Title: Instant Gratification

Rated: PG-13

Pairing: Implied House/Stacey and House/Cameron

Author: Megan Faye

Disclaimer: I don't own House, M.D. or any of the characters. Just read, enjoy or flame.


Dr. Gregory House looked especially grumpy when he stepped into his office. Cuddy had already picked a fight with him, Chase was living up to his name and following a young nurse around, and Foremen was stuck in traffic. And, as icing on the cake, Stacey's car was in the parking lot.

"Oh, great," he muttered upon seeing his ex in his office. "Stacey. Why are you in my office so late?"

"Late? Its 7:30 in the morning."

"I know, you should hurry back to your coffin before the sun catches you." He took a few steps closer. "What are you holding?" When she stood, his question was answered by the tiny baby in her arms.

"We need to talk." Greg staggered towards his desk.


After regaining his composure, House wiped his tear stained face. The LAST thing he would need was to be seen crying. While House wanted to be a father, but he wanted to be married and settled first. She had proof, the baby wasn't Mark's, and they had been together a few times while Mark was sick. The baby was sitting in a sage green car seat on the floor and was waking up. When he finally looked at the baby, he felt something in his chest. He felt proud, and he felt a connectiong to this squirming little parasite in his office. He knew he could love the baby.

"I don't think I am what you want," he said, lifting the baby up. "You have my mother's eyes," he noticed. He also noticed she was still fussing even while he paced with her. "Olivia House," he said, reading the birth certificate again. "It doesn't suit you at all." The baby's fussing turned into crying. "I have no idea what to do," he told the baby. He looked up into the board room and saw just who he had been praying for.

Cameron walked into the conference room and started a fresh pot of coffee. She could have sworn House was walking around, holding something. She stared for a moment and sure enough, he passed the window carrying what could only be a baby.

"Is that a baby?" she thought to herself. "Why does House have a baby?" Greg House's blue eyes met hers and he hobbled to the door. When it opened, Cameron could hear the baby crying.

"Cameron, help." She took the baby and bounced her lightly in her arms. The baby continued to fuss. "Stacey just left her."

"And you don't know what you're doing?"

"Of course I know what I'm doing. I just would rather you do it." Cameron glared at him and handed the infant to her father. "Okay she's not sick; I could handle sick. But she's fine and I don't know why she's crying. Please, make it stop!"

"Symptoms?" she asked. House ushered her into the office and drew the blinds.

"Crying, squirming, making a squished face thing with her mouth, and her fists are all tight." He popped a Vicodin as they talked.

"Feed her." Cameron said as she picked up a bag that was on the chair. "Low and behold, there are notes, and a fresh bottle." House stuck the bottle in the baby's mouth.

"She's not taking it. Maybe she's not hungry." Cameron rearranged the baby in his arms, and positioned the bottle. The baby latched on and instantly calmed. "Thanks..." he said softly.

"I'm getting Cuddy. Hey, she may give you paternity leave."

"Don't even joke about that. Stacey will be back. No woman in her right mind would ever leave her baby with me." Greg was pale, and sweating.

"Just in case, I'll talk to Cuddy."

"About what?" Lisa Cuddy asked as she entered the office, knowing exactly where to find the missing doctor. "You are late for clinic duty again, House."

"Can't do it. I'm feeding the baby."

"You'll do anything to get out of clinic duty, won't you?" She sighed heavily. "What kind of woman left him with a baby?"

"Stacey," Cameron anwsered. Cuddy stared at him for a solid minute. She started to laugh lightly. When House looked hurt, she regained her composure.

"Seriously, who's baby is she?" As she asked the question, House took the bottle from the infant's mouth. She immediatly spit up on him.

"Christ," House said under his breath. "Cameron, you deal with this before my head implodes." He handed off the baby, and went into his office. Cuddy started to follow, but when he sat at his desk, she saw he was rubbing his forehead and probably fighting a migraine.

