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"Umbridge read your mail, Harry," said Hermione when they were in Charms the next day. "She attacked Hedwig, I think she was the one who told Filch you were ordering Dungbombs as well. Filch would have told her what was in it, he doesn't care about student's rights. Silencio!"

The frog she was praticing her Silencing charm on was still moving it's mouth but no sound came out.

"You know I really need to use this charm on my sister. . . or maybe the box ghost," said Danny looking at Hermione's frog.

Harry rasied an eyebrow, "You just have to learn it first," he said laughing.

Danny crossed his arms in a huff, "What can I say, it's hard!"

"Why is it that you're so good at almost everything else in this class, but can't preform a slilencing charm?" asked Ron, who still couldn't silence his raven.

Before Danny could reply Hermione answered, "I have a thorey, he can't be quiet for two minutes so it's impossible to make another object do the same." she remarked with a sly grin, then glanced at Ron. "That goes for you and Ron as well, Harry."

"Hey!" exclaimed Danny and Ron, Harry however found this very funny.

"Never thought you had that in you, Hermione!" he said patting her on the back.

They went to a nearly full classroom for break becasue of rain, Peeves was floating by the chandelier sometimes blowing an ink pellet at someone.

"I've got permission!" exclaimed Angelina running in and over to Danny and Harry. "We can start Quidditch again!"

"Excellent!" exclaimed Ron, Danny and Harry at once.

"Yeah," said Angelina beaming. "Meet on the pitch at seven, we only have three weeks till the first match!" Then she got up and dodged an ink pellet from Peeves.

After a moment Hermione brought up the subject of the Defense Against the Dark Arts, the secret group that is. "I'm just wondering if it's such a good idea, I know Snuffles is all for it but that's what's bothering me." she said, Harry and the others stared at her like she was crazy. "I mean, do you really trust his judgement?"

"Yeah, I do!" exclaimed Harry.

Then Katie Bell was struck with a ink pellet by Peeves, she started throwing things at him. Hermione started talking a few moments later.

"I think he's become. . .sort of. . . reckless, you know, since he's been cooped up in Grimmauld Place. I think he's, and don't take this the wrong way, but. . .I think he's living through us." she said slowing, choicing her words carefully.

"Sirius was right, you do sound like my mother," said Ron shaking his head.

Hermione bit her lip and didn't answer.

Peeves emtied an entire bottle of ink on Katie, Danny stood up and walked over to her. He gave Peeves an evil look, Peeves quickly sooped out of the room was Danny cleaned the ink off Katie.


The weather didn't approve all day so when Danny and Harry walked down to the Quidditch pitch that night at seven they were completely wet by the time they reached the changing rooms. Fred and George were talking about how they would get out of the practice.

"I think we should use the Fever Fudge," said George.

"Does it work?" asked Danny, he had gotten very intrested in the twin's joke shop. He knew that Tucker and them would get along just fine.

"Yeah, your temperature will go right up -" said Fred.

"- but you get these massive boils, too," said George. "We don't know how to get rid of them yet."

"I don't see any boils," said Danny.

"No, you wouldn't." said Fred very darkly. "It's not in a place we generally display to the public -"

"-but they make sitting on a broom a real pain in the - "

Just then Angelina walked out of the Captian's office. "This isn't ideal weather, but it's probally going to be like this when we play Slytherin." she turned to Harry. "What was that you did to your glasses to stop the rain from fogging them up when we played Hufflepuff in that storm?"

"Hermione did it," answered Harry, he pulled out his wand and tapped his glasses. "Inpervius!"

Angelina had everyone preform the smell on themsleves. Then they went out side, they tried as hard as they could but they couldn't see what any of them were doing. Finally the all went back inside the changing room.

Harry was drying his face off when it happened, "OUCH!" he exclaimed.

"What's up?" asked several voices.

Harry couldn't see them clearly with out his glasses, but they seemed concerned.

