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The Battle Begins

"We are here. Welcome to Mercury girls," Everyone sighed in relief. The trip had been full of obstacles including a meteor shower, a close encounter with the Sun and a very close shave with a black hole.

"Whew, I thought I would never make it here alive," sighed Ichigo as she wiped of a drop of sweat.

"Well you're not the one stuck with a lifeless body while trying to pilot a spaceship full of screaming girls who make you go deaf every time you pass a cluster of stars," grumbled Kish.

"What. Did. You. SAY?" Ichigo asked with a glint in her eye.

Kish sweat dropped, Nothing. Nothing."

"You have finally arrived. And you've brought your little friends I see," A female alien phased in front of them. She had long purple hair that looked as silky smooth as Zakuro's, skin that was pale but had a bluish tinge and flaming yellow eyes that seemed to be able to stare into you. She was giving Ichigo such a piercing stare that Ichigo began to shudder. In one hand was a long pole that seemed to be her weapon and in her other hand, hovering slightly as it gave out a faint glow, Ryou's heart!

"Nushka, stop it. Why are you doing this?" asked Kish though she continued to stare at Ichigo.

"T-that's her?" asked Ichigo warily as she continued staring fiercely.

"This is the earthling you have fallen for Kish? I thought that a person like you would have better taste," Nushka said in a voice filled with arrogance and a hint of jealousy.

"What do you want with me. Give back Ryou's heart now!" Ichigo demanded.

"Who's going to make me? You?" mocked Nushka.

"You're going to pay for this! Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphosis!" cried out Ichigo as she and the rest of the girls transformed into their Mew selves.

"Impressive. But can you beat me and get this back," taunted Nushka as she held up Ryou's heart which glowed duller and duller.

"I defeat you, Nushka. Just you wait." Ichigo retorted as she pointed a finger at Nushka. Don't worry, Ryou. I will save you,' Ichigo said in her heart.

"Well then, let the battle begin," Nushka replied as she held out her weapon and pointed it at Ichigo.

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