"She just left the baby?"



"Hello, cute baby!" Chase said, oogling the newborn visitor in the meeting room. "Who is the prettiest baby girl? You? Yes! Coo chee coo!"

"Stop that!" Cameron said over her shoulder.

"Hey, kid." Foremen stuck a little finger out to the baby's hand. "How's fatherhood settling with you, House?" As he finished the question, a muffin bounced off his head.

"Its been an hour, leave him alone." Greg started back into his office. Allison followed with Olivia in her arms, who was starting to doze off.

"She'll be back. There is no way in hell that I am a fit parent. I can't even feed the kid!" Cameron felt pity for the baby who's mother had walked out on her. She couldn't leave the girl with a man who knew nothing about caring for babies.

"I'll help out, until you get settled." House smiled gratefully at the young woman who seemed to know a lot more about general baby care than he did. "Not long, just a few weeks."

"Just until Stacey comes back." Cameron nodded. "Now, what does she need? She has a bottle and a few diapers in that thing in there."

"Diaper bag."


"Do you know what she needs?" Greg asked. Allison nodded. "Take my credit card and get it. You have the day off. And please, for the love of All that is Holy, take the baby." She bundled the baby into her sage green car seat, picked up the diaper bag and headed towards the door. "Hey, Cameron," House called.


"It looks good on you."

"What does, House?"

"You with a baby." He was attempting to compliment her, she decided. "Thank you...for helping me out." She smiled sadly.



House expected a box or two near the door when he got home, but this was rediculous. There were 15 or 20 outside, and more inside. Some looked like new boxes from a store, but most looked like they had been packed away by someone with great care. Another thing he noticed was that the place was clean. Not like Wlison shoving all the filth into House's room, but actually clean. The garbage was out, dishwasher was running, and even the floors were clean.

"Cameron?" he called. "Where the hell is my dirt? I was saving that for Christmas."

"Liv needs a clean home," she said, sweat pouring down her face. She knew it would be longer, and had him prepared for a while, but didn't want to put more stress on him. "She's in her crib napping."

"What the hell is Graco?" he asked, mispronouncing the name.

"Graco. They made the carseat now in your car, the swing in your livingroom, the bouncer next to your piano, the high chair at your table, the stroller in the closet, the bassinet next to the couch, and the portable crib in your bedroom."

"Good Lord. Does she need all this crap?"

"No," Cameron mused. "You do." Cameron got her keys and started for the door. "See you tomorrow."

"Wait, you can't leave me here with her."

"There are diapers on the changing table, 4 bottles in the fridge, instructions, and I have a date tonight." Greg gently grabbed her arm. "House," she started.

"Please. I don't know what to do." She caved.

"Fine," she said finally. "One night. I won't Do anything for her, I'll only tell you what needs to be done."

"Agreed." Greg sat on the couch while she called her date to cancel. "Do you think I could catch a shower?"

"Sure, I'll get Liv when she wakes up. I suggest that you Shave too."


"Liv's head'll rub against it. If it scratches her, she'll cry." Greg nodded.

"I'll be out in a few minutes. Do I want to know what I just spent on the little Liver spot?"

"You really didn't spend much at all." He sighed and limped into his bedroom. She wandered through the apartment, making sure he had everything he needed. Cameron looked at the last box to unpack. This box held clothes that she'd gotten years ago at the baby shower for her daughter. She and Brian had been so excited, but less than a month after they found out, Brian died. A few weeks later, Cameron lost the baby. It took her 4 months after the miscarrage to pack them away. While she wanted to save them for when she got pregnant again, she hated to leave them packed up when her friend needed them.

She unpacked them and sorted the clothes into the plastic drawers the got for Liv. She heard uneven footsteps behind her. At first she chose to ignore them, knowing it was Greg, but when they stopped behind directly behind her, she turned. House stood over her, wearing flannel pajama bottoms, and a clean white shirt.