"Nothing, I poked myself in the eye." he said quickly putting his glasses on. Danny shot him a look that said, 'Okay, what really happened?'

Everyone was finishing drying of when suddenly Danny started taking deep breaths like he was going to sneeze - and he did, then fell right through the floor. . . in front of everyone.

When he came back up and return to his solid form everyone was staring at him.

"What was that!" exclaimed almost everyone.

"Well, I. . .you see," Danny studdered, then took a deep breath - he might as well tell them, three people on the team already knew. That meant only another three people would know his secret. "I'm half ghost, that's one of the reasons I came to Hogwarts." The group gave Danny confused looks and Danny explained everything. They took it very well, they also said he would be great a Quidditch without a broom. After he was done everyone left the changing rooms and went back to the common room - after Danny stressed that they couldn't tell anyone.

On the way to the common room Danny and Harry ran into Ron and Harry explained what happened in the changing room to them. They were shocked that Harry was reading Voldemort's mind, or mood more like, then they both told him he should tell Dumbledore or Sirius. Harry refused.

Hermione and Ron both went up to their rooms, Hermione leaving assortment of hand knitted elf hats on the table. Danny and Harry continued their homework in silence, Harry felt his mind drifting back to what Hermione had said earlier, about him becoming reakless. Danny was stiill worried about letting so many people in on his secret, even if they were on accident. Neville, Luna, and the rest of the Quidditch team (that didn't already know.)

Just as Danny was finishing his essay his ghost sense went off, Harry looked up at Danny to see the blue smoke coming out of his mouth and he started to look around for one of the Hogwarts ghosts. A moment later Nearly Headless Nick appeared in the middle of them.

"Hello boys, having a long night of homework?" he asked, they both nodded.

"So Nick, what are you doing here? You usually never come to the common room," asked Harry putting his potions essay on the table, Danny did the same.

"Well I was just here the other day and heard you talking about a certain Defense Against the Dark Arts group," answered Nick, Danny and Harry stiffened, Nick noticed and said. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone - I agree with you - and I want to help. I know you need somewhere to practice and I know the perfect place. . . "

"Really, where?" asked Danny raising an eyebrow.

"It's called the Room of Requirement." said Nick, he looked thrilled to be telling them about this. "It is a room that a person can only enter when they have a real need for something. Sometimes it's there and sometimes not, but when it appears it is always has what you need."

"Wow, that sounds great," remarked Danny. "How many people know about it?"

"Not many, some stumble across it but never find it again." answered Nick. "Could show you where it is anytime, right now if you want."

Danny and Harry were tempted to do so, it would be very easy with Danny's ghost powers to make himself invisible and Harry could use his invisiblitly cloke but Hermione had gotten to the both of them and only one word rang though their minds: reckless.

"Not tonight, Nick," said Harry finally. "This needs planing, could you tell me exactly where the Room of Requirements is and how to get in there?"


The next afternoon in Herbology they could barly hear Professor Sprout over the sound of the hammering raindrops. After wards Danny ran over to tell Neville about the place they found for the DADA mettings AND to ask for some toutoring in Herbology - it was his worse class next to Divination. Then they told Angelina (after she told them Quidditch practice was canceled becasue of the storm.) and told her to past it down to everyone that was a Hog's Head.

Before leaving the common room that night they checked the Marauder's Map (Danny loved it, he wished he had one of Amity Park or Casper high.) and made sure Filch, Umbridge and the other teacher were away from the seventh floor. (Were the room was.)

When they got to the room they stopped waiting for what Harry and Danny had to say. "Nick said to walk past three times thinking about what we need."

Harry did so, 'We need somewhere to learn to fight. . .Just give us a place to practice. . . somewhere they can't find us. . . '

"Harry," said Hermione sharply, as they walked by the third time.

