Good god, its been ages since I've even looked at this story.
I completely lost my direction and couldn't even think of a way to finish it so I've basically just slapped something together to try and round it off.
Its not how I wanted it to end and I'll maybe come back and redo the last bit but for now I think this is the end.
I was really thinking of doing another sequel to this but obviously its completely out of the question now.

I want to thank everyone who stuck by with this story, it means a lot that you guys were still interested even though it got to the point it completely sucked.

Chapter Nine: Always
Turning her head sharply to the right Riley saw John and Bobby about to fight it out, frowning in concern she started to make her way over to them, stopping in between the two she held up both hands.

"Guys, lets not do this huh?"

Bobby didn't even spare her a glance as he dismissed her with nothing more than a wave of his hand, frowning grimly she turned to John, pleading with her eyes just to leave this alone.

"Don't worry baby, I'll be fine"

She replied sighing in sheer annoyance, "John! Honestly, come on. You two used to be best friends"

"Used to be being the key word here Ri" Bobby informed her, face stoic as ever.

She growls at him, throwing her hands up in the air in frustration, "Fine! Whatever, just try not to kill each other huh?"

Before either could answer she stomps off in the opposite direction, rejoining the others in the fight.

Half an hour later she's crouched behind a charred car, attempting to regain her breath from her latest fight, honestly this guy just wouldn't go down. Peeking through over the car she spies the large mutant carefully making his way in her direction. Great. However he pauses head turned to the side as he spots someone else who's slowly stumbling their way. Her eyes widen in alarm as she recognises the person is John. The larger mutant quickly conjures a dagger in his hand and begins making his way towards an unsuspecting Pyro.
Having no time to think about it, Riley quickly leaves her hideout and runs towards them as the mutant stabs John through the shoulder, his scream urging her to go faster. His attacker lifts his arm preparing to deliver the killing strike, however it doesn't meet its target, instead it is thrusted into Riley's stomach.
John's eyes dilate with rage at seeing what's happening before him and he snaps open his lighter and sends stream upon stream of fire towards the shocked mutant, not stopping until there's nothing but ash left in his place. Dropping to his knee's he quickly gathers his fallen girl into his arms.

Pushing back her hair he smiles at her, "Hey kitten"

She smiles weakly at him in return before going into a coughing fit, leaving blood smeared over her mouth and chin. Tears gathering in his eyes as he shakes her gently.

"Hey hey, stay with me" he pauses and stares at her as she makes no response, "you still with me?"

Her eyes flutter open briefly as she weakly brings her hands up to trail across his cheek,"Always"

And with her parting word, her hand falls limply to her side and her head lolls against his arm and she lays there in his arms unmoving. Numb John can only stare at her as he clutches her to his chest. He feels nothing as water begins to fall around him. He feels nothing as a fellow mutant grabs him and roughly drags him away, out of danger.

"What would you give up for love?"

Well I don't think that could have been much worse. Sorry guys. Maybe I'll come back sometime and attempt to fix it.