Written for Batobe, for all the obvious reasons.

♥ "I hate you."

♠ "No, you don't. You just think you do."

♥ "I know it."

♠ "I see."

♥ "You're a fool."

♠ "So are you."

♥ "So we're both fools."

♠ "Yes."

♥ "And we're going to die together."

♠ "So you say."

♥ "We have no options."

♠ "Yes."

♥ "Death is near now."

♠ "If you believe it is."

♥ "I don't want to live."

♠ "And I don't want to die."

♥ "Too bad."

♠ "I didn't ask for your input."

♥ "But I offered it."

♠ "Why don't you want to live?"

♥ "Life has become boring."

♠ "That's all?"

♥ "And harsh. Too harsh."

♠ "Even a harsh life is better than death."

♥ "That's what you say, but it means nothing."

♠ "Your life is perfect."

♥ "Ha!"

♠ "What do you lack?"

♥ "Everything that matters to me."

♠ "What is that?"

♥ "Normalcy. And death."

♠ "Why do you want those things?"

♥ "I just want to be ordinary."

♠ "Since when?"

♥ "Since the price of being abnormal became too high."

♠ "Would you like to do it again?"

♥ "What?"

♠ "Do it again. Live a normal life while your friends rise to the stars."

♥ "Could I?"

♠ "If I will it."

♥ "Please do."

♠ "So it begins… Marc…"