"Hi," she said, turning away again. "I forgot a box." House noticed the tags were still on, but the price tags were gone. Things were fitting into place. These were given to her as gifts and now she was giving them to a man who treated her like crap.

"Cameron, don't do this to yourself." He stretched out a hand. "Come here." She collapsed into his arms, crying for the first time for her baby. "I didn't know," he said, in a sorry attempt to make her feel better.

As she calmed into a silent cry, he lead her into the bedroom and laid her on his bed. Liv was asleep in her own little bed, so House lay holding Cameron until she was in a nice slumber. When the little one woke up, he took her into the other room to figure out why she was up.


"List...list. Okay, you need food. 'Run one bottle under hot water until luke warm. Shake well. Feed Liv.' I think I can do that. 'While fixing bottle, put Liv in bouncer on the floor next to you, and for God's Sake buckle her in.' That's something else I can do. What the hell is a bouncer?" he looked at the label on each box by his door. When he found one that said Bouncer on it, he glanced at the picture. "Oh, that thing. Okay," He held Liv in one hand and used his cane to push the bouncer into the kitchen. "You hang out here, kid."

House got a bottle from the fridge and shook it well, and started the hot water. After a few minutes, he tested it on his hand.

"Shake it first, House," Cameron said from the door.

"OW! Jesus!"

"I told you." He gave it a good shake, tested it again. When he was satisfied it wouldn't scald the baby, he tried unbuckling her. A nice long string of four-letter words came flying from his lips and Cameron stepped in. "These two buttons on the sides open." She lifted the baby to him. Before he took her, he settled on a chair and placed his cane on the table. "Hold her head, and tilt the bottle this way." He nodded.

"Any advice about baby puke?" Cameron handed him a cloth diaper. "Wrong end," he observed.

"Trust me." As the baby burped, followed by a healthy spit up, House wiped her clean. "Now for the diaper." Cameron scooped the baby up. "Its easier than you think. Come on," she reached a hand to her friend and he silently followed her to his room.

"I've changed diapers before. Never on a squirming newborn... but I've changed my share of diapers." Cameron watched him as he cleaned the baby and with great easy, dressed her again. "There we go."

"Good job, Daddy," Allison smirked. He scowelled at her. "Do you want me to show you how all the gadgets work?"

"That would be a good idea. What do you think, Liver?" The baby's arms flailed in response. "She agrees. And when did Olivia become Liv?" He lifted his baby onto his shoulder and they walked towards the livingroom.

"Just a nickname. It suits her personality,Olivia Madison was too long of a name for such a tiny baby." House looked her over. She did seem too small for her name. He looked into the baby's eyes and felt terrible for the child.

"Why would she do this?"

"She didn't do it to hurt you, House."

"I mean, why would she do this to Liv? Why would anyone leave an innocent baby with someone like me?"

"House, you are doing fine. You fed, burped, and changed your daughter." Cameron stretched and yawned. "We need to go to my place tomorrow before we go in to work. I have no clean clothes, or a toothbrush."

"That sounds fair. Thank you, by the way."


"There isn't a single pink thing other than clothes. Everything is green, tan or yellow."

"Everything pink looked like it was washed in Pepto Bismal. I didn't have the heart to do it to you."

"Thank God." Cameron looked at the clock. It was almost midnight.

"You didn't have to do all this," he said, still in shock from the situation he found himself in.

"You looked like you needed a friend."

"Thanks," he said softly. Cameron gently touched his cheek. The skin felt so smooth and clean in her hands. Finally, the temptation to kiss him was too great for her. Cameron's lips met the soft skin of his cheek briefly. When she backed off enough to see him, he looked so content. She rested back on his chest with his arm draped lazily around her back.

"I should probably let you sleep," she said finally. After checking to make sure Liv was sleeping, he took her hand and limped into the bedroom. "House, we can't."

