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Danny was flying over his home town of Amity Park. No, you didn't read that wrong and no it's not a typo. He really was flying. Danny Fenton wasn't your regular 15 year old teen. He was really the town's ghost hero Danny Phantom. (Yes his town was really that blonde coughHEATHERcough)

The only people who knew this were Sam and Tucker, his two best friends, and Jazz, his older sister. The whole town had found out only two months ago, but he reset reality, long story. Now he knew how his parents and town would react his he ever told them, but he still decided to erase his parent's memories.

Danny was brought out of his thoughts by his ghost sense. He stopped and looked around for the ghost, after a moment he spotted it in front of a man. Danny sped toward the unknown ghost and blasted him a moment before he attacked the man. Danny hit him a few more times then pulled out his Fenton thermos and sucked the ghost into it.

It was then that Danny remembered the man and turned to him. He was a very strange man; he had a light blue suit on and a long white beard. "Um, sir are you OK?" He asked even thought the man didn't seem very scared at all.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, Danny Phantom." He answered in a very quiet voice.

Danny was taken a back. He had never seen this man before, as Phantom or Fenton. "You know me?" He asked.

"Of course, you and the other ghosts make this town famous. I must be going though, have to meet someone." He said in a very cheerful voice, and then he walked out onto the side walk.

"Okay, that was weird." declared Danny, and then his watch rang off. "Great, better get home before mom and dad know I'm gone." And with that he flew back to his house. Danny phased into his room and transformed back to his human form.

Not five minutes later Danny heard the door bell ring, then he heard his parents open the door and some words exchanged. "Danny! Come down here, someone is here to talk to you." Called his mom.

Danny opened his door and ran down the stairs; he stopped when he saw the man from earlier. "Um, hi." He managed to choke out. What was with this guy? Did he know something; was he going to reveal him to his parents?

"Hello Daniel." He said in the same relaxed voice. "I see that you are surprised, if not confused. This should explain a little." He continued handing Danny a letter. Danny grabbed it and looked at the address.

Daniel Fenton

Fenton Works, first bedroom to the right, Amity Park

Danny reread the second line. How did he know that? He looked up to the man who was now inside and the door was shut. "Please, open it." He said again. Danny turned the letter over and broke the wax seal. Danny scanned the body of the letter and his eyes widened, he looked back up to the man. "Read it out loud, they'll understand." He said in almost a whisper, at this his parents finally spoke up.

"Danny, what is it?" Asked his mom.

"Yeah Danny, what is it?" Piped in his Dad.

"And this man is right, whatever it is we will understand." Added his mother.

Danny nodded and began to read.

"Dear Mr. Fenton,

We are pleased to inform that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry."

Started Danny, he was interrupted by his parents' gasp. "What, do you know what that means?" Asked Danny.

Danny's mom, Maddie, nodded staring at the man. "Y-yes. My second sister went there." She answered in short. Danny waited for her to say more, but when she didn't go on Danny continued reading.

"We know that you and your parents are Muggles, non magic people, the only magic in you family is your aunt, your mother's sister. So usually that would mean you wouldn't be accepted to Hogwarts, you blood would be too thin, but in the last ten months something has happen to you that makes us believe you would be a excellent addition to our school. The accident that gave you your 'abilities' appears to have awakened the magical blood in you.

If you wish to attend our school please get the supplies enclosed in this envelope. School begins September 1; we hope to see you then.

Yours truly,

Albus Dumbledore"

Danny finished reading and looked over to his parents who were now sitting down on the couch. "Mom, is this for real?" Asked Danny.

She nodded again. "Yes, my sister got her letter the summer of her 11th birthday. The whole family was so happy, she was the only witch in the family. I was very happy for here, if not a little jealous, but happy."

"But why haven't I ever met her?" Asked Danny.

"Because, she died about ten months after you were born. Actually, she was k-killed." Maddie choked out before bursting into silent tears. She dried them before more poured out, but she continued anyway. "She was best friends with a girl named Lily Evans, or Lily Potter after she was married. She had also had a son how was a few months older than you. Lily and James, her husband, had just gone into hiding. A dark wizard was after them." Maddie stopped and Jack started to comfort her.

The man, Dumbledore if you haven't noticed already, continued. "Yes and Amy, your aunt, was cornered by that dark wizard, Voldemort. He wanted to know where the Potters were, she refused to tell him and was killed. Although he found and killed the Potters, and tried to kill Harry, their son but failed."

"Wasn't he killed?" Asked Maddie still in tears.

"In a way he was, but he has recently returned." Answered Dumbledore.

"What!" Exclaimed Maddie.

