Okay, so after about 3 years, I have decided to come back and review this story

Okay, so after about 3 years, I have decided to come back and review this story. This is the first story I wrote since I joined FFdotNet, back when my pen name was RomanceAddiction, and since then I've improved as a writer (I hope :P ) I will mostly be trying to lengthen some chapters which are so short they could be considered drabbles Hope you all enjoy this updated version as much as you enjoyed it the first time.


"Kish?" I searched the palace although I knew it was useless. There was only one place he would be. Making as little sound as possible, I pried open the door of his room. It was beautifully decorated in the same blue and green hue as the planet our people had always dreamed of. However, instead of the glossy picture of that legendary "blue marble" planet, an enlarged photo of a girl hung in its place in front of his bed.

Oblivious of my presence, he muttered to himself, "Oh, my little neko-chan. I miss you so much." I couldn't bear to hear it again. Those same words he whispered to himself every night. I slowly closed the door and stomped off to my room.

Once enclosed in the comfort of my room, I let out my pent-up frustrations. Ever since Kish came back from his "mission", he had been thinking about THAT GIRL all the time. It didn't help that Pie and Tart were always out on their job to spread that "Mew Pure" onto our once barren planet. True, it was now flourishing into a land of lush greenery that could rival Earth's but that meant that Kish was left by himself for long periods of his time. Instead of discussing the plans for our upcoming wedding, he had cooped himself in his room all day, refusing even MY company.

What he sees in that ugly little Earthling, I'll never know. With her pale face and small ears, she could never compare to me, Nushka. With my long flowing purple hair and evenly blue-hued skin, I am considered the most beautiful of my people. And yet, I am losing my fiancé to that ugly little alien. I then decided that SOMETHING had to be done AT ONCE.

I will also be putting up the drawings I have done of my creations (OCs and costumes) on my profile.

Also, I know that this chapter is still rather short, but it is at least 2 times longer than it used to be.

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