"I'm not asking you to do anything you don't want to do, but if you are going to sleep in my home, and on my chest, I have to stretch out My leg is screaming right now. If you want something a little more comfortable to sleep in, you can use one of my T Shirts hanging in the closet." Allison nodded and complied. When she finally came to bed, she wore a Lacrosse shirt with G. House on the back.

"This okay?"

"I've never seen the shirt look better." She slept curled in his arms, with her face snuggled into his chest. Allison felt safe and slept better than she had in a long time.


House checked to make sure the carseat sitting on the stroller was locked in place before heading into the hospital. As they wandered thought the hospital, people stared at House, who carried the diaper bag slung over his shoulder with pride.

"Hi Jimmy," House said, grinning.

"So the rumors are true, you have a kid. Good morning Cameron. How'd he con you into becoming his nanny service?"

"He let me sleep in his Lacrosse shirt," she said with a wink. Wilson dropped his coffee.

He lead the way to Cuddy's office, leaning heavily on his cane. Cameron hadn't seen him take any Vicodin since last night before his shower. They strolled through the hospital in silence, other than the occasional sigh from the sleeping baby strapped securely in her carseat. The elevator ride was short; Chase went up with them. He couldn't help but notice that the man he's come to know on body odor alone smelled clean and was shaven. He also looked happy.

"Is there something I can do for you, Chase?"

"No, Cameron. Everythings just fine. You?"

"Never better. Now stop staring at my ass." The doors opened. House and Cameron stepped out.

"Can I take her in?" he asked. Cameron moved away from the stroller. Greg hung his cane on the handle and pushed his way into the office. She stirred slightly. "Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh..." As soon as she was a little more asleep, he limped into Cuddy's office, right passed the secretary. "Don't make a peep, sleeping baby." Cameron laughed at him. Still annoying the secretaries any possible way. Cuddy hung up the phone quickly when he came in.

"House," she started.

"We need a few weeks off."


"Cameron is moonlighting as my personal childcare professor so I don't burn bottles, or wipe her face with a diaper. I'm taking paternity leave until she's 8 weeks old." Cuddy thought for a moment. "I have sole custody, and she's too young for any daycare. I can't hire a nanny until I know my child's needs."

"I'll give you the 8 weeks, full paternity, but Cameron will need to prove she's the child's other primary care giver. You need to either be married, live together, or have partial legal custody."

"She moved in with me last night." He was on the receiving end of a skeptical glare. "Don't beleive me? I have a clean-shaven face, clean clothes on, and abour 30 boxes in my condo now. Go look." Lisa Cuddy touched his cheek.

"Its actually shaved. Wow. Okay, I'll get her the paid time off, if you put in 10 extra clinic hours a week when its over."

"Its a deal," he said without a heart-beat's pause. Cuddy's eyes were wide. He took a moment to think of the best words for what he was feeling. "Its worth it to have my daughter taken care of," he said as he left.


"You told her WHAT?"

"It got you 8 weeks paid vacation where all you have to do is make sure I don't burn the house down. Besides, that big suitcase full of clothes could last a person 6 months." House held the baby in one hand as he played the piano with the other. "Any requests?"


"If I guess your favorite song, you stay. Its 8 weeks. That's all I'm asking for."


"Three chances?" She nodded and lifted Liv up onto her shoulder. "Is it Tiny Dancer?" he asked playing the intro.

"I love the song, but its not my favorite."

"How about some Jim Brickman?" He played a little of Angel Eyes. "No, you like it, but you don't love it. Not intense enough." Deep soulful music came out of the baby grand. "Listen to your heart?"

"How did-"

"I just figured it was your kind of music." He started singing the song, hitting every note perfectly, not missing a word. She watched, captivated by the sound of his voice. "Will you stay? Please?" She nodded silently.


"Where's the baby today?"

"Liv's with Allison. I needed my gameboy," House said, digging through his desk for his game.

"Allison? Little crush there?"

