Chapter 1

Sakura was a pervert. And she was fine with that. She was even proud of it, but she'd only admit that to her husband.

Her husband, Uzumaki Naruto, was asleep beside her, his lips curled into an unmistakable smile. She wasn't asleep yet, she was too happy. She snuggled into her husband's side, and breathed deeply, inhaling the pervasive odor of sex that saturated the room. The smell was enough to get her to tingling again, an itchiness that she thought was sated for the night. She squirmed, pressing her thighs together, but that only made it worse.

Her eyes slid closed as she removed her hand from her husband's chest, where she had been feeling his heartbeat, and slid it down her own body, over a taut stomach. She shivered as her fingers slid through a trimmed thatch of hair, then gasped when those fingers found her most sensitive spot. She turned her head, pressing her face into Naruto's chest to stifle the moans of her work.

And unbidden, the events of the evening began to unfold in her head.


Sakura slid into her husband's lap, straddling his legs and sat on his knees. The short skirt she wore was in danger of riding up and showing what she was wearing underneath, or what she wasn't wearing, to be more precise. She rested her hands on his shoulders, and smiled up at him, trying for the most seductive smile she could manage. It worked, the lazy, half-lidded on her face, the upturned corners of her ruby lips, and the exhalation through parted lips that tickled his neck made Naruto squirm in his chair.

It wasn't like Sakura to be this... flirty. Normally, she responded, she didn't initiate. Naruto didn't really mind, of course, this was a rare experience. And if it was anything like the previous times, he knew she'd grind him into the ground before she was satisfied. Grinding. That's what she was doing right now, still giving him that half-lidded look. She leaned forward, and kissed him for a second, then drawing back an inch. She smiled that smile, and gave him another quick kiss, teasing. It was a strange combination, the pink haired vixen grinding herself on his legs and those almost demure kisses. It was started to make him nuts, and they'd just started, and he knew she wasn't going to be satisfied with a single go.

He did stop the teasing kisses, by moving forward with her when she tried to move away on the third kiss. His reward was a low purr and a hand cupping his cheek. She parted her lips for him, and accepted his tongue, still somehow managing to tease and pull back within her own mouth. He gave a soft growl, and then she became more aggressive, suddenly it was her tongue in his mouth, and she was using it like a conquering army. She had pressed him back into the chair, and kept going, tilting him back so that she was hovering, kissing down into his mouth. Finally, they needed to breathe. She slid back, bringing the kitchen chair down on all four legs again.

She leaned back against the table that was still close, and supported her elbows on it. The look on Naruto's face was a daze. She was being really aggressive tonight, that had only happened once before and it had taken him the entire next day to recover. She finally spoke, and her voice gave him a shiver. "So, Naruto-kun... do think you can handle me?" Her voice was low, sultry, and breathy and it made him begin to really anticipate tonight. This was going to be something special, he felt. "Or do you need... help?"

Help? What was she talking about? His question was answered when another set of hands slid over his shoulders and down his chest, soft breath tickling his ear as this new person spoke. "I don't think you can handle my twin sister without... family assistance." Naruto craned his neck in confusion to see another Sakura in the moment before she captured his lips in a sideways kiss. She drew back and smiled at him, that lazy look on her face too. "My name is Sukara... and I'll help you with my sister."

She raised one leg over his lap and brought it down on the other side, so she too was straddling him. She lowered herself onto his lap, and leaned back against her sister who put one arm around her. The sight was unsettling to Naruto. Here was two obviously horny Sakuras on his lap, and he knew one could outlast him, despite his abnormal stamina. The hair on the back of his neck stood at attention as Sakura's eyes acquired a bright twinkle, and her words didn't help when she brought her lips close to her twin's ear and spoke. "Sukara... I want a treat. Do you think you could help me occupy my husband so I can get it?"

Sakura's twin smiled and replied, "Certainly, sister. But, I want to taste it too." Sakura got a cutely grumpy look on her face at her sister's demand, but she condeded. The table scooted back as Sakura straightened up, her sister leaning forward and standing, pressing herself against Naruto. Sakura slid off Naruto's knees, kneeling in front of him.

Sukara brought her lips down to his as Sakura spread his legs with insistent carresses. He felt the front of his pants come undone as Sukara's tongue slid into his mouth. He gasped into Sukara's mouth, making her purr, as her twin captured her prize with a unusual enthusiasm.

His hands roamed over the girl he was kissing as the one kneeling worked on drawing forth her treat. He discovered Sukara wore nothing under her skirt as Sakura's hand slid up his body, under his shirt. The girl standing against him shivered as he explored between her legs, her hands gripping hard on his shoulders. Her hips began to gyrate as his tongue fought hers, trying to gain entrance to her mouth. She moaned into his mouth as he entered her above and below.

He shuddered as the woman between his legs neared her goal. The moan came from him and her both as he neared his time and his thumb found that magical little button of hers. The moans increased when the kneeling girl put her free hand between her own legs, her other hand rubbing his stomach.

Sakura began to purr as she felt him twitching and her fingers sped their work on herself. Sukara couldn't restrain herself and broke the kiss, putting her head back and uttering a groan as Naruto's fingers worked magic on her. And Naruto buried his face in her chest with a moan.

Three orgasms came with three beats of the clock, as if scheduled. Her legs squeezed her hand as Naruto stiffened, she accidentally inhaled some of her treat she had worked for. Sukara's fingers almost poked holes in Naruto's shoulders as her body convulsed, barely keeping herself standing.

Sakura stood up with shiny lips, her promise to her sister not forgotten. She walked behind Naruto, and drew Sukara's face to hers with a hand on each cheek, and shared what she had gathered. Naruto put both arms around Sukara's waist and tried to calm down.

It wasn't over yet, not even close.


Ok, this is like, super lemony, I know. At least, I tried to avoid graphicness but also tried to make sure my readers could make sense of it.

Also, this is of the same world as Foolish, a little later in the timeline.