"I'm afraid so, but the wizarding world doesn't want to believe it." Admitted Dumbledore. "The ministry won't believe a 15 year old eye witness and a crazy old headmaster." He added with a small laugh. "That's me by the way, I'm Albus Dumbledore."

"Um hello, so this school, I really can go?" Asked Danny holding up the letter.

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, but since kids start our school at the age of 11 you have to catch up on four years worth of spells, charms and magical history." He explained. "That's where Miss Hermione Granger comes in. She is one of our best students and is a best friend of Harry Potter, he will also help you in your studies." Then as an after thought he added, "But don't listen to Ron Wesley very much when it comes to school."

"Mom, Dad can I go?" Asked Danny liking the idea of this more and more, if not the 'catching up on four years of studies..'

"I suppose, but what is this about?" Asked Maddie, who was now clam, grabbing the letter out of Danny's hand and quoting it. "'The accident that gave you your 'abilities' appears to have awakened the magical blood in you.' What does that mean?"

Danny shifted from the right foot to the left foot a couple times. "Well, you see-" Danny stopped and turned to Dumbledore.

"It's the only way that you can go, is to tell them." Insisted Dumbledore.

Danny sighed. At least he knew how they would react, after the Reality Gauntlet and he really wanted to go to this school-even if it meant leaving his friends and family. It could really teach him a lot in battle, Sam and Tuck would understand.

"You see, after the accident in the lab with the ghost portal I got," Danny paused, then continued. "I got ghost powers. I was in the ghost portal when it happened, not outside of it."

"Danny, that's impossible. That should have killed you!" Exclaimed Jack.

"It sort of did, half way. I'm now half ghost, a Halfa is what they call me in the ghost zone." Explained Danny, they still bore confused looks. "Here, let me show you." And Danny transformed into his ghost half, Danny Phantom.

Jack and Maddie gasped, who wouldn't? "Danny, why didn't you tell us?" Asked his mom.

"I don't know, just scared I guess. I didn't know how you would react." Answered Danny truthfully.

"Danny, were sorry. If I were you I wouldn't have said anything either, after everything we've said about ghosts." Stated Jack.

Danny smiled. They reacted almost the exact same way.

Dumbledore cleared his through. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but we must leave soon."

"What! How soon?" Asked Danny.

"With in a few hours, I have to drop you off at the Order then a couple days after that you will go and get your things for school." Explained Dumbledore.

"Mom? Dad?" Asked Danny turning to his parents.

They smiled. "Yes, I'd love for you to follow in my sister's footsteps." Then she added. "Just, don't get killed. Although, you've bee facing death everyday for almost a year." She laughed.

"I'll start packing and I'll call Sam and Tucker to come over and say good bye. And where's Jazz?" Asked Danny.

"At the library, I'll call her on the house phone, you call Sam and Tucker on your cell." Said Maddie walking to the kitchen. Danny ran up the stairs and began to pack, first calling his two best friends and telling them to come right over.

After Danny was done packing he heard a knock at his door. "Come in!" He yelled, Sam and Tucker walked in.

"Danny, why are you packing? And who's the guy down stairs?" Asked Sam raising an eyebrow.

"I'm sort of going to another school, a special school." Explained Danny.

"What?" Exclaimed both at the same time.

"Here." Danny handed them the letter, after they read it Danny explained everything about his aunt and the dark wizard.

"Wow Danny, that's big." Sighed Tucker. "But do you really have to go?" He asked.

"This could help me with battling, I would have something better up my sleeves for Vlad and other powerful ghosts." Proposed Danny.

Sam smiled. "That's fine Danny, if you think this is what you have to do then you should do it." Agreed Sam. "Just make sure none of those witches put a love spell on you like Paullina." warned Sam laughing.

Danny and Tucker joined in. "I promise."

"Danny! It's almost time! Jazz is here, too." Exclaimed his Mom from down stairs.

Danny grabbed his bag and walked down stairs with Sam and Tucker. Danny said his good byes to his family and then to his best friends, hugging all of them and getting a kiss from his mom.

"I'll see you all for Christmas break." Promised Danny, then turning to Dumbledore. "Right?" Dumbledore nodded.

"Now Danny, take hold of my arm and don't let go." Said Dumbledore. Danny was confused by this but did as he was told. "Okay, and three, two and one." Suddenly Danny felt as he was being pulled forward, his breath was taken away from him. The only things he was thinking were: 1) Hold on to his arm. And 2) I REALLY hate this, whatever this is.

From where Danny's friends and family were standing they two just seemed to have disappeared.

"Okay, that right there. That was messed up." Said Tucker.


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