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Viktor sat his four-year-old dance partner on the floor as the song ended. "Thank you, Uncle Viktor!" she squealed, and ran to the table where the rest of the family was sitting. "Daddy, come dance with me!" she exclaimed, red curls bouncing as she tugged on Harry's hand. A slow song began to play, and Viktor reached for his fiancée, pulling her onto the floor, cradling her against his chest as they danced. This was her night, and he was so proud of her. In the two years since Hermione had signed her divorce papers, she'd traveled the entire world, accompanied by Viktor much of the time. She had accumulated enough books to open the International Wizarding Library in that short time. Today had been the grand opening, and tonight was a ball for the Ministry and other important figures in the wizarding community, and she was the person being honored.

Her caramel eyes met his, and he thought about the other event they were looking forward to. In three more months, she would finally be his wife. She had wanted time, time to open her library, time to let the divorce finalize, time to plan a wedding. He'd given her as much time as she'd wanted; what were a couple more years after all the waiting he'd done? They'd been together for all of it, going to bed together at night, waking up beside one another in the morning, snuggling, eating breakfast. He couldn't remember ever being happier than when he woke up to see her curled against his chest, wearing one of his old shirts, hair streaked with sunshine.

When the song ended, they made their way back to their table, where Ginny, Molly and Arthur were waiting. Soon they were joined by Harry and Ana, who promptly dragged Arthur to the dance floor.

"Hermione, dear," Molly said, "you're absolutely shining tonight."

"Thank you," she answered.

"I'm so proud of you."

"Ve are all proud of you, svetlina," Viktor added. Molly beamed at him, pleased with his input. He was still astonished at how easily he'd been accepted into this family, her ex-husband's family. No, they were Hermione's family. They all loved her, so they had accepted that she loved him. He was thrilled; he'd expected to be resented.

Hermione smiled, and flashed him a look that made him think of cool sheets and her cocktail gown pooled on the floor. He wondered if she would wear his tuxedo shirt for him. A shiver danced down his spine, and she laid a hand on his thigh. He took a deep breath, cooling himself down.

Arthur came over just then, thankfully taking Viktor's mind off the heat in Hermione's eyes. Ana plopped down on Harry's lap, pouting at having her dance interrupted. "Tiddlywink is looking for you, Hermione. He said something about introducing you to everyone."

She blushed bright red, and grabbed Viktor's hand and squeezed. "I'm not going up there alone," she mumbled to him. He would go with her, be as close as he could. She knew he would.

As they walked toward the front of the ballroom, he slipped his arm around her waist. "I vill be here, svetlina, vill be ok."

She smiled at him. Her cheeks were just a bit pink now. "I know, Vitya, thank you."

Tiddlywink escorted her to the podium. He spoke briefly, introducing Hermione. Viktor watched his sweet, shy love go from pale pink to bright red. Finally, when Tiddlywink finished, she fled back into his arms. He chuckled softly. Beautiful girl. He couldn't be happier.

Tiddlywink, with pride in his eyes, appeared beside them. "So, Mrs. Granger, now that the library is open, can I expect a wedding invitation soon?"

"Yes, Mr. Tiddlywink, it's in three months."

"Are you still going to be Mrs. Granger?"

She smiled up at Viktor. "No, I'm going to be Mrs. Krum this time around."

Viktor smiled back at her, then at Tiddlywink. "I vant to thank you, Mr. Tiddlyvink, for sending her looking for books. If you had not, I may not haff found her again. I believe I owe that to you."

Tiddlywink laughed. "No, no, Mr. Krum, I had nothing to do with that. From the way you two look at each other, I'd say that was destiny."

Yes, Viktor thought, he was right. That's what life with Hermione was all about: smiles, sunshine, and serendipity.

The End.