"How's everyone gonna know?" Adam asked.

"Don't worry bro I got an idea.." Eddy thought.

They both ran up to Double Dee's door.

"Hello Ed-"

Edd stopped talking facing up to Eddy's brother.

"E-E-E.." He stammered.

"Yeah I know its amazing, Look Double Dee We need to barrow your microphone thingy." Eddy said.

"But its not fixed yet."

"We neeeeeed it!" Eddy complained.

Ed ran up to Double Dee.

He did a loud gasp.

"Eddy's brother!" He yelled.

"Hey E-"

Ed ran up to him and hugged him so tight, a bulge of air went to Adams shoes.

"Ed-Ed-Eddy..! H-Help..!" He gasped.

Eddy pulled him off his chest.

"Hey Ed...Gasp I see you haven't changed much." He said catching his breath.

"Eddy's brother! Teach my how to fetch again!" He begged.

"Microphone Double Dee!" Eddy ordered.

"Ok ok..But its gonna take some time to get it out." He said. "Just give me a few minutes. But in the mean time. " Edd kneeled before Adam. Adam had a disturbed look on his face. "May you sign my hat?" He asked.

"Sure Double Dee.." he said taking it off for him.

Eddy and Ed turned the otherway gasping.

"Double Dees head.." He whistpered.

"Shh I know.." Eddy whistpered back.

"Oh thankyou Eddy's brother." he said blushing.

"Whatever dude.." he said turning to Eddy."

After a few minutes.

Edd climbed up the micro phone pole carrying Adam.

"Thanks for the climb Double Dee." He said jumping off.
"Sure Adam..I worship you.." He said smiling.

Adams eyes bulged out in confusion.


Edd turned on the micro phone that let out a loud screech.

"Attention kids of the cul-de-sac. Eddy's brother is here!" He yelled.

Sarah,Jimmy,Jonny,Rolf, Kevin, Kankers. And Nazz jumped up form their beds and ran out to the cul-de-sac.

"Eddy's brother!" Kevin yelled. "What's up man? Wanna come over and watch some TV?"

"Eddy's brother! Let's go sky diving!" Nazz said holding out her hand.

"Eddy's brother! Can you trim this branch off Plank?" Jonny asked.

"Eddy's brother! Come play with me!" Jimy cheered.

"Eddy's brothers so dreamy.." The Kankers sighed.

"Well well well...Eddy's brother." Sarah said from behind the crowed. "You don't look so awesome." She said frowning.

"Well Sarah I see you haven't changed at all.." He mumbled. "Though Eddy was right, Your mouth has gotten bigger." He said humerously.

Sarahs face turned red and claws came out of her fingers.

"Hey what?" She screamed. Sarah was about to leap onto Eddy when Adam socked her in the face. Which send Sarah flying backward with blood flying out of her lips.

Sarah rolled around on the ground crying while whiping her lip. The blood was all over her hands.

"Woah...Adam socked Sarah...No one can out sock Sarah." Jevin said amazed.

Everyone was quiet.

"Your amazing!" Nazz said blushing. Everyone ran up to him giving him praise.

Jimmy ran to Sarah and walked her home.

Ha...What an idiot..

"Adam your still the king of the cul-de-sac." He said smiling.

Later that same afternoon.

Eddy was looking out his window as the summer breeze filled the room.

"Hey Eddy." Adam greeted, as he walked in.

"Hey bro."

They both stood looking out the window to the stars.

"It's amazing how someone can be so popular." He said.

"Eddy believe it or not, Sometimes I just wish I could be a normal brother. I wanna talk with you about things that most brothers talk about. Not only as a new father really, But a brother." he said patting his back.

Eddy smiled.

"Glad your here.." He said.

"Oh and here," Adam said handing him the picture form this afternoon.

"Jonny took it for us." He said.

Eddy looked closely at the picture seeing his brother Adam, His girlfriend Lucinda next to him with Adams arms around her.

And Eddy in front of them both holding onto his hands.
"Thanks bro." He said.

Eddy ran to the side of his bed and got an old frame, He placed the picture in it and placed the frame next to the picture of his mom and dad and his brother and himself.

"Turns out there are happy endings." He said.

"Hey Adam."

"Yeah Eddy?"

"What do you think our parents are thinking now?"

"I bet they're thinking what wonderful kids they have.."

They both smiled at each other and watched a falling star swoop down form the skies.

"Hey bro, what was that song you taught me?" Eddy asked.

"Mother mother..Can you hear me? I keep trying just to find me, All I know now. All you've shown me, Endless questions. Hopeless ending."

He turned to Eddy.

"Father father, Will you be there? As I cry in, Silent again. Turning colder, Frozen deeper, Numb to this dream, Sleeping within.."


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Just goes to show, Every kid deserves a mother and father..