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Um, ok. I'm pretty tired out right now. And because of that, I'd a sever moment of major angst that wouldn't fit into any of my other stories. So, I wrote this. Well, I wrote most of it. Trivium wrote the lyrics. And as much as I would love ta own them, I don't.

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Don't laugh

In this chasm, lying broken...

Stone walls.Simple. White. Pure. Unlike me. No. According to you I'm wrong. I was made wrong. I'm not pure. I'm not worth it.

I'm not worth it. Then why do you keep me here?

Is a child, charred inside...

Why do you keep me? Why do you put me through this? Why can't you kill me if I'm really that much of a faliure?

Why can't you at least let me go?

What use am I to you? What use is it to try and make use of me? What use, if all you do at the end is laugh?

I'm not worth even death. Is that it?

No more is there any hope...

Hope. What does that word mean? If I ask, will you laugh at me too?

Oh. I don't need to know what it means. Only that I'm out of it. Oh. Thank you for explaining that. And thank you for not laughing.

No, I don't mind that. Blood is alright. It's mine. But, don't laugh at me.

Shattered bones, bloodied scars...

You're going? I'm still of no use for you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you made me wrong. I'm sorry that even now I can't learn.

I'm sorry for what's your fault.

Deliver me towards the soil...

I wonder what it feels like to have a grave. To be at home in something so natural as soil. I've never touched soil. I wonder what it feels like.

Is it warm? Is it comforting?

It's not white. It has to be comforting. Even if it's cold. Have you ever stayed inside a cell? It always seems cold. But soil doesn't look cold.

I wish I could find out.

Close up the sun, grant me rest...

Yes, I think I would like a grave. Somewhere comforting and dark. The light always glares around here. I'm not sure I like the sun. It's too bright. Sometimes I wish it would go away.

It reminds me of the sterile lights here. I don't want to think about them.

But I don't want to get rid of the window. If I didn't have a window, I wouldn't see the soil, now would I.

Are you going to laugh now?

In worms coil...

What's a worm?

Please don't laugh. You don't get things like that here. The walls are solid.

Will you let me find out? When you realise I'm always a faliure, will you let me find out?

It's so beautiful...

Beautiful? What does that mean?

Oh, I understand why you don't want to tell me. I probably won't understand. I don't want you to laugh.

World outside this cell...

Is there one?

I don't know. I see one.

I breath one.

I almost, almost exist in one.

But I guess this cell is all I was meant to know.

My own laugh, it reminds me of yours. Are you proud?

With somber gaze...

Look at the world. At the soil. I've touched it. And I love it.

Why can't I die with it?

Why must I die on top of cold gray? So like white. So like white.

You're laughing now. I can here you.

Laugh at me. All you want. It doesn't matter.

Why can't I die with the soil?

I take in what will never be.

Well, if you're not to freaked out, can ya R&R? And, um, guess which one of the three SHM this is. I ain't got a clue.