"In the twinkle of an eye, your in the presence of the lord," i had always
loved that quote. I guess I must have picked it up right after Matt passed
away. It was the one thing that made me think of him. That quote and our

I had just picked up Matt's younger brother Jeff to go to the grocery store
with me. After I had my little boy Jeff always wanted to help out. He said
that being with his nephew made him feel like he was with his brother again.
I didn't mind because he had became a good friend and a really big help.

Matt had just turned four months old and he was the spitting image of his
father. Jeff and I were talking, well really arguing about when Matt got
Jeff wanted to color it. "Jeff, you are not dyeing my son's hair blue," I
said. "Only a few strains." Jeff replied.

"Oh my God, Jeff the bridge is out. It's gone," i said as I tried to hit the
breaks. But it was too late. The car had went semi over the bridge. I
guess the impact had knocked me out.

"Keri," I heard a voice calling out to me. I looked out the car window and
saw the river below me. "Oh my God, Jeff. Wake up. Please wake up. Jeff.
The car is moving. please wake up. "Keri," I heard the voice call out for me
again. At that instant I thought about my baby. "Matthew, Matthew, please
baby. Oh please sweetie make some noise. please just so mama knows you are
okay," I said as the tears streamed down my eyes.

"Keri." I heard that voice again. "Whose out there? Please you have to
help us. Please get us some help. Oh God this can't be happening again. It
just can't. I am not going to lose you two the way that I lost Matt. Please
help us."

Then I saw him. A ghostly figure appeared before the car. "Matt, is that
you?" i said rubbing my eyes. "Yes, Keri, I came for you," he replied. "all
of you," "no, Matt, please no. it's not our time please Matt no." I cried.
Honey, I am not here to take you, I am here to save you. A heavenly light
appeared around the car and we were back on the safe side of the bridge. I
checked to make sure that everyone was all right and once I knew Jeff was
okay, I got out of the car to hold my son.

Matt was still there wearing that smiling that could light up a room. He
looked down at the baby in my arms with the look that only a father could
have. "Would you like to hold him?" I said. "Yes, but only for a moment, I
must be going," he said as he held his son. "Keri, I want you to know that I
love you. All of you and I miss you. Thank you for the beautiful son but I
must be on my way," he said as he handed Matt back to me. I love you Keri,"
he said as he walked into the light. "I love you too Matt." I replied.

I had gotten back into the car when Jeff came too. "Ker, what just
happened?" Jeff said. "An angel from Heaven saved us."