A highly polished door had appeared in the wall. Harry reashed out and seized the brass handle and pulled in open. The room was brightly lit with large silk cushions instead of chairs. There were bookcases and dark sensing instruments.

After some conversation about the room, Hermione loved all the books, there was a soft knock at the door and they turned around to see Ginny, Neville, Lavender, Parvati and Dean.

After everyone arrived they elected a leader (Harry hands down) and named the group - Dumbledore's Army or DA for short - and Hermione taped the list of people on the wall with the title on the top they were ready to get started.

"Right," said Harry standing. "I think we sould practice the Disarming Charm, it's pretty basic but very useful -" Harry was cut of by Zacharias Smith.

"Oh please, I don't think Expelliarmus is exactly going to hlep us against You-Know-Who, do you?" he said rolling his eyes and placing his arms over his chest.

"I've used it against him," said Harry quietly. "It saved my life last year."

Smith opened his mouth stupidly, the room was completely quiet except for Danny's chulckling.

"What are you laughing at?" snapped Smith.

Danny stopped his laughing but continued to laugh, "Sorry, you just reminded me of my best friend, Tucker Foley, he alwasy talks himself into a corner with my other frined Sam - and most everyone. He did almost the exact same thing in English class with Mr. Lancer."

"English? You have class for that?" asked a boy. "And who's Mr. Lancer?"

"In the muggle world yes, it's not the language it's books, plays and poems." answered Danny. "And Mr. Lancer is the teacher, think a combination of McGonagall, Snape and sometimes Dumbledore - only in the form of a over weight teacher. He can be really evil, but sometimes human."

Everyone shivered at the idea of that combination, then they turned their attention to Harry, he told them to divide into pairs.

Harry practiced with Neville for a while before walking around the classroom and checking everyone was doing to spell correctly.

Ginny and her boyfriend had just taken a break (he wouldn't jinx her) when Neville missed Hermione from halfway across the room and sent it flying at Ginny's back. Danny saw this happen from about ten or twenty feet away and started running over to her. She turned around just in time for it to hit her in the chest, it only put off balance and she started to fall back. Danny caught her a moment before she hit the floor, she was leaning up against his chest and her face was very close to his, she blushed at the postion. 'Okay, this is the most embarrasing moment EVER!' she thought. 'Wow, what's that smell? Oh, it's him - it's sure nice and comfering - I wonder what it is?'

Danny pulled her up and on her feet. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, just fine, that's some reflexes you have there!" she said with a smiling, though still a pink tint to her cheeks.

"Sorry Ginny, I missed!" exclaimed Neville franticly running up to her, she told him it was fine. Then Ginny's boyfrined walked up to her asking if she was okay and shooting death glares at Danny.

"Wow Danny," said a soft voice behind him, he turned around to see Cho Chang. "You have some good reflexes, have you always had them or was it just learning magic?" she asked, everyone around them asked the same thing.

"Well, my parents are ghost hunters and I have to help out sometimes, when you're facing a ghost you need good reflexes." answered Danny, it was ture he did learn a lot living with his parents. Usually the reflexes were learned from dodging ecto-blasts from his parents' inventions that were out ot get him and fighting ghosts as Phantom.

"I resent that," said Nearly Headless Nick phazing in the room. "Just checking to make sure you are enjoying this room." Harry and everyone thanked him and they continued with their practice.

After a while they all left the room two or three at a time so they didn't run into anyone. On the way to the Gryffindor common room they talked all about the meeting and how fun it was. All Harry could think about was how Cho said that he made her nervous when he was walking around. Although he couldn't help but think about how Cho kept telling Danny how funny or fast he was, he pushed that out of the way quickly. Danny didn't like Cho. . . did he? A horrible thought crossed his mind. Hermione had said that almost every girl in Hogwarts liked Danny, what if Cho did as well? He was sure that Danny wouldn't go out with her, he knew that he liked her and he was a good frined.

However, Harry couldn't help but be a little scared and - could it be - jealous?


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