Title: Forever Burning

Pairing: Major John/Riley, Minor Rogue/Bobby, Hints at Bobby/Kitty, Logan/Jean and some very small hints at Logan/Storm

Summary: Sequel to Burning Light. The two lovers are on opposite sides will the discovery of the 'cure' for mutants bring them together or push them further apart.

Disclaimer: Oh please like I own anything from X-men.

Chapter One: Oh that's gonna bruise
Landing hard on her back Riley grunted in pain as she lay momentarily stunned from the impact of the land, turning her head to gaze above her, her eyes encountered Logan's face smirking slightly at her, she watched as he opened his mouth probably about to say some smart ass remark about her landing technique, however she quickly cut him off.

"Oh shut up"

Rolling quickly to the side she barely missed being squashed by a large piece of rock, however moments after getting to her feet she didn't avoid being hit in the side by a much smaller piece of rock, however the size did not effect the pain of it smashing into her side proved as she doubled over grabbing said side.

"Jesus, I'm gonna feel this in the morning"

Logan rolled his eyes at her pained exclamation and grabbed her arm tugging her into his arms to stop another flying piece of rock from hitting her.

"Think you could concentrate a bit more darlin'"

Her response was to glare at him before turning to scan the area for any sign of the Sential, 'stupid big ass robot' . She caught a flash of silver out the corner of her eye and opened her mouth to tell Logan only to find him no longer there.

The large robot came into view towering above her making her feel very much like a bug about to be squashed, "Brilliant!"

Pushing her now dyed jet black hair away fromher slightly sweaty face she rubbed her palms together, the movement causing tinybolts of electricity to spark out around her hands. 'Come on, Come on' Moving quickly she slapped her hands against the ground, the electricity travelling quickly towards the robot. Riley's grin faded however when the Sential didn't even slow or spark from her zap hell if anything the zap probably helped the damn thing. 'Screw this'

Turing she ran in the opposite direction and very nearly slammed into Kitty and Bobby however, Kitty or Shadowcat was in the middle of phasing them so she continued right through them before skidding to a halt.

"Logan we work as a team!"

The exclamation from the weather witch caused the X-Men Juniors heads to snap in the direction of their leaders and saw Logan walking in the direction of the Sential.

He snorted, "Yeah good luck with that"

Riley watched amused as Colossus literally picked Logan up and swung him in the direction of the enemy. Everyone stood in silence for a few moments only the sound of metal on metal could be heard before a huge metal head rolled towards them and Logan appeared from behind it standing smug.

"Damn show off" Riley muttered well aware that Logan could hear her. Turning she walked towards Rogue and grabbed her arm pulling her in the direction of the showers.

"You stink"

"Look who's talking" Rogue replied in mock anger.

Riley's response was to stick her tongue out and run towards the locker rooms.

Now clean Riley inhaled the sweet smell of strawberries that came off her as she walked down one of many halls in the school.

"Not bad sparks"

The compliment caught her off guard, one she didn't see Logan walking towards her and two she wasn't sure she'd ever heard him compliment someone.

"Come again?"

He chuckled, "You didn't do too bad in there"

Riley placed a hand over her heart, "Are you, the great Wolverine complimenting lil' ole me?"

He grinned slightly which was almost like a full fledged smile to him, "Don't get used to it"

Riley smiled widely at him, "You're a big ole softie, Wolvie"

"What did I tell you about calling me that?" He scowled at her, amusement vanished from his face.

She simply smiled at him before continuing on her way down the hall to the kitchen.

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