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            "Kate wake up. Come on Kate open your eyes." Kate heard the voice ordering her to wake up and she wanted to tell them to leave her alone. Everything was murky and she just wanted to just keep sleeping. However that didn't seem to be working because her eyes started to flutter open and she moaned as a bright light stung her eyes. A few minutes later her eyes adjusted and she found herself looking up to see Dr. McDonald looking at her. Kate looked at her confused, why was Dr. McDonald waking her up. Kate closed her eyes as she tried to get her head cleared. It hit her suddenly. She and Jack had been in the car they were smiling and laughing and then there were headlights and a loud crash. Her eyes sprung open and she tried to sit up.

            "Easy Kate easy." Dr. McDonald said pressing Kate back against the pillows. "Just relax"

            "What happened?" Kate asked, "Did we have an accident, there was another car, my baby, where's Jack?" Kate asked all the questions at once in a rush of words.

            "Kate just take it easy ok, you need to calm down. You and the baby are fine and you need to stay calm." Kate nodded trying to calm down, the doctor said the baby was ok so that was good. "You were in a car accident, you were hit by a drunk driver. You were brought in with a nasty bump on your head. You were unconscious and we ran some test but besides having a nasty headache you and the baby are just fine."

            Kate nodded relieved "Ok well that's good, where's Jack he should be here shouldn't he?" she asked looking around for him. She glanced at Dr. McDonald and noticed the doctor avoided her glance for a second. Kate felt her body flush with a wave of icy coldness. "Where is Jack, where is he?" she asked her voice full of panic.

            "Calm down Kate" the doctor tried to sooth her but Kate was having none of it.

            "Don't tell me to calm down, where is Jack?" Kate said, she threw the covers back and tried to climb from the bed. The doctor held her back and spoke firmly to her.

            "Kate, calm down" she said sternly. "You are no good to Jack if you get yourself worked into a fit and endanger yourself and the baby."

            Kate felt the tears stream down her face. She just wanted Jack to come and hold her, then she would know everything was ok.

            "Please" she whimpered, holding onto the doctor desperately. "Where is Jack?"

            Dr. McDonald sat on the edge of the bed. "The truck that hit you, ran into the driver's side of your car. Jack took the full brunt of the hit." She said her voice soft.

            Kate couldn't breathe. "Is he…?" she couldn't finish the question it was too horrific to even think about. She tried again. "Is he…dead?" she choked out wanting to throw up with the words.

            "No Kate" the doctor said. "He is still alive and he is fighting hard."

            Kate went limp knowing if that if Jack was gone she couldn't go on without him. "Tell me" she said clearing her throat.

            "He's in a coma Kate, he suffered severe injuries to his head and he had some internal bleeding that the surgeons were able to get under control.  He broke his ribs but there was no spinal injury."

            "So he's going to be ok?" Kate asked the hope heartbreakingly evident in her voice.

            "Kate I won't lie to you, he has a lot of swelling in his brain and if it doesn't come down there is a chance he won't awake from his coma. That is worst case scenario Kate ok, so we are going to look at every positive thing ok. His injuries have been controlled, the chances of him awaking are much higher than him not. And I have known Jack for many years and he is a fighter Kate and I know he won't stop fighting to get back to you."

            Kate nodded though her heart was breaking thinking of all the damage that was done to her beautiful love. She prayed that he didn't feel any pain when they crashed. She wiped her eyes and tried to compose herself.

            "Please take me to him." She asked looking the doctor directly in the eyes.

            "Kate that isn't the best idea…" Dr. McDonald started to say.

            "I want to be with Jack, my baby needs to be near its father and Jack needs to know I'm there with him. Either you can help me get to him or I can get out of this bed and crawl if I have to, either way I am going to be with Jack." She said her voice rising.

            "Easy Katie." Kate and Dr. McDonald looked up to see Shannon standing in the doorway. She looked exhausted but her eyes were alive with delight at seeing Kate awake and as cranky as ever. The doctor excused herself sharing a look with Shannon that said, 'good luck'.

            "I could hear you yelling down the hallway, god you're loud." She said with a small smile.

            "Bring me to Jack." Kate demanded.

            Shannon gave her a sympathetic smile and took Kate's hand. "Give me a break ok, ever since I've gotten into town I feel like I've spent more time in the hospital then at your place. So let me just catch my breath and be grateful that my dearest friend escaped a horrific crash and is going to be ok." She said her eyes welling with tears. "This was close Katie, don't you ever scare me like that."

            Kate felt her friends anguish but her need to get to Jack was overwhelming. "I'm fine Shannon, the doctor said baby and I are fine, but I'm not going to be ok if I don't see Jack. Please let me see him." She pleaded tears spilling over her cheeks.

            Shannon nodded, "Ok I will take you, but you have to prepare yourself Kate. He is black and blue all over, especially his face, he's connected to a tube that is helping him breathe ok?"

            Kate nodded feeling her throat clench at the thought of him needing help to breathe. Shannon helped her to a wheelchair even though Kate insisted she could walk. Shannon said it was wheelchair or nothing so Kate kept her mouth shut.

            They entered the ICU room and Kate could hear machines beeping around her. Shannon brought Kate to the side of a bed and it took Kate a second to realize what she was looking at. She stood up and her heart broke at the site before her. Her Jack was lying in the bed, there was no movement except for the rise and fall of his chest which was being accompanied by the machine next to her. His face was bruised and battered his eyes blackened and the parts of his skin not marred by bruising was ghostly pale. Kate couldn't control the tears as they streamed down her face. She looked at him and she saw his still hand lying before her. She gingerly picked it up praying she wasn't hurting him.

