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" and Italics mean thought, # means Chinese, and " means speech.

Also, this story takes place just after Ranma jumps into the Hiryu-Shoten-Ha to save Akane. (He used the technique to defeat happosai who had hit him with the ultimate weakness moxibustion, so that he could get a chart from the old man that would show him the cure.)

Chapter 1,

A Hero Lost?

Ranma watched helplessly as the moxibustion chart clenched in his teeth was shredded by the high velocity winds of the Hiryu-Shoten-Ha while he clutched Akane to his chest. "The... The chart..." He thought as he watched with growing horror. "The chart that shows the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Point... My only hope to regain my strength is... gone..."

On the ground, Kuh Lon and the others watched as little bits of paper were thrown from the tornado. Grabbing the largest peice, which was no larger than the tip of her thumb, Kuh Lon inspected it in horror. "This... This is... Without that chart, my son in law will die a weakling!" She exlaimed.

Kuh Lon's words echoed through Ranma's mind as he lost all hope. "It's all over... I'm sorry, Akane..." He was brought out of his dispair when he suddenly remembered that he had Akane in his arms. "I... I can't give up yet! Akane, if nothing else, I'll save you!" He thought, clutching Akane tighter as he looked down at the ground, around a hundred feet below them.

"Uh-oh, rough landing coming up." Ukyo said as she and Ryoga watched on. "Ranma may have it coming, but not Akane!" Ryoga exlaimed. "Wait, what is Ranma honey doing?" Ukyo asked as she and Ryoga watched Ranma reposition himself as he and Akane built up speed on their decent. "I... I think he's gonna try and save Akane!" Ryoga yelled.

Before anyone could reach them to help, Ranma and Akane smacked into the ground with a sickening crunch. "Wh-what happened? Where's the chart?" Akane asked, sitting up. "Y-you ok... tomboy?" Ranma asked, getting to his knees and coughing once into his hand, thenwiping it on the ground, leaving a red smear behind.

"I'm fine, but what happened to the chart?" Akane asked, placing her hand on Ranma's back. "It... it got shredded..." Ranma sighed, causing his back to shift under Akane's hand, which told her something wasn't right, it felt like his ribs shifted slightly. "R-Ranma? are you ok?" Akane asked, getting paniced.

Ranma turned to face Akane, a small amount of blood trickling out of his mouth as he smiled. "Sorry... Akane..." He breathed, falling over.

"RANMA!" Akane screamed, grabbing him and pulling him to her before he could hit the ground. Kuh Lon quickly pogoed over on her cane and felt his neck. "He's still alive! quickly, we must get him to Tofu!" She exlaimed.

"Leave that to us! the Furenkin high medical club!" said a couple of boys dressed in medical uniforms, running over with a stretcher, then gently placing Ranma on it and picking it up and running off towards Tofu's office.

Suddenly, the ground near them exploded and Happosai jumped out. "Ranma! I have come back from the depths of hell itself to get my revenge!" he bellowed, looking around for the cursed boy as he pulled out some fireworks.

Before anyone realized what had happened, Akane was standing over Happosai, her battle aura flaring more dangerously than anyone had ever seen it before. "Happosai... I'm going to send you to hell for real for what you've done to Ranma." She said, her voice trembling with a cold rage.

"Wha... Akane?" Happosai asked, turning around, only to find Akane's fist meeting his face, driving him back into the ground. "Such insolence! what did you do that for!" Happosai asked, springing up.

"For everything you've done to Ranma! And don't think that was the last of it, because there's a lot more!" Akane screamed, taking another swing at Happosai, only to have her arm caught by Ryoga.

"Akane, beating him up won't solve anything." He said, images of Akane flinging herself into his arms to cry, then falling in love with him flashing through his mind. Reality can be cruel though, as Ryoga suddenly found himself flying through the air, losing conciousness from the uppercut that Akane just delivered him.

Happosai, witnessing what just happened to the lost boy, decided that it best be time to get out of there, only to find his student Genma standing in front of him. "You monster!"Genma exlaimed, watching all of his carefully laid plans shattering before his very eyes as he kicked out at his master.

"What do you think you're doing?" Happosai asked, jumping out of the way of the kick. The very next instant though, before he could retaliate, he was smushed into the ground by Akane's mallet. For the next several minutes Akane and Genma proceeded to beat, stomp, punch, and overall demolish Happosai.

"Ok now, that's enough out of the both of you. You need to stop before you kill him." Kuh Lon said,jumping between the three of them. "Besides, we need to go see how son-in-law is." She reminded akane and Genma before they could protest. Quickly Akane and Genma took off in the direction of Dr. Tofu's clinic while Kuh Lon and Ukyo followed behind, the latter carrying an unconcious and battered Happosai. A while later they arrived, only to find the two members of the medical club that brought Ranma standing in front of the doors, barring any entrance. "Sorry, but we can't let anyone in, it's Dr. Tofu's orders!" they said quickly as Genma and Akane were about to force them out of the way.

"I don't care! I want to see Ranma!" Akane cried, moving to push the two guys out of her way. Right as she reached them though, Dr. Tofu came out, his face ashen. "Doctor, what's wrong?" Kuh Lon asked.

"I... I don't know how to tell all of you this... I've done all I can... but I don't think Ranma isn't going to make it... Akane, he's asking for you..." Tofu said quietly. Akane put her hand over her mouth as she rushed through the door as Tofu and the others stood outside. "Ranma has broken and/or fractured almost all of his ribs, most of the bones in his left arm and shoulder are broken, and he has a bad concussion, not to mention a whole bunch of internal bleeding from the fall. It's gonna be a miracle if he survives." Tofu explained to the shocked people around him.

Inside, Akane rushed to Ranma's side, tightly clutching his right hand. "I'm here Ranma..." She whispered.

Ranma looked up at Akane and smiled weakly. "There's... my beautiful tomboy." He said with a faint chuckle, wiping a tear from Akane's face. "Akane... the doc said I might not make it... so... I just wanted to say I'm sorry... for everything..."

Akane shook her head. "No Ranma! You're gonna make it, I know you will! you can get through anything!" She said, tears running freely down her face.

Ranma's smile grew wider. "Thanks Akane... but I'm afraid this time may be the last time... and... before I slip into unconciousness... I just wanted to tell you... I don't know how you... you feel about me... but... I... I love you Akane Tendo, and I would have been proud to... to call you my wife..." With that, his eyes closed, and his hand fell to his side.

"I love you too Ranma! so... please... DON'T LEAVE ME!" She cried out in anguish, collapsing on top of him, sobbing, as everyone ran in.

End Ch.1

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