"Yah, and can you like, pass her a note before home room?" he said in asarcastic 'teenage boy' tone. "Any new cases?"

"None worthy of your interest," Wilson said, watching the man carefully. "You love her, don't you?"

"Have you seen my iPod? My game boy is probaby with it."

"You're avoiding the question. You're in-love with Cameron." House glared up at him. "You look a lot happier than I've seen you...ever."

"Look, Wilson, I have everything that I've ever wanted. I never thought I would have a kid, or someone as wonderful as Allison." House looked his friend in the eye. "I forced it into my head that I wasn't worthy of any of this and I would never have it. I never let myself WANT this life." he took a deep breath. "She was in-love with me once before. She's with me because she loves Liv. I don't think she could ever love me, but she's there, happy, and comfortable in my condo, teaching me how to take care of my baby. If I lose Allison, at least I'll have these eight weeks to look back on as the best days of my life. That's all I can ask of her," he said, walking out.

As Allison pushed the stroller through the park she noticed all the families around her. Mothers and fathers pushing strollers together, holding hands, kids calling for Mommy from Daddy's shoulder.

"Liv," she said as the baby started to cry from the stroller. "What's up, honey?" Allison looked at her watch. "Diaper or food?" She got the bottle out and lifted the 2 week-old baby into her arms and sat on the park bench next to a breat-feed mother. "Mind if we join you?"

"Sure," she said. "How old?"

"Two weeks now."

"You look great. He's 6 weeks and I'm just now getting out of the house."

"I'm not her mother. I work for her father."


"Um, no. Doctor. Her dad is Dr. House. I'm on his medical team. Dr. Allison Cameron. We're at PPTH," she said, introducing herself.

"Nice to meet you." Cameron looked at the baby next to her.

"Was he premature?"

"No, just a small guy. He was 8 lbs at birth."

"And now?"

"5 lbs. Its normal for a baby to lose weight after birth."

"Not that much, and only in the first 2 weeks. Does he spit up?"

"Yes," she anwered, concerned. On cue, the baby spit up quite a lot of what he just ate. "Every meal, and about this much."

"I'll make an appoint with Dr. House." Allison pulled a cell phone out and dialed her friend. "House, I have a case for you. 6-week-old male. Lost more than 2 pounds since birth, and spits up roughtly 3-4 ounces after each feeding." There was a long silence. "We'll be there in 15 minutes. We're at the park down the street."

"What's wrong?"

"I think it may be a problem where his esophigus connects to his stomach. It could be that its too narrow."


House stepped into the recovery room with Liv in her snugli attached to his chest. He read the chart on the baby who wasn't much bigger than the little one he carried with him.

"So much for paternity leave. How's he doing?"

"He seems a little grogy, but good. He took 2 ounces and it all stayed down." Greg nodded.

"He'll need to stay here a few more days. You're lucky that Dr. Cameron likes to take walks. What your doctor dismissed as acid reflux was literally killing your baby," he said, gently patting Liv's back. "I would suggest you find a new pediatrician. He'll need the surgery again to widen the connection every few years until adulthood."

"Tell Dr. Cameron Thank you," they young mother whispered. House nodded on his way out the door.

As he walked through the halls of his hospital towards his office, where his team would be waiting, he looked down at the small baby he carried. She was fragile. It hadn't occured to him that he could fall on her if his cane slipped, or he could oversleep and miss a feeding, letting her be hungry.

"Hey, House," Wilson called.

Greg walked passed him into his office and shut and locked the door. He needed to be alone with his daughter. Fear flooded him as he lifted the baby into her carseat. He did it more gently than normal, in fear of breaking her.

"Liv," he said, buckling the car seat. "We have to get Allison to stay. I'm no good for you, and the only thing keeping us going is her." The baby yawned and stared at him. "I'm sorry you got stuck with me, Liv." As he tightened the straps on her shoulders, the door open. "Can I help you?" he said jokingly.

