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Kate Austin clutched her jacket tight around her as the bitter Chicago wind chilled her to the bone. She quickly stepped through the entrance of Mercy Hospital to escape the frigid air. As she came through the doors her eyes she focused on the desk in front of her. Kate nervously brushed her hair with her hands attempting to shake the snow from her curls. She took her gloves off and approached the desk looking around her.

"Can I help you?" said the very bored looking woman sitting there, she had a nametag that read Loretta.

"Uh hi, can you please tell me is Dr. Jack Shephard working today?" Kate asked her fingers fidgeting.

Loretta looked at Kate with a wary glance. "Are you a patient?"

"Um, no I'm not a patient, I'm a" she paused uncomfortably "I'm a friend of his" Kate said nervously.

Loretta's eyebrows lifted curiously, "A friend huh? Why don't you wait over in the chairs and I'll page him to come down as soon as he can. He might be in surgery so it could be awhile, what's your name?"

Kate nodded, "Kate Austen, and that's fine I can wait, it's not a problem." Kate turned towards the chairs and Loretta swore she heard the young woman mutter I'm not sure I'm ready to see him anyway. That really piqued the desk clerk's interest; she watched the girl move over to the chairs. Loretta couldn't tell much being the girl was wearing the typical Chicago winter jacket, but she was very pretty. Had Dr. Shephard finally met a woman, Loretta wondered. Dr. Shephard was a man that every woman in the hospital felt the need to take care of. He was a good and kind man but he seemed to forget about caring for himself so it was common for the nurses and workers to bring him food or force him to get some needed sleep. They also felt the need to look out for his personal life as well. Jack had the misfortune to have been married to a wretched barracuda that cheated on him and then divorced him taking most of his money. Needless to say they were all very protective of the handsome doctor. Loretta grabbed the phone and called his office.

"Jack Shpehard" he answered the phone sounding tired.

"Hi Jack, this is Loretta down at the front desk, you have a visitor here, a Kate Austen" Loretta paused when she heard Jack inhale quickly.

"I'll be right down" and then he hung up. Loretta couldn't read the tone of his voice so she wasn't sure if his slight reaction was good or bad.

Jack stood from his desk and immediately headed for the elevators outside his office. When he was in the elevator and moving toward the first floor he couldn't help the conflicted emotions running through him. He was trying to wrap his mind around the fact that Kate was here. What would make her look him up? The elevator doors opened and Jack stepped out and headed towards the front waiting area. As if using a magnet his eyes were immediately drawn to the petite brunette sitting in the chairs. He stopped and just stared at her soaking in her beauty. They had only spent three days together four months ago but Jack could still remember the sound of her voice and the feel of her skin and of course the taste of her lips. Jack felt a shiver pass down his spine as the memories flooded him.

Kate suddenly felt him enter the waiting area, she didn't see him but she could feel him. She slowly raised her eyes and her gaze fell on him. Kate felt her breath hitch as they made eye contact. He was just as handsome as she remembered, his eyes were a beautiful rich brown and Kate felt herself being drawn in from all the way across the room. He started towards her and she stood up and nervously clutched her purse to her as if she was afraid she'd be robbed. When he stopped in front of her Kate took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

"Kate?" he asked, "What uh, what are you doing here?" Jack asked softly.

"I'm sorry to bother you at work" Kate stammered. "If now is a bad time I can come back" she said.

"No, now isn't bad, it's just I guess I'm surprised to see you. How did you find me?" Jack asked.

"Oh well you said you were a doctor in Chicago so I just checked around for a Jack Shephard and here you are." Kate said nervously, she felt like she might pass out.

"Ok, can I ask why you're here, I mean the last time I saw you was four months ago and you took off without even a goodbye." Jack said his voice curious.

"I need to tell you something Jack." Kate said putting her purse down, "And there's no easy way, so here goes." Kate unzipped her bulky coat, took it off and threw it on the chair. Jack watched her actions and his eyes gently moved down her body where they suddenly came to a sudden halt. His eyes shot back to hers and she met his somewhat shocked and bewildered look.

"I'm pregnant Jack, and the baby is yours"

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