This is a one-shot about Uchiha Shisui and Uchiha Itachi. No, its not yaoi. It focuses on the reaon why Itachi really killed his best friend. Note: I'm not exactly sure on the details ofHOW Shisui died, so I made something up. Sorry if its not absolutely canon.

I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS! If I did, the whole "Tobi Obito' thing would have been cleared-up LONG ago. Oh, and Itachi would be my love slave.


A lot of people cannot seem to understand how someone could kill their best friend. Most people don't know why Itachi decided to kill his best friend in the first place.

True, he had wanted the power that could be accessed via obtaining the Mangekyou, but that hadn't been his main concern. After all, he was already powerful enough to wipe out legions of people without it. He had proved this true many times during his ANBU years. But the real reason he had killed the young man, his best friend, was known only by two people.

And one of them was dead.

It had merely been a test. Not of strength, power, ability. But a test of friendship. A test to see which of the two had enough courage to carry out the devious plan. In the end, Itachi had flawlessly taken the young Uchiha's life, leaving him free from a world of pain, and overly-high expectations of himself.

Shishui HAD wrote the suicide note himself.

Itachi remembered the exact moment when his friend had entrusted the task to him. "I'm so tired of everyone bossing me around. And every time I mess up, even a little, its always the same 'You can do better than that' and everyone's disappointed." Shisui had confided in Itachi. "So thats why I want you kill me. Make it look like a suicide. But do it flawlessly. I don't want you to screw it up and leave me paralyzed and hooked-up on life support for the rest of my life." The young man had dropped this so carelessly as he spoke to Itachi, his tone and demeanor like that of a friend discussing the weather, perhaps. "I'd do it myself but...I...I just can't..." Itachi had stared at him, bewildered for a moment, but his views had shifted when he saw the raw emotion in his friend's eyes. They were forelorn, full of sadness, disappointment, and were as grey as an oncoming storm. The two prodigial ninja shook hands, finalizing the deed, and had settled upon a night not far from then to carry out the plan.

And now, as he watched the young man fall into the icy waters beneath him, he reflected uon everything that had happened. Upon the last 'Good-bye Itachi, thank you' Shisui had uttered, upon the sticky blood now oozing down his ANBU sword, upon the muffled sound as the young man plunged deep into the frothing grey waters below the two.

As Shusui's body had fallen, Itachi swore he had seen the glimmer of a smile on the young man's face. As if to say 'Thank you, thank you for setting me free.'

What are friends for?

There you have it! Sad little ficcy about Shisui. I love writing Uchiha fics. And this one came to me while I was in the shower, actually. Oh, and the whole 'You can do better' thing, thats actually something my teachers tell me whenever I mess up. The life of a prodigy is both promising and depressing.

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