"Chase and Foremen are going to take over the case." Cameron hung up her lab coat on his rack as House nodded.

"Ready to go, hon?" he said as he put the diaper bag in the stroller basket.

"Yeah," she said, not noticing he had used a pet name.

House opened his eyes. The clock said 3:45 am. Liv would be awake soon for her next bottle. He started to slip out of bed to get it ready when soft hands slipped around him in a warm hug. She smelled like lavender, and House couldn't help but want to kiss her. Fearing that it may push her away, he got up without kissing her.

"Greg," she said, still completely asleep. "Love you," she whispered. House pushed a lock of hair from her forehead and went to the kitchen. As soon as the bottle was ready, he limped into the living room, cane in hand, clumsy in the dark. He was still trying to get used to all the new things in his condo. He peeked into the bassinet and his blue eyes met hers just as she woke up.

"Hi Liver. You ready to eat?" He set the bottle down on the coffee table and lifted his blue-eyed girl up. "Hey there, princess." Liv yawned and looked around a little. "Mommy's sleeping, but its okay. Daddy's got this one." The baby sucked on the bottle while her father cuddled her to his heart. "What is that song that she sings to you? Green Sleeves?" House thought back to watching Cameron feed her. She sang the same song, over and over. It was simple and beautiful. He hummed the tune, not remembering most of the the words. The baby was so calm while she ate, completely focused on her father's eyes as he hummed. "You know, I love Cameron," he told the baby. "I'd do anything to keep her around for us. I love her, Liv."

"Greg," came a voice from the bedroom.

"We're in here," he called. Almost instantly, she had her arms around his neck loosely.

"Come to bed soon, House," she whispered into his ear. As soon as Liv had finished her bottle, she was asleep, and House followed Allison back to bed. He pulled her into his arms so gently. She sighed as he planted soft kisses along her jaw line.

"Greg," she whispered. After an eternity of gentle pecks, their lips finally met in a sweet hungry kiss. When his hands touched her neck lightly, she shivvered.

"I love you, Allison," he breathed into her hair. She pulled back and looked into his ice blue eyes. He'd never called her by her first name before. He looked as though he had wanted to say those words to her his whole life. "Are you sure about this?" Allison rolled him away and straddled his hips. He moaned and helplessly pushed towards her. She threw the lacrosse shirt away and leaned to kiss Greg. Her hair filtered the light.

"I love you, too, Greg."


"Greg," she said, needing him to stay. He got up anyway. "Love you," she whispered, praying that he heard, and also praying that he hadn't.

"Hi Liver. You ready to eat?" he said. Allison watched him set the bottle down. "Hey there princess. Mommy's sleeping, but its okay. Daddy's got this one. What is that song that she sings to you? Green Sleeves?" She felt a little strange at him refering to her as Liv's Mommy. "You know, I love Cameron," he told the baby. "I'd do anything to keep her around for us. I love her, Liv." Allison padded back into the bedroom before he noticed.

"Greg," she called, getting ready to make an appearence.

"We're in here," he called. Almost instantly, she had her arms around his neck loosely.

"Come to bed soon, House," she whispered into his ear. As soon as Liv had finished her bottle, she was asleep, and Greg followed Allison back to bed. He pulled her into his arms so gently. She sighed as he planted soft kisses along her jaw line.

"Greg," she whispered. After an eternity of gentle pecks, their lips finally met in a sweet hungry kiss. When his hands touched her neck lightly, she shivvered.

"I love you, Allison" he breathed into her hair. She pulled back and looked into his ice blue eyes. He looked as though he had wanted to say those words to her his whole life. "Are you sure about this?" Allison rolled him away and straddled his hips. He moaned and helplessly pushed towards her. She threw the lacrosse shirt away and leaned to kiss Greg. Her hair filtered the light.

"I love you, too, Greg."


