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"Quickly Quickly – we've got a lot to see y'know." Typical Doctor. Always wanting to do something. Even though they had all the time in the world. (Well all the time in the universe really), he always wanted to do something.

Rose just wanted to take it easy. Kick back and relax. Ancient Greece wasn't going anywhere, not right now at least - so couldn't they just enjoy the scenic views? The orchard and the sea. And the sea. And more sea. Or just take at least two seconds once they had stepped out of that tiny but colossal blue box to let her remember that once again she had been transported not just away from the Powell estate, but to a different time. It was a lot to get used to and Rose wondered whether she would ever adjust.

"Come on then." The Doctor shouted back – never cross or irritated – just simply itching to be somewhere – nowhere in particular, just somewhere. "I thought you wanted to see Ancient Greece." "And if I'm right, which I'm sure I will be, this is definitely Ancient Greece." But Rose's attention had been drawn to a young girl's wrist, or more specifically, the bracelet hanging loosely around her wrist, jangling from time to time to make its presence known. For Ancient Greece, it looked suspiciously like one that she had been admiring just the other week on a rare trip back to the High Street. Come to think of it, that toga looked a bit modern. The brooch almost seemed to be beeping…

"Vintage. Do you like it?" Rose was startled at the words. This was definitely not Ancient Greece.

"Vintage did you say? Where from exactly?" Best to find out as much as she could about where they were – and when for that matter – as soon as possible

"Well the trading station of course" The Doctor had spoken. Surprised that he had not butted in before, Rose looked at him with a 'how do you do that?' look. "Judging by her brooch, we are in about oooh, 73200 ad and on the planet Aearath. Well not really a planet, more of a space station, but its covered with land and water and air so that it feels like a planet." Replied the Doctor in a sideways glance and with a smirk that could kill.

B..b..but how on Aearath did you know that?" Rose questioned.

"Flashing billboard." Addressing the girl now, his tone became darker in some way. "But by my calculations, this station was made to observe experiences and in about 2 hours we will become too close to the sun for a ship to take off. And in 3 hours we will be as close to the sun as it is possible for a human to be. And you look so very human to me."

"Ah sir, but that's where you're wrong. I'm not fully human. My father was human all right – a nice man by the name of George Dawson. But my mother, well she was mixed breed too. Her dad was human as well. But I believe that her mother was something different – yes – that's it. From Galifrey. My Great Grandma was a Time Lady."