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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Eyes of asphodel and hair the shade of a raven's wing: that was Severus' first impression of the beautiful Bellatrix Black. Still, even then he had somehow known that though she was beautiful her looks served only as a mask for a tainted soul: her mind was a cunning as a snake's, and perhaps twice as deadly as it's venom.

She had been every inch a Slytherin, perhaps moreso than any other Severus' had known, except himself, of course. Every inch a Slytherin, yes that was Bellatrix Black: he would have thought her the female reincarnation of Slytherin himself had he not known any better. She was not one of those who entered into Salazar's House only because of their bloodline: no she, like himself, was there because that was her House, the serpent was her nature.

He had always been good at hiding his emotions but she was even better at deciphering the emotions of others. She had seen right through his mask, something that no one else had ever done, and taken advantage of him and of his feelings for her. He did not know when admiration had turned to lust, but it had at some point and she had seen it. No matter how hard he had tried to hide it she had seen right through him.

In the end she had taken him and used him, but only because he let himself be used; he could do nothing else where the bewitching Bellatrix Black was concerned. She had taken him and tainted his soul: but then again it had never been pure in the first place…

Bellatrix had quickly taken note of his interest in the Dark Arts: it was she who had truly introduced him to his fellow Slytherins: it was she who had set up his meeting with the Dark Lord. At first these friends of Bellatrix had been weary of him because of his 'tainted' blood, but after his acceptence from the Dark Lord they had managed to overlook that fact. After all he had only been fifteen at the time and he had been willing to murder his filthy muggle father, so he obviously understod the imprtance of purity of blood somewhat: after all, many of them were in seventh year and they still hadn't been given the mark, not yet.

It took him a long time to realise that he had been decieved both by his own mind and by her asphodel eyes. The darkness in her, in him and in 'their' lord had decieved him: the robes of darkess that veiled him and the mask of bone that covered his face had blinded him: but then again he had always been blind to the truth. They all were.

He had drifted away from her after she married: after all, love did not matter to a pureblood, all that mattered was that their line was not tainted, and had he been her suitor her line would not have remained pure; he had filthy muggle blood after all, did he not?

These ideologies would eventually land Bellatrix in Azkaban and drive her to insanity. In the end this worked in Severus' favour, as her piercing asphodel eyes could no longer see through him like they used to. She had changed completely; she no longer cared about anything, only the purity of blood and servitude of the darkness, her master and her lover. She had denied that anything had ever existed between them; his blood was impure and there was nothing he could do about it, no matter how much he denied it, no matter that 'their' master was the same as he was. But in the end he realised that she was right; his blood was impure, but perhaps her soul was even more tainted than the darkness with which she had become one.