Title- Little Arrows

Summary- AU fic Roy learns there are villains that will accept witty banter..and villains that won't.

DC owns almost all characters.

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part 1

Connor couldn't believe his eye's..he looked first from the dark clad figure, the to the small child that now sat wide eyed staring up at him. "What did you do to him!" he exclaimed more from the surprise of the situation, than from not understanding the obviousness of what had just happened. He looked back at the figure in front of him, still holding his bow steadily aimed at the man.

"I tire of your games!" the man said irritably, before uttering a series of unintelligible words and vanishing dramatically in a flash of light.

Conner closed his eyes tightly against the sudden burst of light..opening them again after a moment and turning to look at the child, whom Connor estimated to be around three or four years old, there was little point in attempting to pursue the strange man..Connor knew he wouldn't be anywhere nearby.

The little boy rubbed his eyes briefly then returned to staring at the archer before finally speaking.

Connor recognized the language by sound, but had no idea what the little boy has said to him.."You need to speak English..I don't understand Navajo.' he said as he slung his bow over his shoulder and knelt down in front of the boy who sat naked huddled in a pile of clothes that were much to big to even stay on the boys bare shoulders.

The boy didn't speak again, scrutinizing Connor carefully, before offering a familiar good natured grin.

"Ok young man lets go find the rest of the team." Connor mumbled as he wrapped the boy in the red and black jacket that lay on the ground behind him and picked him up.

"We looked everywhere Connor..that info must been wrong, did you and..." Green Arrows voice trailed of as he entered the room Conner was standing in..his eyes taking in the sight of the child in Connor's arms. "What the hell?"

"The information was correct..he was here." Connor replied seriously.

"Well who the...Where's...?" Ollie stammered, not taking his eyes off the boy, who was now resting his head against Connor's shoulder and yawning widely..totally unfazed by the situation.

"I always knew that his inability to keep his witty remarks to himself would be his undoing one day." Connor replied without a hint of humor in his voice.

"No way!..That's not..It can't be!" Speedy said as she pushed past Green Arrow.

"It is." Connor said.

"Well what the hell happened!...Where the hell is the psycho that did this?" Green Arrow asked, his voice raising in strength as the reality of the situation filtered through.

The sudden rise in the Emerald Archers voice and his apparently angry demeanor caused the child to jump..saying another word in Navajo before burying his face in Connor's tunic.

"You're frightening him Ollie!." Speedy said firmly before crossing over to Connor and reaching out to take the boy from him.

Connor attempted to hand the boy to her, but paused for a moment as the child clung firmly to him. "It's okay..it's only Mia..she's not going to harm you." he reassured.

"Mia." the little boy repeated, the smile returning to his face as he looked at Connor, then stretched out his little arms towards Speedy and allowed her to gather him to her.

"What happened!" Green Arrow asked again..this time keeping his voice calm and quiet.

"We encountered our quarry...he was here waiting for us, I have the feeling he knew we were coming...We had him cornered for all of five minutes..Roy engaged in some of his usual banter..and..well he was warned to stop talking." Connor said.

"Obviously he didn't listen to that advice..as usual." Green Arrow mumbled.

"Exactly..That's the problem with facing villains who can cast magical spells, you never know what they're going to do." Connor replied.

"Magic?...That's what did this?" Green Arrow asked surprised.

"I think so..I think we may have..to coin a phrase Roy whispered to me before this happened...'bitten off more than we can chew' with this particular villain." Connor replied.

Green Arrow sighed.."Ok...ok, we better get him home and work out what the hell we're going to do next." he said..giving in to the urge to reach out and ruffle the boy's red hair..."Don't worry kiddo..we'll work out how to undo this."

"Undo it?...But I think he's cute this way." Speedy said chuckling softly.

"You might...But I don't think Roy'd agree." Connor said as he retrieved Arsenal's equipment that lay discarded on the ground.

"Or Lian." Green Arrow added as he walked out the door.

"Oh I don't know about that..she might think trading her Daddy for a little brother is a great idea." Speedy said, laughing again.

"Just move it will ya."Green Arrows voice called.

"Better do what the boss man say's..hadn't we little buddy?" Speedy said to the little boy.

"Boss man." the boy repeated, smiling happily.

end 1