obvious, I had a limit of words on this of about 600 but exceeded it by 24 so it's pointlessly short. But not a pointless story, it's a delightful ramble. Just an oneshot about a few moments in time Raven describes, most of her irritated thoughts placed on a certain birdy. I trust you'll get some kind of enjoyment, a chuckle, whatever out of it.

Disclaimer: Teen Titans doesn't belong to me, how many times do I have to shove this little piece of info down your throat?

"I'm looking for a little more blue in my life."

He switched on that charming smile that melted the female populace, even at times I was caught off guard by its frankness and charisma. I put up my barriers the best I could as he passed me through the open doorway, purposely brushing his shoulder against mine and stopped midway.

The warmth of his skin was a thousand times worse then the most awful temptation to lose my anger. And there were two layers of clothing protecting me from the enviable.

He flashed another smile before going down the blackened hallway.

I stood there in the doorway between the North corridor and our lobby, watching him. My solid shell breaking, reducing into a subtle shocked expression.




A little more blue… … ..?

Oh Azar. He likes me.

… ..I am a dead empath.


I hate my life. I seriously hate it. Why of all people in existence Robin could be interested in has to be the girl who can't use her emotions?

Stupid Bird Brainless…

He's setting himself up for something terrible. Does he even know that? What can I do? When Robin wants something, he's not going to stop until he gets it. He's determined that way much to my hapless luck.

I don't even like him that way. What does he see in me that attracts him? What good inside of me, if any, does he desire? I know I'm not ugly, fair enough, but….I'm not Starfire. She's undeniably beautiful, why can't he stalk her?

Just...arrgh...Azar, make him go away! I'm sick of him inspecting me out of the corner of his eye…er--mask. I'm sick of being blocked in the hallway so he could verbally harass me. I'm sick of suffering lightheadedness when we touch. This is not my fault! My emotions aren't suppose to even be working, I guess since a part of me is human I have absolutely no choice in the matter. I had been suppressing them surprisingly well until Bird-boy decided to wake up one morning and try his best to get me flustered.

And I still can't believe its working.

Starfire… oh no, Starfire is going to kill me. She did get angry once when Robin and I went grocery shopping together without informing her or offering her to join. It was intense jealousy that aroused her anger, like she didn't trust me to be around him. I'm not admitting that miffed me but the corneal of humanity in the bowels of this being did embrace some hurt at this knowledge.

Imagine what massive damage there would be to repair when she discovers 'her boy' flirting with the resident witch.

Not that I flirt back.

She's not normally a violent person but this is emotions we're talking about, strong ones I feel coursing through her spirit, her aura, when she's contently around Robin. They make her happy, make her sane. Cutting them off….I can't comprehend the possibilities.

How could he be so selfish in his wants that he is willing to abandon his sanity…her sanity…all sanity in general!

Irrational boy, irrational to want a demon spawn.


"Hey Raven."

Fever radiated from him, his smirk, mingled with the heat of his grasp on my elbow clashed against the adroit formality I worked so hard to erect over time. It was my battle to keep them out. To keep my friends out.

My reasoning was wiped clean from my memory as he smirked wider, squeezing his long fingers wrapped. Even his request was lost on me at the warm gesture. I guess since I was human, since I was a part of the female populace, I had no choice in the matter.

I acknowledged him, thoughts, awareness of right and selfish deeds set aside for another day.


With a little less venom.