            "Hi sweetheart" she said her voice choked with emotion. "Oh god Jack please wake up, ok? I'm really scared right now so I'm pulling the 'I'm pregnant with your baby' card and telling you that you need to wake up and reassure me that you're ok." She leaned over and lightly brushed her lips across his cheek. "So wake up Jack, please." She didn't know how long she stood beside him rotating from standing to sitting but never leaving his side. Shannon shook her back to reality when she explained Jack's parents were here to visit Jack. Kate knew it was selfish but she didn't want to leave Jack's side but she knew his parents needed the chance to spend time with their son. She nodded, kissed Jack goodbye with a promise to be right back and Shannon wheeled her out of the room. She looked up and saw his parents and her heart went out to them. Christian had only been out of the hospital for a day or two and looked like death warmed over, Margot looked like she was holding on by a thin thread. When she saw Kate she bent and hugged her tightly.

            "Thank God you're ok" she said. "Knowing you're ok gives me so much hope for Jack, he will never give up on you. He'll keep fighting to come back to you."

            Kate bit her lip and nodded. "He's strong and stubborn he won't stop fighting." She said in a choked voice and smiled brokenly at Christian when he squeezed her arm gently.  Kate watched as they went into the room and took vigil at their son's bedside. Kate rubbed her stomach gently. Needing to feel the life within her to remind her that there was hope. Jack wouldn't leave her and her baby behind, he just wouldn't.

            She rubbed her eyes and looked up at Shannon. "I think I want to be alone for a little bit." She said, Shannon started to argue but Kate held her hand up. "I think I just want to sit in the chapel for a few minutes." She said. Shannon nodded and Kate wheeled herself into the hospital's chapel Kate stood from the chair and slowly made her way up into a front row pew. She sat and looked around, the sanctuary was empty but peaceful. She looked up to see a statue of the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus. She stroked her stomach and fel tears fill her eyes.

            "Hi God," she said looking up. "I know you and I don't talk much but I really need you now. You see I'm scared, I'm so scared right now that I'm afraid I'm going to stop breathing.  Not that long ago I asked you to look out for my unborn baby, and you did and I'm so grateful, but by asking you to save my baby did I sacrifice Jack. Am I not worthy of having the full package? I have to sacrifice one to save the other?" her voice choked and she let out a sob. "Oh God please don't make me choose, please don't make me." She begged.

            "I don't think works that way" Kate heard a voice and saw a man wearing a white clerical collar, it was the hospital Chaplain. He nodded to the seat next to her and Kate gestured for him to sit. "Tell me child what has you so upset.

            Kate wiped her eyes and tried to still her racing heart. "The man I love is lying in a bed in a coma because we were hit by a drunk driver, we didn't meet under usual circumstances but when we did it was instant you know? I knew he was the one for me. We were separated from each other but found our way back to one another. I'm having his baby and we had a scare with the little one but everything turned out ok, now Jack is fighting for his life and I just feel so lost." She said the tears forming again. "I'm not a bad person." She pleaded with the chaplain.  "Jack and I aren't married and we're having a baby, but we want to get married, we want to be married. Is God punishing us for that because I got pregnant before marriage?" she asked the man.

            He smiled warmly at her, "Some will tell you it is a sin, but I believe that God loves everyone. And remember back in the early days of man there were no churches, wedding licenses, people would usually just swear their love to one another in front of a holy leader who would give them a blessing. But the poor didn't always have the chance to do even that especially if there was no holy leader for them to find. Do I believe God didn't recognize their love or life together, no I don't. I think if you and this man love each other and you both love this baby and want to raise to to grow up and be a good person then I think God will say that's all he could ask for."

            Kate sniffled. " I want to marry Jack, we just keep getting interrupted and separated and now I'm so scared he won't wake up. I don't want to go on without him." She said wiping at her  eyes.

            The man smiled warmly at her. "You just need to have faith, in God that no matter what happens he will protect your Jack, faith that Jack loves you as much as you obviously love him and faith in yourself that no matter what happens you will go on  and you will care for this little baby the way Jack would want you to." He stood and squeezed her shoulder. "Have faith young lady that's all you can do. Now if you'll excuse me there are some patients I need to visit." He started to leave and Kate grabbed his hand.

            "Thank you," she said "If you get a free moment, Jack is in room 403, maybe you could stop by and meet him." He smiled.

            "I look forward to it." He gave her a wink and left the chapel.

            Kate turned back and looked back at the front of the church. "Ok God I'm going to have faith and please have faith in Jack and me that we are right together and that we will raise a good person." She said rubbing her stomach. She turned to walk away and then stopped and said. "Oh and I promise Jack and I will get married, no more living in sin." She said.

            She entered Jack's room. She had just gotten an earful from Shannon because she had left her chair behind in the chapel. Kate didn't want or need it though. She knew she could walk just fine. Christian and Margot had gone to get something to eat so she was alone with Jack. She walked to his bedside and took his hand.

            "I promised a Chaplain and God that you would make an honest woman out of me when you woke up, don't you dare make me a liar, Jack Shephard." She sighed and looked at him drinking him in and though he was bruised and her heart broke at the sight of his injuries she was grateful he was alive.  She moved the tubes at his side and she crawled onto his bed and snuggled into his side careful not to jostle him. She laid her head on his pillow her mouth near his ear. She spoke quietly to him. She didn't say anything in particular but just told him about herself, her day what she had read in her baby book, names she liked for boys and girls. She just talked to him because she believed he could hear her. She snuggled closer and fell asleep beside him, praying that tomorrow would bring Jack back to her.

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