"Eddy? Why are you still here?" A low voice asked from the bedroom door.

Eddy grabbed his black shirt and spike braces. He threw the shirt over him and the bracelets on him. He put on his dark grey pants and got his skull necklace. He got his brush and combed threw his dark blue hair.

Eddy walked out of his room in front of his father.

"How long are you gonna keep this up?" He asked. He pat his sons back.

Eddy looked up at him.

"Do I really gotta go to school today..?" Eddy asked.

His father nodded. And moved out of the way.

Eddy walked to his front door and slowely turned the nob. Seeing the bright yellow school bus in front of him. He covered his face with his book bag from the sun. He quickly ran to the bus and ran up the steps.

He went threw the yelling crowed of the bus.

This must be what it feels like to be invisible..

"Good morning Eddy," Edd greeted.

Eddy didn't say anything, just sat next to Ed.

Edd looked down at Eddy puzzled.

"Eddy, You seem to be wearing alot of black lately. Everything okay"? Edd asked placing his hand on his shoulder.

Eddy growled and turned to Ed.

"Eddy!" He yelled. He rapped his arms around Eddy hugging him tight. Eddy, grasping for air. pushed him away.

Ed smiled.

"Are you ready?" He yelled.

"To go home..?" Eddy answered.

"Nope! For the first day of 8th grade!" Ed yelled drooling.

"It's gonna be a hoot.." Eddy mumbled.

"Aw...Little Eddy sad?" Sarah asked sarcasticly.

Eddy froze crossing his arms.

"Little Eddy grumpy in a tree..S C R E M I N G." Sarah sang.

"Um, excuse me Sarah. You spelling screaming wrong." He corrected.

Sarah didn't say anything.

She turned to Jimmy.

"What a know it all.." She whispered.

The bus hit a thump in the road.

"Here's your stop." Liana said pulling the door open.

The kids got out one by one. Ed, Edd n Eddy jumped out of the bus squinting their eyes at the building,

"It's huge.." Edd said.

"It's the same school we've been goin to geniouse.." Eddy said.

"Oh I know...Oh I can't wait for the smell of success and books and pencils and notebooks and-"

Eddy covered Edd's mouth.

"I hear you your excited." Eddy mumbled.

Double D pulled away.

"Let's go friends we got a class to catch!" He said. Edd skipped all the way to the school news board.

Ed ran like a chicken after him. Leaving Eddy walking behind.

Inside the school.

Edd looked all over the board finding his home room.

"Good news gents, we're in the same class again." Edd said smiling.

"ahhahaha! Stinky books stinky desks stinky stinks!" Ed sang threw the class hallway.

Eddy opened the door to let the others in.

"Eddy! And the other Ed's!" Lee yelled.

Marie jumped in front of Eddy.

"What's with that?" She asked.

Eddy pushed her out of the way.

"Eddy's been feeling alittle down lately." Edd whistpered.

Marie didn't say anything.

"Hey there short stuffs." Lee greeted.

"Don't bother me." Eddy mumbled.

Eddy sat in the very corner of the room. The sun shined on his pale face.

"What's with him?" May asked. She snorted.

Edd shrugged.

"I wish I knew what was going on.."

Wala. Chapter one/