Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Dratimew is mine though.

Escape of the Dragon

By Silvain Star


Experiment Final Option

"Professor Taiken!" the lab assistant said. "It's awake!"

"Good, good," Professor Taiken of Team Rocket said. "How are you, Dratimew? Would you like to battle?"

The Pokemon glared at him, trying to pull free from its restraints.

"Draa! Dratimew dramew! Dramewmew!" it said angrily. (I'm not your plaything! I'm a Pokemon, and I want my freedom! Set me free!)

"That's where you're wrong, Dratimew. You are our plaything," Taiken said. "You always will be."

"Dramew draa dramewmew!" the dragon-type Pokemon said. (No, I'm not!)

It broke its restraints with Psychic, then used Hyper Beam to destroy the lab's western wall. Then it used its telepathy to give its creators one last message before it left.

I am NO ONE'S plaything. I will not be restrained. You can't control me… ever.

The blue and white kitten-like Pokemon flew out through the destroyed wall, only stopping to send a Dragonbreath attack back at the lab. Then she flew to a cliff several miles away from the small island laboratory.

I am Arishanne, a Dratimew, and Team Rocket's 'Final Option' experiment. But Team Rocket used and mistreated me, so I escaped. Now I'm on the run, fleeing my creators. For now, as the only one of my kind, I stand alone.