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It was lunch time now, and Billy looked around the cafeteria in search of Mandy; who had yet to make her appearance. Being unable to locate her, he rested his elbow in his tray atop his gravy covered meatloaf and sighed.

"Yo Billy, why so down?" Irwin asked from his seat in front of him. "You're starting to seriously depress me, dude."

"Perhaps his negative attitude has something to do with this mornings events," Junior commented in his eerily calm voice from his spot next to Irwin.

He wore a black t-shirt with matching black pants and boots, his skin was still pale and he had the same dorky glasses over his strange green eyes; and though he had gained more muscle than Billy and Irwin both, he was the shorter of the three.

"Eh...I don't know guys," Billy sighed. "It just ain't like Mandy to miss an opportunity to sit here at lunch and insult me."

"It's probably just a girl thing, yo," Irwin said, taking a bite of his mashed potatoes. "My mom takes forever when she goes to the bathroom."

"One would assume you'd be grateful" Junior replied.

"Huh..?...Did you say something," Billy asked, looking up at him. "I was too busy not listening."

Junior frowned and mumbled something under his breath.

"Excuse me, can I have every ones attention!" Mindy said, standing in the middle of the cafeteria with flier's in hand. Everyone around her continued to go about their business.

"I Said 'Can I have every ones attention'!" Mindy said, this time a little louder, but still no one looked her way.

"STOP IGNORING ME!!" Mindy screamed and a hushed silence filled the room as all eyes fell on her.

"Ahem..." Mindy coughed into her hand. "...anyway, as you all know, today is the day of the big pep rally."

Several people exchanged glances and shrugged.

"And as cheer captain and Student body president it's my personal duty to assure that everyone attends," she said in her most cheerful voice. "And that each of you bring your own special brand of Pep!"

"OH YEAH!" Billy cheered, making his voice sound deeper and raising a fist into the air. "I'm gonna bring the pep. That's right! Who's gonna stop me?!"

The cafeteria remained silent and Mindy frowned over at Billy in annoyance.

"Anyway" She continued again. "Anyone who fails to attend will hereby be restricted from all known social events for the remainder of the year and doomed to a life of unpopular loneliness."

Everyone in the cafeteria exchanged nervous looks.

"So" Mindy said with an almost wicked smile. "Who would like a flier?"

She then dropped a stack onto the floor and the kids came at them like a swarm of wasps.

"Yo guys," Irwin said looking nervous. "My mom's suppose to pick me up early today for a doctors appointment. I'll miss the pep rally."

"Pep rallies are a pointless waste of time" Came Mandy's voice as she walked up to the table.

"MANDY!" Billy cried with enthusiasm as he stood up. "I didn't think you'd show up."

Mandy glanced casually over at him.

"And miss an opportunity to insult you bunch of losers," she said. "Not likely."

Billy grinned and Mandy rolled her eyes.

"And as far as this pep rally goes, it doesn't really matter if you show up or not." Mandy told them.

"Really?" Irwin asked with a hopeful smile

"Of course," Mandy said, looking over at him with disinterest. "You're already destined for a life of unpopular loneliness."

Irwin frowned. "Oh."

Junior smirked at Irwin's misfortune and tapped his chin in thought. "Perhaps this will present me with an opportunity to make some new... friends"

Mandy looked over at him. "Also a pointless waste of time."

"Uh...does that mean you ain't going?" Billy asked, slight disappointment in his voice.

Mandy opened her mouth to give her clearly obvious answer when someone cut in.

"Of course not," Mindy replied stepping up beside the table. "When I said I wanted everyone to attend, I didn't mean you Losers. In fact, I specifically mention your names in the fliers."

She smiled and handed one over to Mandy who looked down to read it.

"Pep Rally Today. Everyone welcome- except Irwin, Junior, Billy and especially Mandy," she read in her monotone voice. Billy frowned.

"But...I've been looking forward to this day my whole high school existence" Billy said in a low sad tone.

Mindy grinned over at him. "There's always next time," She said. "That is, of course, if I decide to let you come."

"Hold it." Mandy said stepping in front of her. "Are you saying we need your permission?"

Mindy laughed.

"Well Duh" she said. "If you're not welcome by me then you're not welcome at all."

Mandy gritted her teeth.

"Besides" Mindy continued, flipping her hair. "You weren't going to come anyway. We all know you're not the type."

"If you mean I'm not a prissy stuck up airhead with nothing better to do than wave pom poms in the air and recite pointless banter...then I agree" Mandy replied. "I'm definitely not the type."

Mindy gritted her teeth and her face flushed with anger. "Grr...You think you're so..so..."

"Kewl!" Billy provided and Mandy smirk slightly at Mindy's increased rage.

"Forget it!" Mindy yelled, turning around. "I don't have time for this."
"Yeah" Irwin said with a slight smile on his face. "You got pom poms to wave, Yo"

"Perhaps she'll even recite some pointless banter for us."Junior grinned.

Mindy stomped away.

"Sounds like fun!" Billy said looking over the flier.

"Yes...fun" Mandy agreed as she watched her enemy walk away. "I can't wait."

"You got something planned?" Billy asked with interest.

"Lay it on us Girlfriend" Irwin said, earning a glare from Mandy. "I mean...uh...friend."

"Actually, I do have a plan," Mandy said, mischievously. "A little unplanned pep for the head of the cheer team."

"Oh..That's MINDY!" Billy exclaimed.

"I'll need someone to go into the changing room and get her pom poms first" Mandy said, ignoring Billy as she eyed Junior.

"I'm assuming that someone would be me?" Junior asked with slight uncertainty.

"You can easily change into one of the girls and slip in unnoticed" Mandy explained. "Besides, I doubt it'll be the first time you've snuck into the girls locker room."

Juniors face tinted red slightly.

"Well I,uh..."

"Dude, no fair!" Irwin complained. "I wanted to..."

"Fine" Junior answered. "I'm in."

Mandy grinned. "Perfect."

"Oh...what about me?!" Billy asked waving his hand. "What can I do?!"

"Good question" Mandy replied, but the insult was obviously lost on Billy's intellect so she sighed.

"Just stay out of the way." She told him and Billy saluted her.

"And me?" Irwin asked.

"You have a doctors appointment, remember?" Mandy answered.

"Darn it" Irwin moped. "Stupid rash."

Mandy looked at him, disgusted. "Too much information."

Irwin flushed with embarrassment.

"Now...," Mandy smirked slightly. "In order for this to work, we're going to need a little more supernatural help."

Mandy went to reach for something in her pocket but Billy intervened.

"OH! OH!" Billy jumped up. "Let me do it, Mandy!"

"Very well." She sighed, giving him a strange look when he smiled pleasantly at her.

Though Billy had never hesitated to do anything for Mandy in the past, especially when threatened, lately he had seemed more eager to please her; which of course, only made her more annoyed.

Billy grinned as he reached in his own pocket and took out a small bell.

He held it high and shook it.


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