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Chapter 9

Well 6 months have gone by and Tommy was in a jewelry shop looking for something for Jude.

(of course everyone knows what that is right? Something to do with a ring with a big diamond on the top)

He loved her so much and he wanted to do the right thing this time.

(kind of a flash back moment with no monologue)

Jude had convinced Tommy to let Cece go to an actual school. One day while Cece was at school, Tommy had convinced Jude to come over. One thing led to another and they were together again.

(end of kind of a flash back moment)

It has been a month since then, and Jude was throwing up in the toilet again.

She knew what that meant. She was pregnant, again.

Well Tommy is taking me out to dinner tonight, so I'll tell him then. Jude thought to herself.

Meanwhile where we left Tommy….

Yes! I found it, the perfect ring! He said to himself.

It had a silver band with a huge diamond in the middle, with two sapphires on each side of the diamond.

He bought it and left.

That night Tommy was waiting outside of Jude's house with flowers in his hand. He rang the doorbell.

He heard her shuffling her feet inside.

"Hello Jude. You look very beautiful tonight. These are for you" Tommy said, handing her the flowers.

"Thank you Tommy. You look dashing yourself. Shall we go?" Jude said then asked.

"We shall" Tommy responded, directing Jude to his Viper.

The restaurant where Tommy took them was the same one they were at when they confessed their love for each other.

"Tommy, this is the same restaurant you took me to when we confessed our love for each other" Jude said to Tommy as he was opening her door for her.

"I know, I chose it for a purpose, that you'll find out this evening" Tommy responded.

Low and behold, they were led into that same empty room where they had been before.

When they ordered their food and were waiting for it to come, Tommy spoke.

"Jude I have something for you"

He took out a dark blue box from his jacket and moved it across the table.

"Open it" Tommy told her.

She gasped when she saw what it was.

Oh my G-d! He's going to do it this time. He's doing it right this time. That ring is so beautiful. Jude said to herself.

"Jude, you are my whole world. You mean the whole universe to me. I didn't want to make the same mistake I made back then, by not asking you at all, and running away. Jude Victoria Harrison, will you marry me?" Tommy asked, as he was on one knee.

Yes! He finally did it. I was wondering when he would. Jude thought to herself.

"Yes Tommy, I will marry you" she said with a happy tear rolling down her face.

He got up and wiped the tear off her face. He put the ring on her finger and was smiling the whole time.

"Tommy there is something that I have to say" Jude said.

"What would that be?" Tommy asked, curious as to what she was going to say.

"Well I'm pregnant again" Jude was very afraid that he would leave again.

"That is wonderful" Tommy exclaimed.

"You're not mad? You're not going to run away?" Jude asked confused.

"No. Not this time and never again" Tommy assured her.

She smiled.

Tommy got up and took her into his arms, in the tightest hug he could give to her, without crushing her.

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