The Net: "The Dying Pool": Chapter 2

"Stop her!" Sean yelled at his goons.

Several men in heavy armor tried to stop her but she squeezed through and dived into the pool towards the center. Under water now, she let all of the air inside her escape in large bubbles. Her body rose to float on the water, head, arms, and legs hanging down. Running out of air and trying not to breath Angela unconsciously opened her mouth to suck in large lungfulls of air, and got water instead. She gulped for more air, needing that precious air to keep her alive, yet refusing to pull her head above water. Sean was up there, and if he found out about the child, he'd have a field day. This would save them all. Jacob could stay with their new family. Sean didn't know who he was. He would leave the rest of them alone, she hoped.

Blackness encroached on her vision, little by little. Acceptance of her fate was the only thing keeping her under the water, that and the knowledge that Jacob would be safe. Barely she heard someone shout to get her out. Trelawney maybe? There was a huge splash beside her, she felt the waves rocking her and strong familiar arms taking hold of her body before everything went black.

The next thing she felt was water coming up out of her lungs, back up her throat, and out her mouth. Hands were pumping her chest as fast as they could. A voice. Familiar.

"Please Angel, please don't do this to me! I love you! I need you!"

Opening her eyes she saw Jacob leaning over her, his hands on her chest and a facial expression that said he'd been shaken to the core of his soul. When he saw her eyes open he grabbed her into a hug and refused to let go. She looked over at the pool, her grave no more and thought of Sean knowing about the baby. She struggled out of Jacob's grip and ran for the pool and the sanctity of the angel presiding over it. Climbing over the edge she fell into the water, letting all her air escape once again. Another splash, this time sooner than the last, and those strong familiar arms pulling her up before she lost consciousness. Still in the water Jacob held her arms by her sides, forcing her to look at him.

"Talk to me, Angel. What's wrong? What's going on? What did he do to you?" he asked, a tone of urgency to his voice.

"No! Let me go!" Angela struggled to get free.

She was strong, but Jacob managed to hold his grip on her.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked.

Through the water dripping down his face she could see the fresh tears falling from his eyes. She collapsed into his arms, letting him hold her for a few minutes before helping her to the edge of the pool where they sat down together.

"Why?" he asked again, this time in a more gentle voice.

She turned away, staring at the water. "I know what Sean would do if he found know..." she stumbled over her words, resting her hand on her stomach. "I thought maybe, I'd save you and the baby. I can't be a mother now. I've got to get this baby out!"

"There's no way. You know we can't afford that and..."

"There are other ways. We can do it."

"No. I don't want to risk your life for anything. I need you, Angel. You've given me a purpose in life. If you leave me, I have nothing. I can't bear to lose you. I love you, Angel. And trust me when I say we'll work through this together. OK? I know we can do it. Together we will be a family and beat Sean Trelawney."

"Then promise me this..." she began, turning back towards him.

"I will promise you anything in the world."

She smiled a faint smile before continuing, "when this is over and we're not being chased anymore...promise me," she looked down at his soaked jeans. "Promise me you'll marry me," she finished in a rush.

Angela looked to either side at the water and the dry floor, and then at her hands as she felt Jacob take her left hand in his. He had already taken off his class ring and was now slipping it onto her finger. He took her chin in his now ringless hand and lifted her head so that her eyes met his.

"Does that answer your question?"

She could only nod, choked up with emotion as she was. Jacob leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"Oh! Congratulations!" Maria exclaimed, coming out from another room.

It was then that Angela realized Sean and his goons were gone.

"Where...where did...?"

"Oh, Mr. Hung got him alright!" she said, motioning them to follow her.

In the other room they found their family standing around a man tied up on the floor. Sean Trelawney.

"Where are his people?" Angela asked.

"Oh, when they see what I do to him, they run away like sissies!" a small Asian man said, nodding towards Jacob and Angela in a gesture of welcome.

He proceeded to leap into the air and perform a perfect kick before landing. He smiled as a moan escaped from Sean's mouth. He began to wake up, trying to clear his head.

"What use do we have of him?" Angela asked Jacob.

"Well, if we keep him here he can't chase us anymore."

"Good point. I like it."

Angela stepped forward to stand in front of Sean and before anyone could object she'd given him a front kick to the throat, killing him instantly.

"Thank you Sean Trelawney. If it weren't for you, I never would have met Jacob. And thank you, Mr. Hung, for teaching me that move." Angela bowed towards Mr. Hung and he nodded.

She then stepped back to stand beside Jacob, putting an arm around him as he put one around her and resting her head against his shoulder. She was glad to have Sean out of the way, to have this family, and even happier to have Jacob by her side. If anyone had told her when they'd first met that he'd end up as her lover, fiancee, and eventual husband, she would have laughed in their face. Back then he was just a skater boy with beached hair but he'd grown and changed since then and he cared more about her than any other man she'd ever met.

It was a match made in heaven as one of their new family members admitted he was an ex-priest and in front of the angel in the fountain he married them one beautiful June morning just the day before Ayanna Maria Resh was born.

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