Chapter 1:

She hid in the trees, not wanting to be found by the servants of the castle. She hated this. Her father was almost always gone, leaving her in the care of the servants. Emily, a 15-year-old, raven hair beauty, like her mother before she died ten years ago. The Vatican was her home in Rome now, but she wished she could go back to Transilvania to live in teh castle she had lived in when her mother lived.

Emily stood on the branch of a tree, wondering when her father would return so she could come out of hiding. Carl, a frier, was looking everywhere for her, and she hated to worry him, but could not help it. There were many chores to do, places to keep her locked up so she could not leave. But Emily wanted more. She wanted to have adventures like her father. She wanted to travel Europe and vanquish evil as Van Helsing did. But her father would not allow it no matter how much the Order asked him to allow them to train her as he had been.

"Emily!" She heard her father's voice. "Where are you Emily!"

"Father?" Emily gasped as she looked through the trees. Then Van Helsing looked at her and started towards the tree. She could never hide from her father. He could always find her no matter where she hid.

"Emily. Come down from there now." Van Helsing said her, standing with his arms crossed over his chest. Emily did as told and gracefully jumped from the tree and landed on the ground below in front of her father. "How many time must I tell you? You cannot hide from the Order evertime I leave. You have work to do."

"Lovely to see you too Father." Emily mumbled.

"I'm sorry. Just tired from the trip."

"Where did you go?" Emily asked, her eyes beaming.

"London. There's a werewolf problem there." Van Helsing replied.

"When will you take me with you?" Emily asked.

Van Helsing sighed and looked to the sky for a moment. "Emily, I've told you before. It's too dangerous. You are not trained to fight them and I don't want to lose you like I lost your mother."

"But Father! If you allow the Order to train me then I can fight the creatures with you! I could help you!" Emily exclaimed with a pleading look on her face.

"There are things I experience and things I see that I don't want you to have to see or experience. The answer is still no. You are still a young lady, and you should start acting as such." Van Helsing replied, not wanting his own daughter to turn into him, wanted in most of Europe for murder, a fugative if you will. "Now, no more hiding from Carl. He'll have a heart attack if you keep dissappearing on him."

"But what else amI supposed to do? I don't like attending to every little thing! I want to travel Europe, see the things you see. Not be locked up like an animal inthe Vatican all my life!" Emily stated to her father.

Van Helsing shook his head with a light smile and a chuckle. "You are just like your mother. You can't listen to one thing I say, can you?" He said as he put his hat on Emily's head. "You look just like her, you know?"

"Yes. I know." Emily said with a smile.

Van Helsing smile. "Come. Let's have something to eat and spend some time together before the Order gives me a new assignment."

"Alright." Emily said with a smile as she followed her father back to where they live in the Vatican City, home to them now to have lunch together. Little dod the two know that they were being watched by eyes from afar.

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