It all started when a wormhole to planet P107-8UNN33 was established some eight days ago and a stray, wild, alien animal managed to make it's way back to Atlantis.

It was small, and therefore infiltrated the base with relative ease.

No one would have even known it was there if Doctor McKay hadn't screamed and squealed like a schoolgirl and gestured towards it with a flailing arm when he nearly stepped on it.

Even then, it wasn't really considered a threat. Beckett looked it over, as did half of the biology staff and it was concluded that there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about it. It was a healthy, seemingly helpless animal that wasn't poisonous and was therefore considered an oddity at worst, and bloody adorable at best.

It was cute, of course, but that didn't stop people from wondering just how a rabbit ended up so far from earth and in the Pegasus galaxy. It wasn't quite a bunny rabbit, but it wasn't quite not, either, but it was enough of a facimile that it was called a bunny by the general Atlantis population.

Weir pretty much adopted it right away as an unofficial mascot. She figured that it would strengthen morale in the ranks if Atlantis had it's own 'pet'. Aside from the fact that it looked so much like something from home, that it was comforting to those who hadn't been back to earth in a while, the fact that it had caused McKay to react in such a manner only proved to endear it further to most of the staff on Atlantis.

The only person who was against the fluffy, beetle-black eyed creature was Rodney McKay. He was of the opinion that it was a harbinger of doom, and that if it wasn't slain immediatly, it would bring about a massacre of Monty Python proportions.

Sheppard just smirked and suggested that Rodney had watched 'Night Of The Leapus' one too many times.

Then things started to happen. Weird things. Inexplicable things. X-Files type things.

The shifts in reality were small, at first, and virtually unnoticeable. A missing sock here, a disappeared pair of sunglasses there. The real problems didn't start for a good twenty four hours until after the Alien-Not-Quite-A-Bunny thing arrived.

It began when the Daedelus arrived that morning with a new shipment of crew members that was much, much larger than usual. This in itself could easily be explained away if necessary, but the fact that ninety percent of them were female and named Mary-Sue could not.

The Alien-Not-Quite-A-Bunny thing gave birth a few hours after the arrival of the Mary-Sues.

No-one made the connection.

Things got even stranger after a few more days passed.

People all over the planet began suffering from symptoms of the strangest diseases, like amnesia. Crew members who weren't in relationships before suddenly became passionately entangled with one another. The Mary-Sues began chasing the most unlikely of crew members around for various reasons that no-one could explain.

It was chaos.

And the Alien-Not-Quite-Bunny-things still grew steadily in number.

Crew members who had never shown signs of depression became openly morose and pessimistic. Those who had shown no interest in romance suddenly became lovesick fools, spouting poetry to the heavens.

And someone caught Ronon and Kavanaugh dancing


But no-one suspected the Alien-Not-Quite-Bunny things, whose population began to run unchecked and who began growing to immense proportions.

They began multiplying at an unreal rate. Not multiplying like rabbits, like you would expect them to, but like tribbles.

Within six days, the whole base was overloaded with them. By the time anyone realized those things were to blame for the changes going on, it was too late. The damage was done.

Sheppard was suicidal.

Weir was a mindless bimbo hell-bent on getting it on with McKay.

McKay was hiding in a supply closet from the aforementioned Bimbo Weir.

Beckett had been tackled by one too many Mary-Sues and had perished from severe internal bleeding.

And Teyla had just had Ford's Wraith love child.

Chaos. It was pure, unadulterated chaos.


The Atlantis Stargate kawooshed to life suddenly, the noise of the wave errupting from the event horizon shattering the silence that engulfed the embarkation room.

There was no IDC code sent through the wormhole.

There was no-one there to activate the shield to keep the city of the Ancients protected from the unknown intruders.

No-one around to see the three, heavily laden, grungy female figures tromp down the ramp.

Not a single member of Atlantis staff still standing to watch as one of the figures squatted down to take a look at a bit of torn uniform marred with tiny teeth marks.

No-one there to watch as the one who had picked up the fabric swore under her breath and stomped out her cigar on the floor

"We're too late. It's the plot bunnies. They've already been here."


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