Stacey looked on as Greg House pushed the stroller through the hospital with ease. Fatherhood had settled into him very well. Their baby was 2 monthes old now, and Stacey had spent the 8 weeks missing her daughter more than she could have imagined.

"Hi Livie," Cameron said, leaning in to kiss the baby in the carseat. "How's my girl doing?"

"Just fine. Cuddy will give us separate schedules until we find a decent nanny. I'll work mornings, and you can have evenings."

"You'll be here at 7:00 am?"

"And you come in from 1:00 - 7:00."

"Okay, I'll bring Liv by in time for you to be off at 2." He nodded and kissed her forehead. "Oh, what about consults?"

"I'll call you, and we can have phone meetings." Allison thought about it.

"Okay. We'll see you tonight." Greg pushed on with the stroller while Allison stepped into a room to check on a patient. He slowed when he saw Stacey standing in the middle of the hallway. "You," he said, voice dripping with venom.


"You haven't earned that," he said, closing the canopy over Liv.

"I left Mark and came for Olivia. I figured you'd have gone nuts by now."

"Guess again. You aren't coming anywhere near my kid. You lost that right when you handed her to me and said you choose Mark over me and Liv. You lost that when you abandoned her with me." Allison exited the room and stopped dead in her tracks. Fear rose in her throat. She couldn't lose Liv.

"Greg?" she called when she saw who Greg and Liv were with. He held her tightly to his chest. "What's going on?" she whispered.

"I won't let you lose her," he promised in a whisper that only she heard. "I need you to take Liv to my office. My cane is in there, so leave the stroller." He unbuckled the infant and gently handed her off. "Livie, go see Mommy," he said, a little more to hurt Stacey than to tell the baby where she was going. After kissing the baby's forehead, he let Allison leave. "Stacey, I will fight you, and I will win. You can either go back home to Mark and have a happy life away from Liv, or you can take me to court, lose, and still have a life away from Liv. You choose."


"What kind of a chance do I have?"

"Single, addicted to pain killers and still drinking; not a great one. Married, off the pills, and the booze; and she has no case."

"I'm down to just the prescribed amout of Vicodin, and I emptied out my alcohol. I changed that the day she handed me Liv. My kid is going to have a better father than I did."

"You're a single man. Judges don't take kindly to single fathers here, and they really don't like ex-addicts."

"Maybe I can talk her into marrying me?"

"You would do that to keep Liv?"

"I'd marry Foremen to keep Liv." House wasn't as sarcastic as he used to be. The man was genuinly scared. "At least this way, I'm already in-love with the woman."

"I've got my lawyer on his way up now."


Allison paced with Liv through House's office. She could have put Liv in her bassinet when she fell asleep, but she was afraid of losing Liv to Stacey. Allison needed to feel the baby close to her. At least while Greg was in the same building, it made her feel safe. She decided that Liv was sound asleep and needed her rest.

"There we go Sleepy Baby," she whispered, gently setting the baby in her bassinet. Allison felt Greg's hands around her waist. "Are we going to lose her?"

"I have an idea," he said. "Cuddy and her personal lawyer are upstairs working on some paperwork. If we get married today, while I still have sole custody, I can legally allow you to adopt her as your daughter. They are rushing paper work to a judge right now...if you'll have me." She stared at him for a moment. "Allison, if we leave now, you could be Allison House, mother of Liv House by 4:00 this afternoon. She signed her over. Once adopted, she can't contest. We'll have our baby back, for good."


"Allison," he said softly. "I know this is insane, but I'm asking you to marry me. Marry me to keep Liv, or marry me because I love you and don't want to lose you. Please, Allison." He struggled down to one knee, obviously in a great deal of pain. "Allison, will you marry me?" he asked.


The three watched the silent scene in front of them. House was on one knee infront of Cameron, gently holding her hands. The whole crew could see him trembling. When she nodded a silent 'Yes,' House stood and took her gently around the waist and hugged her. After a long embrace, he leaned in and kissed her. It was timid and sweet at first, but passion quickly pulled them closer.

