The Last of the Time Lords II

"Rose." Again, this girl was surprising. So very surprising. But alarming. "Rose." The Doctor repeated. "But how can she be the answer?"

"I don't know do I?" Sofia heatedly retorted. "How am I supposed to know? I've just sat here, waiting and ever since Grandma Romana finally had to go, once she had used up 10 re-generations getting out of E-space, she went to earth, because she couln't find you Doctor, she went to settle down. And then…" The Doctor, who had become so strong, felt his insides turning and desperately wanted to help her.

"So who is she then?" Rose wasn't having any of this. Oh no. "Who is she?"

"Just an enchanting woman that I once danced with." The Doctors eyes, now moist with tears, glistened as he spoke and pure devotion spilled out. "But she left." "Left such a long time ago." But it still didn't answer the question. How was Rose the answer? And how did Romana know about her?

"In her last moments Doctor. Those were the words that she whispered in her last moments." Rose knew what Sofia meant. For she had felt the sensation before. She knew the look in Sofia's eyes told her everything that she needed to know. That in her Grandmother's last seconds she had seen the whole of time and space. That every atom of the Doctor's existence had been known to her. That she had seen everything all that is all that was all that ever could be. And that was what had killed her.

"But this doesn't solve our problem Doctor." Rose could understand that he was upset. She too had once lost someone so very close to her. But now it was under 2 and a half hours until they would all be fried. And personally, she didn't really want to be friend thank-you. "We're going to get off here Doctor." But right at the minute, she didn't really have any idea how.

"Well the first thing is to go looking for the Tardis. And what better place to look than where we left it?" The Doctor, for such a complicated mind, had so many very brilliant ideas. So with that the three ran (cause it is not in the Doctor's nature to walk anyway – a brisk walk is pushing it to tell the truth.) – ran to find the one machine that could save their lives.

In front of Rose towered the same scene that they had left when they had first arrived. Perfect apple trees stood tall, their perfect green standing out against the glistening blue water. But as she started to wander around the spot where the Tardis should have stood, the landscape began to differ. As soon as Rose had rushed past the 'should be' entrance of the Time Machine, metal walls seemed to grow around her. A carpet of what seemed to be metal chains had formed around her feet, and in the middle of this vast room, stood the grand Blue Box in all its splendour. "Doctor! Sofia! I found it!" Finally they could get off this lump of metal and back to (if The Doctor could get his steering right this time) Ancient Greece. But behind her all she could hear was the faint splash of waves hitting the sandy beach. No Doctor and no Sofia. Calling still, Rose started to re trace her steps. And as soon as she came to the place where the landscape had started to change, green grass began to once again lap her feet. And there, just two metres back, sat the Doctor. And with him was Sofia, her straight blonde hair glistened as the two of them chatted casually among the Orchard trees. Well. Rose would have something to say about this. "Excuse me and what do you think you're doing? Sitting here talking to her while I'm off trying to safe all of our butts." Directed to the Doctor, but it was Sofia that answered her.

"Rose it's like my Grandmother said. You are the answer. YOU had bad wolf but unlike the Doctor here, you didn't have to die. There is still part of the Tardis, part of its soul lurking in your body. But we don't have it."

"And how exactly does that help me?"

"Because Rose," Sofia was getting slightly impatient now. "Because you are the one that has to go inside the force field room and retrieve the Tardis."

Up until now the Doctor had been casually making a daisy chain, with one ear on the conversation. And as Rose started to return to where the Tardis was hidden, he piped up. "So Rose,"


"How exactly are you going to get the Tardis out of there?" A good point. A very good point. Because with Rose at the controls she would be fine – well off Aearath at the least – but there was about a one in 1300000000000000000000000000000 etc etc… chance that she would end up out of the bubble, in the right time and at the right second.

"Couldn't my grandma Romana help?"

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