Flour and Flowers

A month-a-versary with Sharpay and Zeke.

Author's Notes: I don't own HSM. Okay okay okay, I'm a sucker for Sharpay/Zeke. Okay, so this one's for the little tiny fluffmonster in all of us. :o) Also, for our inner-baker. Who wishes we could bake.


Zeke checks his watch.

Seven twenty. Crap. I'm late... Sharpay's gonna freak.

He had promised her that he would pick her up at seven for their first "month-a-versary" (As Sharpay called it) dinner, but he had forgotten the flowers that she had hinted at, and decided to swing by for a detour at the flower shop.

In retrospect, he realizes that five minutes is not nearly enough time to buy flowers, well at least not nice ones, especially in February, but they're what she wanted, so he hopes that she'll look past his tardiness and not have a fit.

He doesn't mind her fits much lately though, they usually end in a kiss, and despite the cheesy undertones of it all, he finds her absolutely adorable when she's angry.

He jogs up to the door, straightening down his button up shirt and shaking off his nerves, ringing the bell of the Evans's three story home.

Ryan answers the door, dressed to the nines, as always, "I feel sorry for you.." he shakes his head as he leads Zeke towards the kitchen, "She's been like this for over an hour."

When Ryan pushes the door open, Zeke slowly pokes his head into the kitchen.

What is laid out before him is the opposite of the scene which he had expected.

He had expected to see his girlfriend pacing back and forth, perfectly attired, checking her watch and tapping her designer heels.

He had expected her to yell at him.

He had not, however, expected to hear a wail of misery the moment he stepped in the door.

"Noooo!" Sharpay whines.

She is sitting on the floor, amid a giant cloud of flour, and there is what looks like egg juice smeared all over the front of the apron she has used to cover up her now ruined outfit.

"Sharpay?" He asks quietly.

"Ohhh!" She hits the floor with her hand in frustration, only sending up another cloud of flour. Zeke walks across the floor and picks her up out of the mess.

"What happened in here?"

Sharpay stamps her foot and huffs a bit, "I was.. I was trying to make you cookies! For our month-a-versary! But I.. I! I suck!"

"You don't suck, Shar."

"I can't bake! I suck! I can't play basketball with you, and I can't bake cookies for you! I can't! I can't do anything right, and it was supposed to be perfect, but then the flour bag exploded and the oven caught on fire, and now all I have is a pile of flour and burnt blobs of.. I don't even know what they are!"

Zeke laughs and pulls her into a hug as she lets out another exaggerated sob.

"Don't be silly, Shar," He says, cupping her chin in his hands and pressing their lips together, "This is the best month-a-versary present I ever got."

She sniffles a little, and then she notices the flowers in her boyfriend's hands, "You brought me flowers! Aw! How sweet of you!" She pops him another kiss on the cheek before yelling into the living room, "RYAN. Find me a vase! Zeke brought me flowers!"

Zeke smiles.

"I'm gonna go.. de-flour myself." She turns to go up the stairs, but not without adding, "Oh, and don't think you got away with being twenty minutes late. I may have been covered in baking goods, but I still know how to tell time."

Zeke grimaces.

"I told you," Ryan says as he enters the kitchen with the vase, taking the flowers from his sister's boyfriend.

"Did the oven really catch on fire?"

Ryan bites his lip and nods, "Yeah... maybe that's a good thing though."


"Well, this way, you don't have to pretend you liked her cookies."

Zeke laughed, and then from upstairs, he heard a familiar shreik, "I HEARD THAT, RYAN."


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