I can't stay away!! This story is my Vicodin!!


"Liv!" Layne called. She waved and her sister joined her at the table. The two were taking the day off to spend time together before summer began that left Liv busy with her three children and Layne in Baltimore busy with her 2 kids.

"Layne, how are you?"

"Not bad. Caleb is being a teenager. Taking my car and my sanity."

"Gregory has a one-up phase going on with a kid in his school. They joined the same summer programs. The kid is 17, graduating next spring, and is determined to beat out Gregory as valedictorian."

"Greg's graduating?"

"He's got the credits," Liv offered. "Got into Princeton. Wants to go to Hopkins like my dad."

"But he's 14!"

"I wish he were into dirt bikes, but he's into medicine. When they renamed my dad's wing at PPTH The House wing, Gregory decided he'd be a doctor. And he's been studying since." Liv looked down.

"And that bothers you because...?"

"I wanted more for him. I wanted him to pick a job that would let him have a life. Doctors work on Christmas, birthday, vacation are cut short, babysitters come in sometimes in the middle of the night. I wanted him to have a job that worked him 9-5, weekends off." Layne nodded. "Stacey worked a lot?" Layne nodded. "Birthdays missed."

"Missed, or the wrong number on the cake."


"Screwed up my sweet 16. She had 17 candles on the cake. Tried to pull it off as one to grow on. We'd never done that before." Liv snorted. "Look, I don't blame you for hating her. I still do."


"She was so selfish. Do you know where she was during my preschool graduation?" Liv shrugged. "Your kindergarten graduation. I hated you for a long time, too." Liv sighed and rested a hand over her sister's. "I always wished that I was Greg House's kid and you were Mark's. That way, she'd actually want me. She gave up the wrong one."

"I wish she had kept me some times."

"Why the hell would you wish that?"

"Because.My life was noisey. I loved my parents, and I love my brothers. But as a kid, I wasn't Allison's. I called her Mommy, but she didn't look at me the same way she looked at the boys. We pretended, and it was a good act, but I never felt like her daughter once I knew. And when I met Stacey, I knew who my mom was, and I couldn't pretend in my heart anymore. She looked like me, and had the same voice as me, and we have the same hands." Liv's voice shook. Layne looked at their hands.

"We have the same hands," Layne offered.

"I wish we'd grown up together." A man brought two smoothies to the table. Layne had ordered Liv's while she waited. "I wish I had gotten to know Stacey, and to know why she gave me away."

"Liv?" Layne said as she handed off the smoothie.

"Ah, thank you."

"Didn't your dad tell you?"

"Yes, but I wanted her side. I had the chance a couple of times, but never took it."

"Wait," Layne said, looking at her cup. She sniffed at it. "This has peaches."


"I'm allergic. Sir?" she called. The waiter came over. "This has peaches in it, and I specified no peaches."

"Mine does as well, and I'm also allergic." The waiter took the cup and hurried back to the counter to fix his mistake. "Was Stacey allergic, too?"

"No, just me." Liv's face lost color. "You-"

"My dad, and 3 of my brother's are allergic."

"But I took a blood test when I was 17. If he was my dad-"

"No one would have told you. You'd have been 18, not 17, and there was no reason to tell anyone." Liv pulled out her cell phone and dialed James Wilson's number. If her father had told anyone, it would have been James.

The two women held the envelope in their hands, just as Liv's father had done over 30 years ago, in this same office. Elliot had run the tests, rushed the results to his office, and watched on as his sister's hands shook. James refused to give any answers to either woman. Liv didn't know if he didn't know, or had promised her father. Layne ripped open the envelope and looked at the papers.

"Oh, my god."

"Let me read it," Liv said, snatching it away. "If those two were still alive, I'd kill them both."

"Not if I did first."

"How could they keep this from us?"

"She didn't even tell you I exsisted until we were 23. We...Oh god, I'm a year older-"

"But," Liv said, wrapping her arm around a slightly trembling shoulder. "You get 4 little brother, neices, nephews, and you get to at least know about your father."

"Will you tell me everything about him?"

"Everything I can. Did you know he was a drug addict?"

"I don't believe it."

"Vicodin, morphine, and a whole lot of alcohol," Elliot said, draping arms around his sisters. "Let me take my sisters to lunch, and we'll talk about it. Its a pretty funny story, actually..."

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