Chapter 11

She hunches closer to the thick cotton, and draws off the thread. It is, as befitting an Uchiha heir, painstakingly stitched with many uchiwa. The little red and white fans stand out against the soft, dark blue cloth illuminated by the light of the large lamp in their bedroom.

The light bathes her face with a warm radiance that even Sasuke notices, as he is sprawled out on their bed, reading a scroll.

Noiselessly, but with a subtle tenderness, he proffers his arm to his burdened wife. Handing the blanket to him, she slowly stands up.

"Dōmo, Sasuke."

Slowly, he nods, and then his gaze turns toward the swell of Hinata's belly.

He watches as they deliver his son, Uchiha Minoru, in the hospital. Tsunade herself is there to supervise as a midwife, and if anything goes wrong.

As he waits in the secluded waiting room, sipping cold genmaicha(1) from the vending machine, he wonders if the child will have black, grey or white eyes. Or possibly, a green the color of his tea.

His eyebrows and mouth slightly contort into an anxious grimace as he ponders that possibility.

Then, a nurse leans over him to inform him of Minoru's birth. While revealing ample cleavage.

Even being married doesn't prevent you from having fangirls.

His footsteps echo across the polished stone of the waiting room to greet his son for the first time.

For Uchiha Sasuke, to see his son is a reminder of his goal. To resurrect the Uchiha.

Minoru is a healthy, cheerful child. Nestled in Hinata's arms, he clamors for attention, and his mother's breasts.

Sasuke peeks in, as if not to disturb the peace. All the nurses have left the room, as well as Tsunade.

Her soft voice speaks up, when she sees his hesitance.

"Sasuke, come see Minoru. Our son."

Slowly, he crosses the distance, and peers into Minoru's eyes.

They are a smooth, uniform grey color.

A perfect blend of Uchiha and Hyūga genes.

His shoulders slump slightly, relaxing.

Minoru blinks, and peers up at his Otō-chan(2). And gurgles.

Soundlessly, she offers Minoru to Sasuke. He stretches out his arms, unsure of himself.

He sits down next to Hinata's bed, cradling Minoru in his arms. The future of the Uchiha.

Anyone who passed by their room would have thought they were a normal, nameless family.

1. genmaicha- green tea with toasted rice in it

2. Oto-chan- familiar form of Oto-san, or father