"Okay, so he wasn't bull-shitting us, Cuddy." Cuddy could only stare.

"He'd marry her if it meant getting out of diaper duty," Foremen mused.

"He is marrying her to keep Liv. She knows that. He's not in-love," Chase said, scoffing.

"That wasn't his, 'Thanks,' kiss. I've seen him kiss one other person like that."


"Stacey." The watchers were noticed, Greg hobbled out to them. "Oh, hi Greg."

"Jimmy. What are your plans tonight?"

"There's a Lifetime movie I was going to make fun of."

"By that, you mean cry with?"

"What do you want, House."

"Be my best man?"

"Greg, I'm honored. Of course I will." Greg smiled.

"You get to babysit for a few hours tonight while I have a quick honeymoon with Allison." He wasn't sounding sarcastic. He really looked like he was in-love. "Thanks man! You're a terrific friend."

"Wait, House!" Wilson called after his friend. Chase passed Foremen a $20 bill.


The ceremony at the courthouse was quick, simple, and nice. Cuddy and Wilson witnessed, Foremen gave her away, and Chase held Liv. That was at noon. By 3:00, Cuddy's lawyer had filed the paperwork and found a judge who would allow the adoption to take place so suddenly. Afterwards, the group went out to dinner. House lifted his glass.

"To my new wife. Allison, You are an amazing woman. You make me feel again. You are my better three-quarters." The group laughed lightly. "Thank you for having me."

"Greg. When we decided to get married oh-so-long ago, life seemed simple; go to work, go to sleep. Now I have to also add 'Tell Greg I love him.' It complicates things a bit. Thank you for complicating my life."

"My turn as best man." Wilson cleared his throat. "I know this was a very quick romance for both of you, but to be perfectly honest, I've known Greg so long that I know he only makes a move like this with a lot of forethought. I've never seen him happier. He's a whole person for the first time in all the years I've known him. Allison, I believe its because you knew when to rescue him from himself, and how to rescue him from himself. I hope you have a long and happy life together. To the happy couple."

"To the happy couple."


Allison held the screaming baby as Greg warmed a bottle. She accepted it the moment Allison set the nipple in her mouth. The new family curled up on the couch while the smallest one ate. Greg draped his arm across Allison's shoulders.

"I never thought I would be here," he said, spying his 1-month-old wedding ring and 3-month-old baby.


"When Stacey left, I gave up. I decided I wasn't good enough for any woman to marry, and I would never have children. It took me a few bitter years to block the notion out that anyone could love me." Allison snuggled back into his chest. "Why do you love me?"

"I just do," she said simply.

"Did you marry me to keep Liv?"



"Because I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Why did you marry me?"

"To keep Liv."


"Because you are the most beautiful person I've ever met, inside and out." Allison smiled. Liv was finishing her bottle, and starting to fuss and pull away. Allison put her back in her bassinet and snuggled back onto Greg's chest.



Greg felt himself tear up as he hobbled up the isle in the banquet hall. His baby girl was getting married, and he wanted nothing to do with it.

"Dad," Liv whispered. "You promised."

"Just deal with it," he whispered back. "My only daughter gets married to the Austrailian surfer, I cry."

"Alex is a good man."

"He's too young for you. Your brothers should have taken him out the minute he proposed."

"Those four? Please! Its 5 years. You and mom are 15 years apart."

"You're the daughter remember?" They were nearing the end of the isle where the young man who favored his father's looks, waited. As he looked at Liv, Alex Chase knew that he was marrying his best friend, and she looked like an Angel.

"Stop, or I'll get Mom to shove the cane up your ass." She paused with her father and was handed off to the blonde man in the tux.

"I love you," he whispered matter-of-factly. She smiled and turned away from her now broken-hearted Father.

"Dearly beloved..."