Chapter 7: A Foiled Attempt

After June, Danny, the Fright Knight and Technus subdued the two large trolls, Sam and Tucker came into the scene and were surprised of what just happen.

"Okay, what the heck is going on here?" asked Sam.

"We have no time to explain" replied the Fright Knight.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Tucker.

After Tucker's statement, the Troll King appeared from a portal which he had created along with Vlad and his remaining associates.

"Yes, Amity Park should be a nice suitable place for my first province of my kingdom" said the Troll King as he observed the area around him.

"And do we get a piece of the pie of conquest?" asked Vlad to the Troll King.

"I have changed my mind about that" replied the Troll King as he fired a beam from his staff knocking Vlad and his associates to the wall.

"Looks like you got more than you bargained for" said June to Vlad as he and his associates recovered from the attack.

"So how can we make subdue the Troll King?" asked Vlad to June.

"By kicking his butt" replied June.

"So let's get to it then" said Vlad as he split himself into four Vlads and started to fire ghost beams at the Troll King.

"So" said the Troll King as he was blocking Vlad's ghost beams, "you want to challenge me? How about if I summon some of my minions?"

The Troll King then raised his staff and stomped it on the ground summoned three large trolls from the ground.

"This could be trouble" said Danny.

"Skulcker knows what to do" said Skulcker as he readied his weapons and fired rockets at the three large trolls hitting all of them and sending them crashing toward the wall.

The trolls recovered from the attack and charged at Vlad and his associates. One of the trolls swung a large mace at Walker's crew, and sent them down to the ground as if they were bowling pins. The second troll had a large sword and tried to slice Vlad and his clones, but Vlad was too quick for the troll and fired a large ghost beam, knocking the sword from the troll's hand and onto the ground. The third troll began to ram toward Danny, June and Danny's two friends. Danny quickly turned June, Sam and Tucker invisible and dodged the attack. When the troll realized that he didn't hit Danny, Danny was right behind the large troll and fired a large ghost beam at the troll sending the troll onto the ground.

"Why don't you people come and take me down?" asked the Troll King.

"Gladly" replied the Fright Knight as he took out his sword and began to charge at the Troll King.

As the Fright Knight tried to slash his sword against the Troll King, the Troll King dodged the attacks and fired a beam from his staff, knocking the Fright Knight right into Technus who was trying to help him during the battle.

"This is quite pathetic" laughed the Troll King, "I could do this all day if I wanted to. Come on Te Xuan Ze, don't you or any of your new friends have any special powers I should be aware of that can or let's say a wave of some sort to shatter the orb on my staff?"

"How about my ghostly wail" replied Danny as he split himself into two.

Danny then ordered everybody behind him and to cover their ears. As everybody did that, Danny and his clone held their breath and let out the ghostly wail at the Troll King and his three large minions. The ghostly wail was so strong that the orb on the Troll King's staff began to break into tiny pieces. The energy which he stole from the ghost zone was just about gone when the orb finally broke apart into tiny pieces and the three large trolls which the Troll King had summoned had been thrown several feet into the air and down to the ground, creating a large crater in the ground. The ghostly wail took a toll on Danny as his clone reverted back into the original Danny, but Danny still remained in his ghost mode form.

"My staff!" cried the Troll King as he noticed the orb of the staff completely broken and the shards of glass on the ground.

"Wow" said June, "I didn't know you had a power like that."

"Glad you didn't use that one on me or any of my associates" said Vlad.

"Now to handle the Troll King" said Danny as he and June walked toward the Troll King.

"Uh, no hard feelings, right?" asked the Troll King as he gave a smile to both Danny and June.

"Right" replied both June and Danny.

Both June and Danny gave the Troll King a good punch and another kick. Danny fired a large ghost beam at the Troll King which sent the Troll King across the street and right into his minions whom were trying to recover from the last attack. Before the Troll King could get up from the attack, June leaped and kicked him down to the ground. As the Troll King and his minions laid unconscious, June turned her attention toward Vlad and his associates.

"Now, now" said Vlad as he and his associates began to back away, "you wouldn't want your secret as the Te Xuan Ze to be revealed by one of the world's richest billionaires would you?"

"And you wouldn't want people to know that you are an evil half ghost whom gained the power through using it the wrong way?" asked Danny.

"Fine" replied June, "what's your deal?"

"I will promise to not use the Skeleton Key again" replied Vlad, "if you help me lock up the Troll King and his minions and place the Troll King's staff in a safer place."

"I think Danny should have the Skeleton Key" said June then she showed her fist to Vlad, "or I'll make you give it to him."

"Very persuasive" replied Vlad as he handed the Skeleton Key to Danny, "but enjoy it while it last. And oh, June I'll make sure you can head home back to Orchid Bay."

As Vlad ordered his associates to help Danny place the Troll King and his minions back into the chamber which he escaped, Vlad gave June the opportunity to head back to Orchid Bay and Danny delivered the Troll King's staff to Clockwork and the Skeleton Key as well.

"Glad you handed those items to someone who would make sure it won't fall into the wrong hands" said Clockwork.

"Looks like everything is back to normal" said Danny as he observed June through Clockwork's portal in Orchid Bay with her friends and her little brother Ray Ray and her grandmother Ah-Mah.

"It seems that way" said Clockwork, "but I suspect your nemesis might plan another mode of attack in the near future."

The scene then switches to Vlad Masters who was back in his mansion in his human form reading the myth of Loki the Norse god and his evil reign.

"So what's your next plan?" asked Skulcker, "Skulcker was disappointed with your last venture."

"How about trying to release the god which the Te Xuan Ze and Thor imprisoned?" laughed Vlad.